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The Legend of Zelda: A Hero's Return (Book 1) by kokiriforestresident
The Legend of Zelda: A Hero's Retu...by Blake Seeger
The Hero of Time is needed once again! After battling Majora in an alternate Hyrule, Link awakens to find himself in a mysterious forest and his memory gone. Returning h...
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Book One: A Twisted Betrayal by meowitall
Book One: A Twisted Betrayalby Marisol
In the first book of the series the story begins on Nevaeh's tale of finding out who she really is. Her life becoming one of those she had only ever thought were fantasi...
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When I was 14 years old( one shot) by sweetynerd
When I was 14 years old( one shot)by sweetynerd
Written by:sweetynerd NO PROLOGUE:
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Beware the Calm by MorganaStorm24
Beware the Calmby MorganaStorm24
"I might not have been born on this planet, but it's my home. And I'll be damned if I'm gonna stand back and watch it die around me!" - Aeryn Storm. After the...
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Narnia School by _Timeline
Narnia Schoolby Stark
Exprima-ti parera intr-o noua scoala cu noi reguli si noi oameni. Fii fericit in noua ta lume de poveste, si bucura-te de prieteniile, si iubirile care vor aparea... Bin...
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Into The Game >> (Sans X Reader) Undertale FanFiction by Melody4164
Into The Game >> (Sans X Reader) U...by Press F to pay respects to th...
It was just a normal Saturday. (Y/N) was playing Undertale for the millionth time. She was obsessed. (Y/N) had played all of the routes. True Pacifist, No Mercy/Genocide...
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Love's Timeline by jenna2266
Love's Timelineby Jenna Rose
you are the faint line between faith and blindly waiting -rupi kaur
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Timeline of scientific discoveries by martinbone
Timeline of scientific discoveriesby martinbone
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Of Blood & Chocolate: Hunter or Gatherer [Teen Wolf | Stiles] by ShatteringDesire
Of Blood & Chocolate: Hunter or Ga...by Cassie
There is this crackling energy in the air, and I've been feeling sick. It's been like this for weeks – ever since that strange crackling energy that's in the air appeare...
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Kurt drabbles by GrangerHermoine
Kurt drabblesby GrangerHermoine
Time After Time by JakeGentry13
Time After Timeby Jake
A time machine has been stolen. When Colonel Jane Vega is mysteriously transferred from the line of duty to South Dakota, the last thing she expected was adventure. She...
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R e t r o s p e c t by Eyesickjewelbee
R e t r o s p e c tby Animus
Hindsight is twenty-twenty. Although for Caasi Stintin even that is subject to change. His less than average life of mediocrity suddenly undergoes a shift. There's a dea...
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Saint Seiya - Gaia's Return by SarahSander1
Saint Seiya - Gaia's Returnby Sarah Sander
Fanfiction to Saint Seiya. Back in the 16th century a shadow threatens the Sanctuary. The current Pope Llywellyn is nervous, because Athena seemed to have not reincarnat...
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•band one shots• by officialrettes
•band one shots•by ❁♀❁
Request any oneshot from any band member you like!! They are now open, you must have a storyline for me also! Just know that I don't write: -BOTDF, I wrote one special f...
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White Rose - Blood Stained Innocence by Akai-Cho
White Rose - Blood Stained Innocen...by Akai-Cho
What happened during the 2 years gap between Gundam Seed and Seed Destiny? Kira has gone insane a month after the the battle of Yakin Due. While his friends were anxiou...
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UNITED WE DIE- Watty Awards 2013 by JoshuaKnightwing
UNITED WE DIE- Watty Awards 2013by Josh!
What happens when your on the brink of extinction? What do you fear? War? Death? Mistrust? What do you do when your friends turn against you? And what happens when y...
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The Underground *Undertale* by ScarletSkullReaper
The Underground *Undertale*by Ashlyn Douglas
Frisk landing underground could either be a blessing, or a curse, but when this special timeline plays out, Sans realizes it's not like any of the others he's seen befor...
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Fingers✅ by qualitystylinson
Fingers✅by Liz K.
And okay, the thing is stealing Louis' spotlight, but he wants it. It looks so small and tiny and he wants it. Louis just knows that it's pink and smushy and keeps makin...
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Truth of the Crows (A Harry Potter Fan-Fiction) by JeremyRandolph
Truth of the Crows (A Harry Potter...by Jeremy Randolph
Sometimes, things are not as they are meant to be. The crow means many things, death, despair, disease and evil. Also, they can mean an omen of good. They are wisdom and...
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