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depressed chara x sans by thugwarrior
depressed chara x sansby thug warrior
A story of a kid who was hated by everyone after frisk telling the truth She couldn't handle every mean and nasty words she's been said she is all alone She couldn't tak...
Untitled. [Storyshift Chara X Logical Male Reader] (discontinued) by TesterRealm
Untitled. [Storyshift Chara X Flying Cat
This story focuses on Storyshift, an Undertale AU originally created by Voltra, which I'm sure you've already heard of. This will be your generic X reader story, so yeah...
The Skeletal Hero: Karmic Judge by A_Toast1
The Skeletal Hero: Karmic Judgeby A_Toast
Complete! The player has just finished fighting sans and has left him to die. As sans turns to dust he sees a flash of light before everything goes black. He then wakes...
No Chocolate - Chara X Frisk by phosphorus14
No Chocolate - Chara X Friskby Phosphorus
DRAMA, ACTION, BLOODSHED... Love? After erasing hundreds and hundreds of timelines, Chara is suddenly stripped of her abilities. She's forced to lead an everyday life i...
"•~•Fake Dating•~•" {Chara x Sans} by crazyrayemma
"•~•Fake Dating•~•" {Chara x Sans}by crazy
After discovering Chara's crush, Asriel, and Sans' crush, Frisk, are dating each other, Chara and Sans decide to stop fighting and laughing at their misery to take some...
Press Any Button ( Player Male Reader X Undertale ) by Derrius961
Press Any Button ( Player Male Derrius961
I don't own Undertale or any images.
The 9th human(Male reader story) by DeleteNine
The 9th human(Male reader story)by DeleteNine
Y/n was playing baseball with his friends when the last ball flew away, he went to the mountain trying to find it but discovered the underground instead. (Cover version...
A Strange soul (Glitchtale x Human reader) by MrMechPunch
A Strange soul (Glitchtale x Mr.MechPunch
Y/N was never a usual kid. He was brave, yet not foolish. He showed kindness to those who deserved it and show justice to people who he punished. Never once he showed im...
Yet another Reader x Chara fanfic. by Wizardcoolguy
Yet another Reader x Chara Wizardcoolguy
No need to read this one, you already know how it goes. It's just another Chara x Reader fanfic, you really shouldn't care.
UnderHappened by FatalityWanes
UnderHappenedby FatalityWanes
The Undertale Genocide Route is happening, but a new card has joined the deck: Finn, a quiet kid with a love for stuffed animals who falls into the Underground soon afte...
Bad Time Trios  x BNHA by D-day40
Bad Time Trios x BNHAby Jericho
Story Shift Chara experience the worst genocide run from the player.Thousands of run just to see what happens until 5000 runs the the timeline just glitched out and to a...
Destiny's Link (Female Chara x Male Reader) by Incurvat
Destiny's Link (Female Chara x Incurvate
Frisk freed the monsters at once, but there's still someone underneath that huge mountain. Frisk also freed that someone, promising her that life will be better at the s...
Feeling made out of dust || Undertale || TwistedLoveTale by QarteyWrite
Feeling made out of dust ||
- We are in it together partner. - Couldn't say it better. ============================================================================ Book inspired by au created by Ra...
Chara: MHA x Child Chara Reader by KanadeYoiYoiYoisaki
Chara: MHA x Child Chara Readerby Kanade Yoisaki
They/Them pronouns for the reader! A child who used to love heroes finally saw the prejudice and toxicity of the society. One man who they thought of as their hero endin...
Chara's New Path: A RWBY Story by CanDoAttitudesNTL
Chara's New Path: A RWBY Storyby NeverTheLess
Frisk has come to the end of there finale route. A True Pacifist ending. With the Barrier broken and a promise to keep, they will go on... But some will have to stay beh...
Our story (Frisk x Chara)  (DISCONTINUED) by snek_snek
Our story (Frisk x Chara) ( Rhouxee
"I'm gay." Frisk said bluntly, all eyes on her. It was quiet. So quiet you could hear a glass shatter. It which case it did. "And I have a girlfriend. You...
Making a demon by huntress777
Making a demonby Eight
Why does everyone think chara is bad? it isn't her fault frisk killed everyone. She even sacrificed her own life to help the monster race. but every timeline, every univ...
My Guardian Angel [Chara x Reader] by Cringesad
My Guardian Angel [Chara x Reader]by Ghosty o~o
Gods can't die... Right? - Seeds of calamity have been sown for millennia. Although they've shown to stay dormant, eventually they will grow. As centuries pass, each and...
Undertale Characters React to Ships by TheReturnOfTurtle
Undertale Characters React to Shipsby TheReturnOfTurtle
Okay, so basically, I'm going to try to take any canon clues I can find to come up with their reactions to the ship. It will follow the same order as my own opinions if...
A new member (Bad Sanses x Undertale Chara)  by FandomLover193
A new member (Bad Sanses x H i. ✨
A human, small and frail, wearing a white dress that came up to her knees, bandages on her arms and legs, and a black blind-fold over her eyes. Not to mention the poor t...