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Royal Pain {Prinxiety} by ShawnyVFX
Royal Pain {Prinxiety}by Shawny
It's Christmas time and that means Roman has to show up to the family cabin with his elusive "boyfriend" he's been telling them about. Problem is, he doesn't h...
Chemistry - A Sander's Sides Fanfiction by Books4Bricks
Chemistry - A Sander's Sides Fanfi...by Books4Bricks
// COMPLETED // Ah-hem . . . Because I'm garbage and bored: An unoriginal and probably predictable/cliché AU where the Sanders Sides all go to high school together! Virg...
This has to be a Mistake-  (Prinxiety) by Jackson_the_cat
This has to be a Mistake- (Prinxi...by Jackson_the_cat
Soulmate AU~ (and I guess high school AU too-) Virgil is a new student at Roman's high school, the day after his first day at the new school is his 17 birthday. In this...
No Never Yes||Prinxiety|| by BadIdeasAreHere
No Never Yes||Prinxiety||by With You I'm Always Home
Virgil had his own life, his own group of mismatched, odd friends. Roman had his clique and his power. The two were about to collide in one big mess. High School/Soulma...
We Want To Be Normal SEQUEL{Sanders Sides Super Hero AU} by GiveMeMyOwn
We Want To Be Normal SEQUEL{Sander...by 💜💜Kam💜💜
WARNING THIS IS THE SECOND BOOK IN THE SERIES PLEASE GO READ THE FIRST BOOK IF YOU HAVEN'T ALREADY: It's been a year since Remus and Deceit have turned themselves in to...
Villians Or Heroes by AnxiouslyShipping
Villians Or Heroesby A U T H O R C H A N
"Patton, the people will question this!" "Logan is right, Patton! How do we know that they won't be bad? Y-Y'know, like their parents?" Patton scowle...
Sanders Sides One Shots by mind_writing
Sanders Sides One Shotsby 𝓡𝓸𝓼𝓮
I take requests! (But I only do the ones I want) (no smut btw) Reviews: @romans_sash: "The stories are so well written and always make me smile. Love every single o...
Snake Charmer-Logicality Fanfiction by Marigold214
Snake Charmer-Logicality Fanfictionby Pyle_of_Destiny
Patton is Thomas's heart, but what happens when he gets broken? Warning: Several triggers such as gore, sacrifice, character death, slimey bois, slightly inappropriate c...
Stars (Logicality) - Completed by Creatively-Anxious
Stars (Logicality) - Completedby Creatively-Anxious
(Sanders Sides Human AU) For years, Patton Sanders has been a single dad, working hard to provide and care for his now sixteen-year-old son, Virgil. He rarely takes the...
The Trickster's Test {Prinxiety} by ShawnyVFX
The Trickster's Test {Prinxiety}by Shawny
A game. That's what it was, or what it was supposed to be. It's become bigger than that, and they all know it. The royals all participate in the game, unknowingly or not...
The Sleepover by bone_father
The Sleepoverby Nick
When twins Virgil and Janus throw a sleepover for their 14th birthday, they meet each other's friends and romance blooms. Angst meter: 1/5
Body Swap by TheSilverLad
Body Swapby TheSilverLad
This story is dedicated to a friend who encouraged me to write it and helped me figure out the kinks of publishing on Wattpad. Thank you twin!! Logan borrowed some of Ro...
SECRETS AND AGENTS ~ Sanders Sides by AnxiouslyShipping
SECRETS AND AGENTS ~ Sanders Sidesby A U T H O R C H A N
Three secret agents. An ex-assassin in hiding. Total chaos. Welcome to Room 42. .:*:..:*:..:*:..:*:..:*:..:*:..:*:..:*:..:*:..:*:..:*:..:*:..:*:..:*:..:*:..:*:..:*:..:*:...
Sanders Sides One Shots: Volume 2 [COMPLETED] by death-of-a-phangirl
Sanders Sides One Shots: Volume 2...by Death ☠️
Lots of Prinxiety! Mostly fluffy! This is my second book of one shots because I actually ran out of space in my other one! Completed - Volume 3 available!
Logicality Oneshots by TheCrabbyLemon
Logicality Oneshotsby Discontinued account
Hiya! Welcome to our Logicality one-shot book! We hope you like it! 💙🖤💙🖤
Sanders Sides One Shots by Creepypasta_fander
Sanders Sides One Shotsby Blaize
Here is a book of all my ideas that I couldn't stretch out into a full story. I will take requests. There will be no smut, just fluff and/or angst. (Cover by the brillia...
Rotten To The Core (Sander Sides Descendants AU) by rifff123
Rotten To The Core (Sander Sides D...by Valdox the Unmerciful
Auradon Prep, school for royalty, is home to the sons and daughters of some famous fairy tale Princesses and Princes. Such as Prince Patton, the son of Snow White and he...
vampire prinxiety au by notalwaysthebadguy
vampire prinxiety auby Willoughby
Virgil is a vampire that just trying to avoid any type of trouble. Roman is the exact opposite he's a vampire hunter, who is willing to get into any type of trouble to k...
Prinxiety oneshots  by Hannah_that1fangirl
Prinxiety oneshots by ♡𝓗𝓪𝓷𝓷𝓪𝓱♡
[completed] It may be weird to ship people who are essentially entities of the same person, but I don't really care! Enjoy, and feel free to leave advice/opinions/reque...
YouTuber Tickles by WingedWolfTickles
YouTuber Ticklesby T-ish Little Prince
Didn't you read the title? Doesn't that explain?