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Winning Back The Heiress (Heir And Heiress #2) (COMPLETED)✔ by YvonneGrace1
Winning Back The Heiress (Heir Queen Yvvi 😍
Losing the memory of who you were growing up sucks. Trying to find a job after graduating college in a bad economy sucks even more. For Esmeralda Griffin, being offere...
The Right One by prechx
The Right Oneby the-Lord's-precious
Raymond Adams is content watching the people in his life love. As far as he's concerned, being alone isn't so bad as long as he has the most important things in his life...
Beautiful Mistake by ibukunogun
Beautiful Mistakeby ibukun ogun
Ibiyemi was left to fend for herself when she got pregnant for her boyfriend. Her father sent her out of the house, her boyfriend was not helping matters either. Find o...
Keeping Each Other by Osassy___
Keeping Each Otherby iguma Princess Osas
*Completed. I kissed her temple and her neck, I used my hands to rub her thighs but she stopped me. "Damien, what did you eat this evening???" she asked me...
Arinola by Itzebi_ere
Arinolaby Princess Ebiere
"I made a mistake and I don't expect you to be proud of me" I yelled tears streaming down my face. " Scold me , hit me do whatever you want I won't hold...
Beautiful Mess by Vic6ky
Beautiful Messby Victory Etok
What is worse than finding that your husband's lover is pregnant as you? When you find out dat he believes he is more in love with her than you. And when she loses her...
The Contract ✔ by blackxbelle
The Contract ✔by timmie
"I know you only care, not because you love me, but because you love what is in me." She said and turned away, afraid of what he was going to say, how he was g...
Our School: Last Virgin Standing  by AdamsWonu
Our School: Last Virgin Standing by Adams Omowonuola
All their lives they've been kept away from the opposite sex. All they want is to fulfill the ultimate goal. She wants to remain chaste and holy He wants to fulfill the...
Afflictive desires (Hanan & Hafiz Love story)✔ by khadyjatt
Afflictive desires (Hanan & Autan-mama📚
~BOOK 2 IN THE DESIRES SERIES~ STARTED ON 27-AUGUST-2020 FINISHED ON 14-OCTOBER-2020 Completed. #1 Nigerian On 05-Sept-2021 #18 Africa. On. 1...
Our Naija Babe  by MabelOsagiede
Our Naija Babe by Mabel Osagiede
"If I tell you I am in love with you, how will you react? " he leaned close to me. Hmm... I could faint, jump in excitement, cry, run away, hug him, kiss him...
My Days At Crown School (BOOK ONE) COMPLETED  by yewandejoseph
My Days At Crown School (BOOK ONE) Yauthor
"Everyone was willing to do all it takes to attend Crown School, but only the best scholar made it every year." My Days at Crown School tells the story of Suz...
Patsy (the victim) by khadyjatt
Patsy (the victim)by Autan-mama📚
STARTED 29 MARCH 2022 FINISHED 19 JULY 2022 Patsy as the tittle state "the victim" is a story of pain, so if you are going to read this get your tissue ne...
Just a Little Sugar by merrydee
Just a Little Sugarby Mae Otto
Updates every Sunday 😉 Sugar has always been bullied. Her name didn't help matters at all. Why her mother called her Sugar she had no idea. Maybe it was her inclinatio...
Dangerous Love by yewandejoseph
Dangerous Loveby Yauthor
This is a palace where one wrong move can determine if you live or die. In the quest for her family to survive, Aramade found herself in this dangerous territory only to...
Bound ✅ by TheOmoope
Bound ✅by Iduh Vivian Opeyemi
Halima Aliyu's style is pretty simple: Live life to the fullest and be successful while at it. She deems her life pretty simple; she's not looking for a husband, her sal...
Misfortunate (Completed) by TheOmoope
Misfortunate (Completed)by Iduh Vivian Opeyemi
Labeebah Sheriff, known as 'BeebahShe' in the south and simply 'Beebah' in the north is your girl-next-door actress, likes to hide indoors but has enough vanity to see h...
My Knight In Shining Kaftan (COMPLETE) by imanii99
My Knight In Shining Kaftan ( .
Salma Husayn was finding it difficult to walk out of a toxic relationship with her ten years boyfriend, only for the caterer to find herself on a ride she never expected...
 ❀HIS❀BRIDE❀ by Angelwriter16
❀HIS❀BRIDE❀by Dahgurl_Oma
BOOK TWO of ✿THE STORY OF US✿... : : It was an accident that her High school sweet heart got her pregnant, an...
NIMRAH(Ongoing Editions)✅ by khadyjatt
NIMRAH(Ongoing Editions)✅by Autan-mama📚
Completed #3 in cheaters on 9-7-2020 #9 in truestory on 3-7-2020 .................. When friends become enemies HATE become an attitude, BETRAYAL become an addiction, R...
To Love And Be Loved  by The_kiddler
To Love And Be Loved by Ridhwan
Victor -- The Vic, a global superstar seems to have everything. But he has a dark past that leaves him drained. Broken and drained. Even as he is topping charts, his pas...