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ONE SHOTS (LARRY.S) by louisxsgolden
One shots about Larry Stylinson • Louis Tomlinson and Harry Styles Side ships: • Ziam Mayne (Zayn Malik and Liam Payne) -- **larry is the main ship...
burberry ➸ larry by boyinlovebrad
burberry ➸ larryby boyinlovebrad
"adidas?" harry snorts, "once you get on my level, we can talk." louis glares at the tall boy before grabbing the chair beside him and standing on it...
Tough Love (On Hold) by Panther166
Tough Love (On Hold)by WinxGirl16
Anne dosen't want to be a single mom, so she left her baby in a box with a note by a dumpster in hopes someone will find him and give him a better life than she could. W...
This is us. BDSM/ DDLB (not sexualized) Larry Stylinson by canyon_lou_
This is us. BDSM/ DDLB (not sexual...by divine.larry
Harry and Louis met in the toilets, they shared a room together, the shared a kiss, and now they share a life of hiding. WARNING: DDLG - not sexualized BDSM
LARRY SMUT by harryscxckring
LARRY SMUTby harryscxckring
sexy, kinky and hot larry smut scenes, enjoy cuties!! i'm updating as often as i can :) (just put a new cover but it's still me <3) ALL RIGHTS RESERVED TO @harryscxck...
larry oneshots cause i'm bored by kevins_sis
larry oneshots cause i'm boredby you will never know my name
tf u doing just click on the book it's literally all in the title also larry is real fight me bitch
you are mine and i am yours by FluffMeLarry
you are mine and i am yoursby 𝐭
Maybe... Maybe he wants me? I cup his face with both my hands and look him in the eyes. His cheeks are tinted red. I lean in a little to see how he reacts. I feel his b...
Nobody Compares (L.S.) by harryscoolbeans
Nobody Compares (L.S.)by ✨dumbass✨
When a green eyed Harry Styles is the bachelor for The Bachelor, but what happens when he falls in love with a blue eyed Louis... Inspired by a girl on tik tok her @ is...
it for me (L.S. story)  by bidhya-stylinson
it for me (L.S. story) by Bidhya Rijal
at first, they're just some silly little texts, which quickly develop into real feelings. this fan fic tells the story of harry & louis' forbidden love. 16 year old harr...
Labyrinth  by otbkxwis
Labyrinth by otbkxwis
Louis sighs impatiently, "Name, Number, Group?" The boy shifts uncomfortably, and clutches his bag, "Uhh.." he begins, "H-Harry. Harry Styles.&q...
Cam-Boy by peachylarries
Cam-Boyby N.M.
Au where Harry is a cam boy and his roommate finds out..
Shelter from the storm [LARRY STYLINSON] by narry_2000
Shelter from the storm [LARRY STYL...by narry_2000
Louis has been in a abusive relationship in the past. His boyfriend then physically and mentally abused him. The boy couldn't leave his house without being scared of bei...
᪥secret little rendezvous᪥ l.s. by hazxl0u28
᪥secret little rendezvous᪥ l.s.by sunflou ;)
louist91 liked this post. louist91 commented on this post. louist91: oops! harrystyles sent a message. harrystyles: hi! -or where louis is a model, and harry is a singer...
what if i'm broken? ➵ larry stylinson by trulymadlydeeplylou
what if i'm broken? ➵ larry stylin...by TJ<3
"the sun is me? i'm the sun you talk about?" "yes louis, you are my sun." after louis runs away to escape the abuse he's receiving, he is enrolled i...
IN MY ARMS by loulouTomlinson91
IN MY ARMSby larry.Stylinson
:You can't talk to me . تو نمیتونی با من حرف بزنی :Why ? چرا :Because he hits me . اون منو میزنه :Who ? کی? :My husband . همسرم
Everybody has a secret  | Larry Stylinson by tommothebean
Everybody has a secret | Larry St...by > Raisin <
Everybody has a secret,Like how Harry is bi,everybody thinks he's straight and dont realise his crush on the shy boy in his school.
They say opposites attract. by ratchetnjh
They say opposites attract.by ratchetnjh
Harry hated Louis and Louis hated Harry even more. Louis has bullied Harry for about a year now. No one really understands why, Harry mainly. However, Louis maintains a...
Larry Recommendations pt.2 by QueenStylinson420
Larry Recommendations pt.2by read my bio
PART TWO These will be from Ao3 & Wattpad. (Mostly from ao3. Can't promise there'll be much from wattpad) bottom harry & bottom louis 🌻 ALL ARE COMPLETED UNLESS OTHERW...
The Opps to my Hi ( a Larry Stylinson fanfic) by Starfire2389
The Opps to my Hi ( a Larry Stylin...by Starfire2389
3rd in End of the era awards under the Fiction category Two lovers caught by the chains of the unruly world, Homophobic people and Modest management. Louis and Harry, l...
Noticing The Signs by harrytomljnson
Noticing The Signsby izzy :)
The story where Harry and Louis meet in a Grief Anonymous meeting. They're completely taken over by grief, they can't tell if the emotions are real or not. What will ha...