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CrushxReader One-shots by bluey_9
CrushxReader One-shotsby bluey_9
This book is pretty much just scenarios (one-shots) with you and your crush that are also referred to as "Imagines" If you don't know what a one-shot/imagine t...
Crush/Boyfriend Imagines by WritingDuhh
Crush/Boyfriend Imaginesby WritingDuh
✓ Completed ✓ Imagines about you and that special boy in your life :) ⚠️ = Smut!!! • = Personal Favorite :) *All these are mine! PLEASE don't steal. :)
King & Queen; Oikawa Tooru X Reader ❤ by CherryPie6194
King & Queen; Oikawa Tooru X Reade...by CherryPie6194
You - an incredibly stunning young girl - just enrolled into Kitagawa Daiichi one week after regular graduation. As for the reason why, you rather keep quiet about it a...
The Unmotivated Prodigy | KnB Fanfic by _avocadhoe
The Unmotivated Prodigy | KnB Fanf...by 💜 Lilah 💜
"Why don't you ever take things seriously?" "Why should I?" +++ {Yaoi fanfic! GoM x Male!oc} {7th Member of the Generation of Miracles fanfic}
Halfway to the Moon by catsired
Halfway to the Moonby catsired
💛BAKUDEKU💛ONGOING💛SLOWBURN💛SAD DEKU💛HAPPY ENDING💛 Izuku doesn't know how to handle being depressed, his middle school bullies, the rigorous training All Might has...
Little Nightmares || After Story || Book Three by Pcyco_Da_Potato
Little Nightmares || After Story |...by ∆D∆¥ZH∆
[Third book to Deep Down Inside & Hand-Prints || Story involves cross-overs] Years after the birth of your two children Anohannah and Brogan, both you and Six notice how...
Seat Number Zero by KunaTheTrash
Seat Number Zeroby Traitorous_Kuna
Shokugeki no soma Fanfic Finally my suspension is over. I wonder how my brother is doing, he just transferred what could possibly happen. Yumi Yukihira a first year hig...
The dekuverse by a_random_weeb_person
The dekuverseby a_random_weeb_person
(Discontinued) Class 1-A, 1-B, there teachers, Nezu, Eri, Kota, shinsou, the big three, some pro heros, some family members, and some villains, and other people that wil...
F•R•I•E•N•D•S~A NRDD Love story by DanielaNaa
F•R•I•E•N•D•S~A NRDD Love storyby Daniela
Ella Valentine, Mae Valentine's cousin, is new to South Denver Middle School. On her first day, she meets the quads, Nicky, Ricky, Dicky, and Dawn. They immediately beco...
Jiggy~ or ~Cohen  by yk_chanel_2_
Jiggy~ or ~Cohen by Dior_Chanel
You move to NYC....things intend to get crazy !
That Girl (Jonah Beck X reader and Oneshots) by Official_Luna_Dolan
That Girl (Jonah Beck X reader and...by Luna Dolan
"Do you like me Y/N?" "Because you're a good person Y/N." Highest rank(so far): #1 in Jonah Beck fanfics! 🎉 I only own the story. ®️That Girl
The Lovers by AphroditeX-X
The Loversby Rawr
"The card, the lovers" The cards don't lie. Magic is everywhere, but, mostly in a middle school. --- Poly Boyxboyxboy Witchcraft/magic Spelling police please...
Deku one-shots WITH ANGST by SakuPanda20
Deku one-shots WITH ANGSTby SakuPanda
One-shots of Deku being a cinammon roll, but also depressing stuff. How lonely and touch-starved did Deku get during Middle-school and the past 12 years of his life??? S...
We're alike... I guess. by DabisBlueFlames22
We're alike... I guess.by Angel.
Izuku's childhood was... rough to say the least. He was quirkless, which obviously lead to discrimination in their day and age. The hard truth for him was that hardly an...
Love You For Infinity « BxB » by clixlxx
Love You For Infinity « BxB »by 𝐜 ☔︎︎
"Okay, okay," Aiden laughed out. "My turn." He looks at me with a soft smirk and cocks his eyebrow. "Truth or dare?" "Dare." I le...
The summer we turned thirteen (Published) by moonlightreveries
The summer we turned thirteen (Pub...by 𝑺𝒖𝒎𝒎𝒆𝒓 ☾ ♡
Harlee Ramirez and James Whitmire have been best friends since they were nine years old. Harlee is bold and brazen, while James is shy and reserved. In some cases, suc...
The Rejected Maid by kezimena
The Rejected Maidby kezimena
She was Rejected at birth. She is rejected by her only family. Forced to be a maid at the age of four. She looked for love and she finally found it. But rejected by the...
my pet (tododeku Omegaverse) { Discontinued} by luxio_chu
my pet (tododeku Omegaverse) { Dis...by luxio_chu
izuku mother inko is leaving for a business trip soo she ask katsuki to babysit izuku. Everything is all fine until bakugo invites some of his pro hero friends and izuku...
Just Say It (A Teasing Master Takagi-San Fanfic) by Stories_with_arka
Just Say It (A Teasing Master Taka...by Stories_with_arka
[COMPLETED] Set just after the summer festival. Nishikata is struggling to understand his feelings and affection towards Takagi while Takagi waits for him to confess. Wh...
Wrong Number ✰ Minsung by kittylino
Wrong Number ✰ Minsungby ✰ EJ !
Minho texts the wrong number its typical really, with it's own twists. - - - Updates every Monday. top!Jisung bottom!Minho -little Minho! !! WARNINGS: - smut - language...