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Surprise Baby by MissMGrande
Surprise Babyby MissMGrande
Highest ranking - #1 in hs Highest ranking - #251 in harrystyles Highest ranking - #243 in harry Highest ranking - #204 in baby Highest ranking - #78 in styles Highest...
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An Echoing Race. by booohh
An Echoing booohh
The last two years of Sameena Ahmad's life have been interesting, to say the least. Why? Maybe it was because she was the Prime Minister's daughter. Or maybe it's becaus...
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BNHA Pickup Lines by khrnsfea
BNHA Pickup Linesby khrnsfea
Follow the pickup lines fails of bnha characters! [#HIGHEST RANKING] Pickuplines - 7th ( 13 August 2018 )
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1000 Paper Cranes by PRAdams
1000 Paper Cranesby Paul
Jordan Johnson is your average high school student. He is average in every way from his brown hair and brown eyes to his very mundane existence. His two friends, Joanna...
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14 DAYS | GGUKMINby ☁️
In which Jeon Jungkook gives himself 14 days to confess to his crush. COMPLETED | short au ©️PEACHYKOOKMIN
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I Am Not Ashamed | ✓                      by cathylxlo
I Am Not Ashamed | ✓ †
"Why do you do that? Why do you dress like that? Why can't you be like any other girl?" Elijah asked Rachel with curiosity, the girl who was now hugging her b...
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Beauty and the Geek Boy by YemiEverest
Beauty and the Geek Boyby Yemi Everest
Head-cheerleader Ellie Kent has had a crush on William Johnson since the beginning of forever. He's smart, cute, and totally out of her league. The only problem is: how...
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EraserMic Fluff by SingingShadowFox
EraserMic Fluffby SingingShadowFox
A mostly lighthearted fluff fic of EraserMic. (Spoiler-wise, this is caught up to the anime, so if you aren't caught up: read if you dare). Super cheesy and awful and...
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JJBA x Reader by 4JoJoke4
JJBA x Readerby 4JoJoke4
It's probably just gonna be one shots but there might be some that have two to three parts.
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Clace One Shots by CeceCentre
Clace One Shotsby Cece
Just some cheesy one shots with a lot of cliches... You have been warned! Send requests if you want more one shots!
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Billionaire's Bargain || Kim Taehyung by fangirlzonfire
Billionaire's Bargain || Kim Musings✨
He cut her off in between and looked right into her eyes. "You want me to strike a deal with you?" He raked his eyes over her from head to toe and said, "...
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Loving him • Zhang Yixing by zlyzhang_
Loving him • Zhang Yixingby Z • 張樂兒
"That's cool we have the same last name." "So... if we get married I won't have to trade my last name for yours?" "Is this an indirect way of s...
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Still Just Friends (BoyxBoy) by Poetically-Damaged
Still Just Friends (BoyxBoy)by Not With A Whimper, But With...
[COMPLETED]Everyone knew that Spencer and Ethan were crazily, emphatically, monumentally, lovingly, beautifully, truly, wistfully, utterly in love. And that they will so...
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Play Hard To Get (4) : Restart | JJK by shonendan
Play Hard To Get (4) : Restart | bebe.
Looks like it's not real after all. The marriage, husband, children, life. They all comes from a blurry vision called 'dream'. Well, sometimes, lucid dreaming can be bea...
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Celebrity and YouTuber imagines by kylihoward
Celebrity and YouTuber imaginesby Kyli Howard
Cute imagines about any YouTuber or Celebrity, guy or girl, sweet or cheesy or so bad they're laughable.
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The good girl's wild side  by the100Strangethings
The good girl's wild side by the100Strangethings
As I walk down the hallway I feel a hand grab my wrist as I turn around I meet with the most angelic looking face, Asher. Oh don't let his looks fool you, he's the Devil...
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Neighbors (Joji Miller/Filthy Frank x Reader) by TVFilthyFrank
Neighbors (Joji Miller/Filthy b0ss
Moving to Brooklyn, New York hasn't been an easy adjustment for you. With college, a shitty job, and your loud neighbor keeping you awake every night, you're surprised y...
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Boy Meets Nerd (Boy Meets Nerd #1) by PeaceLoveMusic1598
Boy Meets Nerd (Boy Meets Nerd #1)by A. Musquiz
Audry Blue is just trying to get through high school alive and breathing armed with her books and lots of coffee in hand. Her older sister Cameron doesn't understand Aud...
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My Special Grump - Dan Avidan x Reader [On Pause] by HobiiHobiii
My Special Grump - Dan Avidan x 자라 🐢
You've just moved to L.A to get your work out there more. Your a writer/comic artist and your book, 'Zero Blast Offs To Space' is a comedy for adults. Through this book...
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Play Hard To Get (2) | JJK  by shonendan
Play Hard To Get (2) | JJK by bebe.
After they both got married and have children together, she still playing hard to get with Jungkook. Why? SEQUEL to 'Play Hard To Get' (Book 1) #82 in Fanfiction
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