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Ask the Full HAUS!!! [House of AU Sanses] by AltheaMarieCatuncan
Ask the Full HAUS!!! [House of AU...by ●°•○Althea○•°●
[COMPLETED] Disclaimer: I do not own "Full HAUS". The original idea was by PerfectShadow06 on Tumblr. I even asked for permission about this and she accepted...
Ask The Full HAUS!!! {2} [House of AU Sanses] by AltheaMarieCatuncan
Ask The Full HAUS!!! {2} [House of...by ●°•○Althea○•°●
Time Specials by SavageDefcon201
Time Specialsby Defcon-201
This is where specials, one-shots, side stories, and requests will be! It will mainly center around Chronos from Time Miscalculation. However, it can be about any charac...
-Lucky Seven- (FGOD Reader Insert) by FlapJackQueen
-Lucky Seven- (FGOD Reader Insert)by a simp for TK
{10/6/2020: New Description}- You're a part of Nightmare's gang. The outcasts, the hated, the shunned. The multiverse is unforgiving, and It's the seven of you against t...
Weird artbook by jennystarbright
Weird artbookby Vanilla Sketch
Give me one thing about my life (Don't mind new cover it's just a drawing that my friend did for me.)
Miscalculating Times by ReniaArts
Miscalculating Timesby Renia/March Javier
when erratum fell in the void after his ambush from the others,he was woken up in a young age of ten, he then met QT!gaster,papy(toddler)&tk(8 yrs.old),he live with them...
Time to fall in love ||TK Sans x Reader|| [Discontinued] :(  by Love_Shipper134
Time to fall in love ||TK Sans x R...by GG/Mae
||Edited 07/02/19 Time 6:12 PM || ---------- You will be partake in this story as a Female Character in one of the Au's in Undertale called Quantumtale, the Creator of...
A Siren Song (Error x Timekid) by Blueberrywriter10
A Siren Song (Error x Timekid)by Berry
One day, TK (also know as Timekid or Quantumtale sans) was bored so he decided to go to a random AU . So he went through a portal and appeared in an AU that had mystical...
Quantumtale by QuantumShowSJC
Quantumtaleby QuantumShowSJC
This story is about and AU called Quantumtale. Quantumtale is about when Frisks reset glitches and goes back in time so she needs to find away back to the present before...
Timely regrets by MoonAndStarsAlign
Timely regretsby MoonAndStarsAlign
A 'What if' thought I had. TK knows that he had promised not to mess with time like this, but he wanted his Teacher back. Based on perfectshadows06 comic strip https:...
Quantumtale:The Adventures Of Misuku Dreemurr!(TK!Sans x Misuku) by TKSans
Quantumtale:The Adventures Of Misu...by AnimeAddict💙❤️💞
This is a story about a young child that traveled time and fell in love all together The only thing I own is my OC; Misuku Dreemurr Quantumtale belongs to Perfectshadow...
The Stars Meets Time! by blue_bird_demon
The Stars Meets Time!by blue_bird_demon
One day, in a random universe thats name does not forward the plot what so ever, the Star Sanses where fighting Nightmare and Dust. Then, out of noware, there was a blin...
QuantumTale Roleplay by Andimgone1
QuantumTale Roleplayby Andimgone1
Quantumtale tells about former fallen child Frisk who, after ending the neutral run, ponders about what they could've done for the monsters and regretted for leaving so...
Time Stops When You're Here With Me [Quantumtale Sans x Frisk] by DraikaTheDragon
Time Stops When You're Here With M...by Draika The Dragon
Here is a cute story of Quantumtale! I thought this might be a great idea since I am into Quantumtale, And I find Sans and Frisk so cute in this AU! I hope you like it.
Frans au One shots by Wizardwolf1020
Frans au One shotsby Wizardwolf1020
This is a series of one shots for the Frans ship if you ship this read if want and if you don't. Well what are you doing here if you don't. Request for any au one shot y...
SAVE: A The Dark Tower and QuantumTale Crossover by UndertaleAddiction
SAVE: A The Dark Tower and Quantum...by WriteroftheGods
QuantumTale and it's characters don't belong to me. They belong to DeviantArtist perfectshadow06. The Dark Tower and it's characters don't belong to me. They belong to...
The Last Reset Of Love (Sans x Frisk) by NeokoNya
The Last Reset Of Love (Sans x Fri...by Neoko~chan!
Upon receiving the neutral pacifist (Or should I say Paci-Frisk! LOL PLEASE DON'T KILL ME!)ending, Frisk goes back up to the surface, there she tells the story of the un...
Undertale AU's x Snowy! Winter! Skeleton! Reader by Awalker106
Undertale AU's x Snowy! Winter! Sk...by Alexandria Walker
You were born on winter in the snow. You weren't made of it, just born from it. You never got cold and you loved winter. When you meet undertale and the other AU's...thi...
Frans [One shots] by SaveFile_Crew
Frans [One shots]by Troll-Lo-Lol
This is going to de a Book of one shots by me and probably from my Friends as well. so enjoy. warning- like the Title said this is about the ship Frans so if you don't l...