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-Lucky Seven- (FGOD Reader Insert) by FlapJackQueen
-Lucky Seven- (FGOD Reader Insert)by a simp for TK
{10/6/2020: New Description}- You're a part of Nightmare's gang. The outcasts, the hated, the shunned. The multiverse is unforgiving, and It's the seven of you against t...
TK sans x magical reader [on Hiatus]  by snowflakethehybrid
TK sans x magical reader [on snowflake150
(Y/N) was trap on a void the only company she had was the company of here friend snowflake that is a hybrid want to know what happen read the story also I don't belong t...
30 Day OTP Challenge Tiärke edition by Cometdakitty
30 Day OTP Challenge Tiärke editionby Protect Madi
This is a Tiärke 30 Day (most likely more because its me-) Challenge. Tiärke is the ship between TK (QuantumTale Sans) and Stärke (An EpicCross ship child) Started 4/1/2...
Time is space [Discontinued] by SpokenValiry
Time is space [Discontinued]by •Oscar•
Note : A remake of my old book the other was cringey and old :/ Edit : i may update it abit but im alot of Inactivity There two young souls of the same race of monste...
TK X TK Ink [Fanfic] by ImHidingInYourRoom
TK X TK Ink [Fanfic]by HidingInYourRoomAtNight
This fanfic is from my yt friend Kenneth go subscribe to him in his Channel at Typical As Ever
Ask or Dare Undertale ship kids ((Closed)) by Cometdakitty
Ask or Dare Undertale ship kids (( Protect Madi
Hey there! Dunno why you're reading this but let's go! Who you can dare! Omni Pj Journey Desire Sprinkle TK Stärke Raven Blueprint Rewrite Sorell Shino Radier Silver Ke...
Don't Be Afraid Have A Seat by coolbattlegirl1341
Don't Be Afraid Have A Seatby coolbattlegirl
tk sans finds himself on a journey with bliz and ink, to prevent all the seats from being filled. But he is one of the guest too, will tk sans be able to save the other...
After The Underverse /momma cq x underverse crossover\ 2 by balthazar5150
After The Underverse /momma cq x INeedHelp....
this takes place a few weeks or one a year later after everything. making this up as i go lol
Time Crunch by Ever_Tree
Time Crunchby WillowWisps
TK has never felt complete his whole life, and it has nothing to do with time travel. Well, it does a bit considering it got him into this whole situation, but TK doesn'...
[] I'ᗪ ꌚTOᑭ TIᗰᗴ ᖴOᖇ YOᑌ [] Quantumtale! Sans × Reader by Sharaug
[] I'ᗪ ꌚTOᑭ TIᗰᗴ ᖴOᖇ YOᑌ [] ☕ 𝐂𝐚𝐥𝐥 𝐦𝐞 𝐊
[Y/n] had been friends with Frisk since the two of them met at the orphanage. She went through the fall with them, made it through the Underground with them, and left ba...