Life is beautiful (A muslim story ) by Dr_Sydreh
Life is beautiful (A muslim story )by Sidra Uwais
Life is not about what we want.Life is what HE gives.And when something comes from Allah, how can it not be beautiful? A story inked with love and heartwarming emotions...
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  • marriage
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Together, Forever by FatimaO111
Together, Foreverby Bismillah. ✨
He looked down at me, taking in a breath before his warm hands cupped my face and he ran his thumbs up and down my cheekbones as if wiping away tears. "I'll never...
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  • hadith
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Are We Okay?? by RafahRahman99
Are We Okay??by RafahRahman99
Meet Aminat Rahman, a 23 year old muslimah who is really shy and quiet. She is currently doing her residency in St. Claire's Hospital. Her parents have a proposal for h...
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Isaac hurriedly ran towards me and scooped me up in a very tight hug, his head buried on my neck. "I don't care whether or not you love me Fatima. For as long as y...
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It All Started With A Project by salmaz16
It All Started With A Projectby Salma
بسم الله ~ In the name of Allah "Just because my family reverted, doesn't mean I will." I sighed. "Your family's revert may not be the reason for you t...
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The Three Struggling Muslimahs by Salmitta97
The Three Struggling Muslimahsby Salma Shaaban Yusuf
This is a story about three Muslim girls who always tried to keep everything they did halaal. Khawla, Rayhanah and Nusaiba strived day in day out to lower their gaze, av...
  • haraam
  • simple
  • halaal
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Walking To Jannah by learning_muslimah
Walking To Jannahby Masira Syed
Bismillah ar-Rrahman ar-Raheem♥ Assalaamualaikum everyone, Ghazala , a practising Muslim girl who is always veryy content with what A...
  • deen
  • trust
  • faith
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40 Rabbana Duas by yazztaj
40 Rabbana Duasby Yazztaj
Bismillah Rabbi zidnee Ilman "My Lord! Increase me in my knowledge" Assalamualikum brothers & sisters This book contains 40 Rabbana Duas - Duas with Rabbanah ...
  • sunnah
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Him & His Muslimah by ISlayBabe
Him & His Muslimahby Shadows Of Khadijah
Zoya Hayat Malik was a righteous young woman who had a hijab wrapped around her head saving the beauty Allah blessed her with for her husband only. She was a liberated w...
  • lovestory
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Ramadan Dares! by Shimmering_Stars97
Ramadan Dares!by Shimmering_Stars97
So you stumbled upon this.. Huh? Jump in and take a look. Not pleasing enough / can't accept my dare..? then you're free to back out;) And heyy, leave a vote and get s...
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Must read islamic short stories by yazztaj
Must read islamic short storiesby Yazztaj
Bismillah Rabbi zidnee Ilman "My Lord! Increase me in my knowledge" Assalamualikum everyone I'm going to write some Islamic short stories these stories always...
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Meant to Be (Muslim Story) by FiHijabi
Meant to Be (Muslim Story)by ❣
"Good women are for good men, and good men are for good women" (Qur'an 24:26) ~~~~~~~~~~ Silence filled the car for the millionth time. I felt a white-hot fla...
  • faith
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Islamic Reminders - 2 by FearlessMuslimah
Islamic Reminders - 2by FearlessMuslimah
◇بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم◇ " And remind, for indeed, the reminder benefits the believers. " [ Quran 51:55 ] Sharing a collection of...
  • sunnah
  • motivation
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DEAR MUSLIMAH by elegantgem
FOR WOMEN: A bundle of Islamic reminders, quotes, and beneficial posts! COPYRIGHTS: • Cover background belongs to its respective owner.
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Ramadan Series 2018' by OwnerOfTajMahal
Ramadan Series 2018'by صائمہ‎
Instagram Series at @OwnerOfTajMahalWrites by OwnerOfTajMahal :)
  • muslimah
  • ramadan
  • dua
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♡♥Enlightening Souls♥♡ by chickse11
♡♥Enlightening Souls♥♡by chickse11
My Lord: Grant me wisdom, and join me with the good.[26:83] ♡♥Enlightening souls is a book in which Authentic HADITH, SUNNAH, DIFFERENT DUAS, THOUGHTS & SM...
  • prophets
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Crush Next Door[Completed Story] by shoo2002
Crush Next Door[Completed Story]by shoo2002
Ever had a crush? Ever been in love? Of course Yes. Read this story and I bet you will adore it(hope so) Imagine you in the place of the heroine and mak...
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  • funnymoments
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Ramadan Tips by Muslim_Swaq
Ramadan Tipsby Muna x
Just a few tips, tricks, and things to know to help you (and me. I mainly wrote this for my own reminders) get the most out of your Ramadan, in'sha'Allah
  • muslim
  • islam
  • hadith
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The Blissful 30 by fj_empress
The Blissful 30by Emmy
Alhamdulillah!!! Ramadan 2018 is finally here! Join me on this trip through the blissful thirty days of this blessed month!
  • moral
  • month
  • dua
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Souls Catch On Fire by buzzietassy
Souls Catch On Fireby Tassy
No need to read your mind when your souls speaks the same language as mine.
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