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Legacy by RED_ALPHA718
Legacyby RED_ALPHA718
Madara's lineage didn't end at the valley of the end. His legacy lived on through Minato and Naruto. Strong/Godlike! Naruto. NaruHina Finished.
(Fnia) How Many times by ShawnSpires
(Fnia) How Many timesby ShawnCoolFnia
The Freya franchise had been shut down each time there night guard went missing an killed. an was always sold into another owners hands the girls included. One thing is...
U made me bad (notti osama x sugarhillddot bxb) by Mike_is_mine18
U made me bad (notti osama x dark chocolate
( Notti I can't feel my face, what am I'm smoking anyway ???) (Don't let the high go to waist) he said smiling
Empires SMP: Integrity High by artistkitty9089
Empires SMP: Integrity Highby Loner
That's right b*tches! Another highschool AU, just cuz I can!
Kidnapped  by allatkeraa
Kidnapped by Robinn niggas
3 girls got kidnapped and if you read more you will find out a lot more...
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The Wolf (Jay x Reader) by Titania21erzascarlet
The Wolf (Jay x Reader)by Titania21erzascarlet
Your father was the werewolf of many stories; Little Red Riding Hood, The Three Little Pigs, The Boy Who Cried Wolf etc. Ever since Bell and Beast got married your whole...
An inconvenient surprise  by Wednesday_stan
An inconvenient surprise by Irllydont_know
Wednesday fanfic Wedler- Wednesday x Tyler Ajax x Enid Wednesday pregnant, married to Tyler The rest is for you to figure out ;) They ARE 20+ I do NOT condone underage...
Nico and the creepypasta's by AnnaJordan8
Nico and the creepypasta'sby Anna Jordan
Not mine. I got permission.
Oneshots // Bxb by lovelyybnnahmir
Oneshots // Bxbby lovelyybnnahmir
Rappers on that sus shi😈 // completed //
 Teen Dating | completed by ExtraordinaryTeam
Teen Dating | completedby 大好き! ✨
Pregnancy болохоос өмнө хос байсан үедээ.Үерхдэг байхдаа алдаг байснаа санаж байна. Гэхдээ одоо ч гэсэн алж байгаа л даа тэээ?
Giving it your all? (Dream team+karl×Child reader) by GlitchDevil_404
Giving it your all? (Dream Wrath
Y/n is a teenag girl that goes by she/they pronouns. Y/n deals with abuse at school and at home. They run away and they have no idea where to go. Until they run into som...
How I Fell In Love with my Bestfriend by RED_WOLF718
How I Fell In Love with my RED_WOLF718
Narusaku. How the little blond boy Sakura had always known had changed, changing as well her feelings. The unfolding of their life, while Naruto worked to become the bes...
South Park x Reader Oneshots by Skyler_1567
South Park x Reader Oneshotsby yams
Requests/✅ ✅=REQUEST PLEASE ❎=DON'T REQUEST Request please xd
PROFESOR AXL PAKASALAN MO AKO!!!(Dare/Prank gone worng)*soon* by Lovemekillme_21
Proloage Naandito kami ngayon sa Klase ni Prof Axl psst kaso wala pa sya kaya maingay dito sa room namin "Hey Kathyn may dare kami sayo" biglang kalabit ni Ash...
Bad*ss Luz Noceda by Unknown5693
Bad*ss Luz Nocedaby CHAOS
What if Luz taught herself how to fight to defend herself against bullies. What if she had lightning powers that no one in the human realm knew about except her. What if...
Naruto: The Toad Sage  by RED_ALPHA718
Naruto: The Toad Sage by RED_ALPHA718
Naruto isnt placed in team 7, instead he is taken as Jiriaya's Apprentice. How will life change for Naruto as he and the Toad Sage take his training seriously. Pairings...
Mileven One-Shots by PJO_Fangirl_13
Mileven One-Shotsby PJO_Fangirl_13
"Sometimes, love finds you in the most unexpected places." Mileven one shots.
Naruto Boyfriend Senarios  by Kaka-Baka-48
Naruto Boyfriend Senarios by Kaka-Baka-48
All of the Naruto characters that almost never get scenarios. Enjoy! ||Under editing, 2-28-18|| ||Requests closed|| VEERRRRYYYYY Slow updates. Might go under re-writing.
I Had Sex With My Bestfriend Mom by teleciaaa
I Had Sex With My Bestfriend Momby telecia
It's about a boy he is leaving high skool. His friend and him all they are thinking about is to have sex and get drunk. When he was drunk he had sex with he s best frien...
dibujos Randoms De Cualquier Fandom by leo_valle89
dibujos Randoms De Cualquier Fandomby leo Valle
A qui hay dibujos chidos tú solo entrale