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Life and Times with George O'Malley by CS162788
Life and Times with George O'Malleyby Cheyenne Smith
A George O'Malley fanfic (because he's severely under rated.) All chapters will be from the same life, but out of order. Callie and George will be going their thing at...
If/ then by danielle-12004
If/ thenby danielle-12004
What if Ellis didn't get alzimhers? What if Richard had stayed with her? Follow the lives of our Seattle Grace doctors as we see a new version of life.
Spy Candy | ✓ by rskovach
Spy Candy | ✓by RS Kovach
When the best man for the job is a woman, the Covert Analytical Network Design Yard (or CANDY for those who prefer silly acronyms) sends in Meg Brandon to clean up the m...
James Bond - No More Promises by MikeMcMahon4
James Bond - No More Promisesby Mike McMahon
"Holliday, ha!" spat James Bond "What was I thinking?" When James Bond is sent to Vienna to attend an innocuous meeting at the UN, he understands tha...
Spy School Dolphin Strike by TheEpicalizer
Spy School Dolphin Strikeby TheEpicalizer
This is an operation to finally bring Down SPYDER once and for all. With the known corruption of the CIA by SPYDER, Ben Ripley and the others must travel to England to g...
Irresistible//L.S. by lisessss
Irresistible//L.S.by lisessss
In which 5 lads with empty eyes and a broken soul kill people for living because they've got nothing to loose. Or where Harry and Louis can't keep their hands off each o...
ÉTERNEL-𝗗𝗿𝗮𝗰𝗼 𝗠𝗮𝗹𝗳𝗼𝘆 by ILY-Malfoys
ÉTERNEL-𝗗𝗿𝗮𝗰𝗼 𝗠𝗮𝗹𝗳𝗼𝘆by 🤍
𝐸|El mundo mágico incendiándose lentamente. Diana Fennell es secuestrada por petición propia de Voldemort. Con un programa de defensa y venganza. Diana es encerrada en...
007 - A Stranger Things Fan Fiction by Words_On_Paper
007 - A Stranger Things Fan Fictionby Words_On_Paper
0 0 7 My vibrant sky blue eyes shot open as my body lurched forward, my blonde hair falling in my face. I had a dream... I was free and so was my siblings. But I had to...
Firestarter by ThatPumkins
Firestarterby Pumpkins
HAWKINS, INDIANA WAS SAFE. At least for the people who lived in the town. The children hidden away in Hawkins National Lab - with no name other than numbers from One to...
Alex Rider & James Bond crossover by Rider_007
Alex Rider & James Bond crossoverby Rider_007
When Alex rider meets Bond. Literally the title. Two top MI6 agents meeting each other and assigned to work together. This is gonna be fun. I should say no more, or I'll...
Live And Let Die // Tss Au by allycatreadytowrite
Live And Let Die // Tss Auby Allycat
!! You don't need to have seen a single James Bond movie to be able to read this fic!! Agent 008 and Agent 009, professional spies for the MI6 with liscense to kill. Pa...
My Death Battles Season 1 by TyForestWrites
My Death Battles Season 1by TyForestWrites
Just for the fun of it, I'm making my own fan-made Death Battles. I have my own list of battles that I'm going to do, but suggestions are always nice! TyForestWrites and...
Phoenix (A James Bond fanfiction) by JordanPaige99
Phoenix (A James Bond fanfiction)by Jordan :)
Phoenix. A new villain is out for Bond and his new colleague, the recently replaced 006: Sky King. They both find themselves in dangerous conditions.
Mission: Impossible Secrets of 007 [Completed] by thiswriterlives
Mission: Impossible Secrets of 007...by ☠️ Elizabeth ☠️
Following the death of Owen Davian, the IMF is now stronger than ever with Chloe Hunt, Ilsa Faust, Matilda and Jacob Brandt. Not to mention Ethan Hunt, William Brandt, L...
Mission: Possible 007 by LivingStoneWriter
Mission: Possible 007by Sean Livingston
A decorated MI6 agent, a crime-fighting cheerleader, a rogue IMF operative, and a platypus. They make an unlikely team, but - like it or not - their skills are going to...
Old Battleships by saye0036
Old Battleshipsby saye0036
Two bodies are discovered in the woods that are somehow linked to deaths from 1979. NCIS and the BAU are investigating, when a group comes from Britain to collect their...
Casino Royale by MeganBlanchet
Casino Royaleby MeganBlanchet
This is for all my Double-0 seven lovers
Returned Damaged by saye0036
Returned Damagedby saye0036
James Bond returns from Skyfall damaged. He arrives at Q's flat one night drunk and a relationship evolves.