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The Boy Witch by Booker_ofBooks
The Boy Witchby Booker
Northern Nightfall is an extremely powerful boy witch without a coven. Abandoned since the day he was born, he's had to discover the supernatural world himself, and even...
His Demoness ✔︎ by Kim_Knights
His Demoness ✔︎by Kim Knights
When Xu Zhijian becomes a full-fledged demon slayer, he is given a talisman to summon his familiar. When he ends up calling forth the sleeping 'Demoness' instead, he fin...
The Girl and the Lions by _Camo_Strike_
The Girl and the Lionsby JustSomeRandomOtaku
What would happen if you got pushed into the lion exhibit at the zoo? Well that's what happened to Dawn. Dawn is a 14 year old 8th grade girl with long brown hair and s...
The Enchanting Rapture by TheParableQueen
The Enchanting Raptureby Black Lives Matter
In a world of monsters, is it possible to find the beauty in each other? Ice melts... Power ignites... Bonds forge... Just in time to clash with the...
TWO BULLETS. by Raven_2805
There is no place for love in the world i live in.... only pain. tears. death. if i were to love, it will only dissappear or be taken away from me. right....? that's how...
I Won't Die As A Villainess (IWDAAV) by SketchySmollie
I Won't Die As A Villainess (IWDAA...by SketchySmollie
ON HIATUS FOR 2-5 WEEKS (Till my summer break) Ash, a prodigy teen, talented in everything she does, and Ruby, a cliche villainess who is destined for death. When one t...
MIMI by paramyis
MIMIby Paramyis
Disowned and deemed useless by her family, Mimi Hirogori is a teasing mischievous girl whose only care and importance in the world lie with her beloved eldest sister. Ho...
The Slytherin Queen(Draco x Reader)- Year 4 by Lumina_Rose14
The Slytherin Queen(Draco x Reader...by The Slytherin Queen
~(4th book in the Slytherin Queen Series)~ Death Eater Attacks, Strange Dreams, and looming fear..... Mysteriously entered into the dangerous contest known as the...
✓ 𝐃𝐄𝐀𝐃 𝐁𝐈𝐑𝐃𝐒, tom riddle by ryrythewritingguy
✓ 𝐃𝐄𝐀𝐃 𝐁𝐈𝐑𝐃𝐒, tom riddleby RYLEE!
florence slughorn was a gift to wicked men
Waking Up in 18th Century [BXB] by UnKnown_Ray
Waking Up in 18th Century [BXB]by ZheaneValentine
They said that one's life fortune or misfortune had a connection on what you've done in your past life. If you are given a chance to go back and help your previous soul...
Me And My Brothers  by _shinyisgood_
Me And My Brothers by 신니
Zyra is invited by her father to spend her summer vacation with him and her 3 older brothers, how would she survive in house full of people she doesn't have a close bond...
HIS BABY GIRL by dralaq
HIS BABY GIRLby dralaq
#pearlawards2018 #thewritersawards2018 #TalentAwards2018 She is his mate, she is his world, the light to his darkness, she is his everything. She i...
Mistreated Queen by shontaya1216
Mistreated Queenby Taya
You were told as a kid that the tooth fairy was real. That there was a boogie monster under your bed. You believed that everything was good. And for werewolves you were...
Batman & Joker by Jaiox_00
Batman & Jokerby Batman&Joker
In this alternate origin story of Batman, Bruce Wayne is transferred from a public school to a private school because of personal issues His school's student Counsellor...
If I Could Live Again by ArcaneBloom
If I Could Live Againby K.T
Lady Elin was happy to have a loving fiancé who also happens to be a prince. She wanted to escape from the clutch of her family so she accepted the proposal. However, ev...
Unlocked ( Adventure and Hisoka x Reader) by yellowlamp89
Unlocked ( Adventure and Hisoka x...by yellowlamp89
"Why in Mother Nature's sweet sweet name am I at a circus?" I thought. "Oh right. I'm gonna be training with a clown today." I said out loud dejected...
Always Ace  by delena_weakness
Always Ace by delena_weakness
Completed: May 5, 2021 Rory decides to tell him the one thing she's holding back, and she's terrified history will repeat itself. How will he react? Will he step up or i...
The Badass Mafia Queen by ANONYMOUS_XI
The Badass Mafia Queenby ANONYMOUS_XI
"Bang Bang, shoot your hate down, It's the Queen that holds the Crown". Raven Queen Relampago is a 12 year old who didn't really have a 12 y/o life, she's been...
~∆Postcards∆~ {Dreamnotfound} {DnF} by Finith
~∆Postcards∆~ {Dreamnotfound} {DnF}by {_Cheeto_} {_Skin_}
FINISHED ⚠️COVER ART NOT MINE⚠️ A DnF (dreamnotfound) fanfiction, honestly this was thought of in the shower and refined when my hair got dyed so it will most likely hav...
The Heroine's Evil Daughter by JustCharlotte_chan
The Heroine's Evil Daughterby JustCharlotte
Sasha, a fallen baron's daughter, fell in love with the crown prince. They both loved each other more than anything. But the crown prince, Lucas's fiancee tried to separ...