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petal ; n.h by madis2n
petal ; n.hby madison
a world where you can talk to and choose decisions for your soulmate.
The Places We Can't Go || l.p. by kosmikoko
The Places We Can't Go || 𝒶𝓈𝒽
Everytime it rains, it's like the wind starts calling out his name and when I look up, I can barely open my eyes but all I see is his smile. I swore I wouldn't fall for...
best mistake || (ziam mpreg) book one & two by joelswildflower
best mistake || (ziam mpreg) 𝐬𝐚𝐦𝐚𝐧𝐭𝐡𝐚
book one. Liam and Zayn hooked up at a party once, while Liam is dating their football coach, Louis. [completed] •-•-• book two. Liam and Zayn are now engaged with a bab...
One Direction Gif Imagines by BeCarefulDontDie1
One Direction Gif Imaginesby BeCarefulDontDie1
Just a bunch of gif imagines for our five favorite boys.
instagram~ l.s by hazzaa_andlou
instagram~ l.sby hazzaa_andlou
can one simple tag on a post change two people completely? harry gets tagged by his best friend on a persons post, simple right, but who really knows what can happen fro...
Affair [ziam/lilo] mpreg by not_theusualfangirl
Affair [ziam/lilo] mpregby 𝕆 𝕃 𝕀 𝕍 𝕀 𝔸
"I'm pregnant." Those two words made Liam regret his decision of having an affair. It was a mistake, and he knows he has to deal with the consequences. Consequ...
One Direction X reader imagines  by gxldenlush
One Direction X reader imagines by gxldenlush
Imagines and preferences of our favourite boys <3 ...[i take requests]
One Direction Inside Jokes and Other Random Stuff by hi-hello_hi
One Direction Inside Jokes and hi-hello_hi
Incase you did not read the title... This is basically a bunch of One direction inside jokes and random things That mostly only directioners know ObViOuSlY I started th...
Love is Love (დასრულებული) by LileHoran
Love is Love (დასრულებული)by lovestories16
თქვენი აზრით გამოვა უბრალო მიმტანი გოგონას და ცნობილი მომღერლის ჰარი სტაილსის ურთიერთობა? ბარბარა ერთი, ჩვეულებრივი, 21 წლის გოგოა, როგორიც თქვენ ან მე, მუშაობს კაფეშ...
Little Things ✔ [Narry Storan] by dearpatience
Little Things ✔ [Narry Storan]by Niall and Harry
[COMPLETED] Book 1 of Perfect Series 5 friends, new found love and a whole lotta confusion Side ship:- Lilo Paylinson (Mostly fluffy, no dark stuffs) Important ranks #1...
✧ Bumps in the road ✧ by addie_124
✧ Bumps in the road ✧by addie < 3
The world truly seems to be against Louis Tomlinson. After leaving one direction his life seemed to go to shit. Any thing that could go wrong has. At least he still has...
It starts with a follow.. •HarryStyles Just followed Louis91•
valentine {h.styles}¹ by snxwylou
valentine {h.styles}¹by Lou 🥺🖤
in which they were each other first loves or in which two exes reconnect thanks to friends, fans and social media cover by: pankowsangel
One Direction Sickfic One Shots (requests welcome) by bearrakuda
One Direction Sickfic One Shots ( Sarah Kuder
Just some short stories of when the boys aren't feeling so hot... Started: 31 July 2020
Niam Moments and Proof by PastelSprinkles100
Niam Moments and Proofby Chicken Noodles
I feel like Niam is a great ship and there needs to be more Niam stories.
Starboy [Narry Storan] by dearpatience
Starboy [Narry Storan]by Niall and Harry
"Don't call me alien." "You're my starboy." "Always," "Forever." ~ a narry storan love story
Criminal Profiling (Niall Horan AU) by _spntotw_
Criminal Profiling (Niall Horan AU)by _spntotw_
*First book of the "Criminal Profiling" Trilogy* He was know for being the leader of the biggest gang to roam around the London streets. He was known for his...
MOSTLY LARRY SHIZ by likestrawberries_
In which I post old and new One Direction memes and Larry proofs.
My old boyfriend by celenenarineE
My old boyfriendby celenenarineE
You left Liam to go off to college and promised to Come back but you never did, see what happens When your mom has fallen ill and you have no choice to go back to your h...