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Her taste of Emiratis [Completed] | #Wattys2019 by ArwenFarouqi
Her taste of Emiratis [Completed] ArwenFarouqi
Highest ranking: #10 #BWWM, #1 #Africa Manal, a 21-year-old introvert, who was very sheltered growing up loses her father, whom she was very close to, immediately after...
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Best of both worlds by Zeemzie
Best of both worldsby Ezinne Ojukwu
"you wouldn't believe what haa--" I let out a high pitched scream as I clutched my chest and baby bump when I find the grey eyed man sitting on my couch comfo...
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Forced Love✔ by Haaaaafsat_
Forced Love✔by Hafsat Idris
© 2018 All Rights Yusrah's life takes a dramatic turn when her parents decide to get her married to Masoud Abdullah. That wasn't the life Yusrah wanted for herself. She...
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Aisha's Challenges (#ProjectNigeria) by Amana-Deena
Aisha's Challenges ( Johlaherday
[Higest Rank #1 in Mosque & #3 in Muslima]. I've always followed the steps I've been asked to. I always do whatever I'm Asked. I've always been used as a good example fo...
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Against My Wish #NigeriawattysAwardwinner2017 by fareedaayma
Against My Wish feedo💗
Highest ranked #5 19/02/017 - 12/07/017 💗 A winner of Nigeria Watty's Awards This book is undergoing editing so please bare with whatever you see.
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BÉJÌDÉ by LazypenNaija
BÉJÌDÉby The Mary Fagbenro
Book 1 of #ThatGirlSeries This is a tale of how a young girl became the first female king in a village that women aren't allowed to even speak when their man speaks. Thi...
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Olaedo by nita4rever
Olaedoby Nita Ogueri
When 19 years old Olaedo's father dies after a prolonged illness, she is taken to the Okeke family to serve as a maid. After all it was a necessary sacrifice, one less m...
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Scarred For Life by _najeeb_i
Scarred For Lifeby Najeeb
*Could you ever love a broken person?* "I understand that you're broken," he said as he lifted her chin so she stared directly into his eyes. "But I want...
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Crooks and Castles by Seekeroflight
Crooks and Castlesby Héphzibah Brian
Adira Archibong, the model, is stalked and dilapidated by jewellery designer Angel Stone, before she turns the tables alongside a mysterious gentleman. ...
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Goddess of Love[Poetry] by poetickaleidoscope
Goddess of Love[Poetry]by Fatima Muhammad Sani
***** Roses are over the moon, dancing with the wind-for the heavens bow in awe for my mother. ***** Poetry collection about, to and for my Mother.'s all about...
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Stronger Than Pain by WeirderMum
Stronger Than Painby Marian Onukwufor
Highest Rank #61 Mum was struggling to breathe, her legs kicking hard as they shuffled on the floor. I pulled on dad's hands which gripped mum's neck but he was quick t...
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Finding Zarah:A  Hausa Lovestory by Miryamaah
Finding Zarah:A Hausa Lovestoryby Waheedah
Fatima Zarah Adam is a Teenage 18 year old girl. Calm and Intelligent,she stands out amongst her five sisters. Beautiful,pretty and disgustingly polite,she heads to find...
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Behind The Gate Of Lakeview                            (Editing)  by Rihanna_Adedeji
Behind The Gate Of Adedeji Rianat
Jadeshola Badmus is not your regular female lead. She's Outspoken, Brilliant, Sassy, beautiful, intelligent and is the president of the Literary and debate team. What's...
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AT ARM'S LENGTH ✔  by _plethora
AT ARM'S LENGTH ✔ by Oreoluwa
*** Under Editing *** "There has always been something electric between you and me, don't even try to deny it. You have felt it too. You might call it sexual attrac...
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Toxic by merrydee
Toxicby Mae Otto
Mariah and JJ had the perfect relationship, or so everyone thought. He was the popular guitar playing musician, she was the smartest girl in school. They were voted rela...
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HOPE [Motivational] by poetickaleidoscope
HOPE [Motivational]by Fatima Muhammad Sani
***** A word worth the universe- Crystal to sights; for brighter days! Light to hearts; gloom of despair-never an inverse. Hope-a door to lightness, in many ways! *****...
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Me  *Who Am I Series* #1 by KellyOchonogor
Me *Who Am I Series* #1by ~~Kelly.O~~
"I used to think my life was perfect, until I realized that perfection is impossible." _____________________________________________ Kolupo is a Nigerian girl...
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JIDDARH  by Maymunatu_bukar
JIDDARH by Memzyb✨🌹
Hauwa'u Jiddarh a no nonsense hardworking and ambitious young lady. Forced to take the responsibility of her family at such a young age, she grew up before her time. She...
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Yellow Tales of a Nigerian Housemaid (completed) by WeirderMum
Yellow Tales of a Nigerian Marian Onukwufor
A WATTPAD FEATURED STORY 20/10/2017 Highest Rank #1 in Non Fiction 14/12/17 #1 In Nigerian Stories Selected as NonFiction September Spotlight 09/09/2018 to 09/10/2018 ...
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HIS by HephziLolami
HISby Ayomipo
Book 2 | His series "I want you." " But you can have any girl you want. I'm just a random girl who doesn't want you because you're a killer." ...
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