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Kakashi x Obito by chibi_tobi
Kakashi x Obitoby chibi_tobi
Obito comes back from a long mission and has abit of fun with Kakashi after (idk what to put in my Description sorry lol)
Never alone by pet_snek
Never aloneby gianna
Warning bad grammar/writing!! madara died after he won the fourth shinobi war kakashi manages to survive. he decided to travel back in time to save the village but kakas...
Obito X Kakashi scenarios by Xxk4k4shixX
Obito X Kakashi scenariosby Xxk4k4shixX
Some chapters may be a modern AU or a AU. I hope you enjoy this fanfiction about Obito X Kakashi. These are just short clips of what I imagine in my brain of ideas for...
Teacher (Obikaka Fanfic) by UmiIwaizumi
Teacher (Obikaka Fanfic)by joe mama
It was the first day of school and Obito Uchiha was a new teacher at Konoha High. He fell in love with one of his students. Kakashi Hatake. Kakashi just turned 18 so it...
Tactics, Rivalries, and Romance | KakaObi by Lordpikachu2003
Tactics, Rivalries, and Romance | o.oreo
This is KakaObi meets 'Pride and Prejudice' and also weirdly inspired by 'The Art of War'... And in a high school setting. XD Obito Uchiha wanted to be the school's Stud...
[KakaObi Event] Kakashi's Birthday by KakaObiEvent
[KakaObi Event] Kakashi's Birthdayby KakaObi Event
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Look Through my Eyes (Obikaka Fanfic) by UmiIwaizumi
Look Through my Eyes (Obikaka joe mama
Yep i am making another obikaka fanfic despite not finishing my other ones 😎 An AU where Kakashi never covers his eye Warnings -Language -Smut Not warnings but you shou...
Accident-Team Minato by ImatoWriter
Accident-Team Minatoby Zenny
Rin made this happen and doesnt even know, I feel bad for Kakashi and Obito.Only a little anyways!This is also Fan Fiction, please be aware.
The Voice that I can Hear | KakaObi by Anonym0210
The Voice that I can Hear | KakaObiby Anonym0210
When he hears the second voice, Obito always clenches his hands and stays silent. That voice is different from what has been said by the people around him. He can hear t...
Different Path (Obito AU) by kyuubi_jinchuuriki
Different Path (Obito AU)by .
Everything is a lie. Love, hate, happiness, sadness. We are all born to die. Why not end everyone's misery quicker. Madara told me that in order to love, there must be h...
Hidden in the rain by tobisbun
Hidden in the rainby Tobisbun
A cute au where Obito and Kakashi run away together to the village hidden in the rain during the fourth great ninja war.
[KakaObi Event] Monthly Themes by KakaObiEvent
[KakaObi Event] Monthly Themesby KakaObi Event
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obikaka Oneshots  (request box open) by Female_Jiraiya
obikaka Oneshots (request box Female Jiraiya
this won't update a lot so please don't be mad if it takes me a few months to get a chapter out. this is just a bunch of Kakashi x obito lemons of fluffs or something l...
Why do you hate me? | ObiKaka by HimawariBish
Why do you hate me? | ObiKakaby 🌻Himawari🌻
Obito and Kakashi are gennin, but a happy couple. All until Fugaku found out about this, in his eyes Uchiha's shouldn't be homosexual; and so, Fugaku treated Obito horr...
A female can't be a wingman? Says who? Y/n and Obito have been best friends since they're clans were very close. Well kinda. I mean Madara Uchiha and Hashirama Senju alr...
Masks by Meth69
Masksby I don't know what's happening
Warning: - Language - NSFW - Yaoi boyboy - Blood/gore - Violence Description: Alternative universe of Mafia. The most known popular Yakuza gang Akatuski is dangerous th...