The Blind Second Ch...
By Maddyrolls10179
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#40 in werewolf -/-/- #55 in werewolf 4/18/2018 #71 in werewolf 11/18/2018 Book #1 of the 2&2 novels I didn't see it coming. Well physically I cant see. I wear a mask to cover my scars. Dylan. My Mate, The Beta, The love of my life. He was gone before I knew it. But there was something I really didn't see coming, I didn't see that I could get a second chance...with the cold hearted Alpha. ~ Emerald Green The Blind one. AKA Runt of the pack. Sweet, Caring, Betas Mate, Kind, Others don't see her as a higher rank ~ Ryder Moon The leader. AKA Alpha of BloodMoon pack. Cold-Hearted, Never sticks to one Girl, Ruthless, Most wolves fear him. ~ "Why can't I see? It's dark" "Because your eyes are closed Em" a tear came out and she sniffled. "Why can't I open them?" I paused for a bit. "Because your scarred" i took her hand in mine. "Em. How much do you remember? About me? About anything?" "Is there something I should know?" Her voice came out scared. "Yes Em..I'm your second chance" "Second Chance of what?" "Love" ~ WARNING; This book uses mild language, violence and dark thoughts, like real dark thoughts. If you are comfortable with that stuff read

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The Blind...
by Maddyrolls10179