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Sanders Sides x Reader Stuff by PeacefulLavender
Sanders Sides x Reader Stuffby Ginger Bread~
so this is just a book with Sanders Sides x reader stuff, Please remember you are special! have an incredible day. I do not own sanders sides (obviously), and I do not...
A Secret Past. Virgil Afton AU by MidnightMagic486
A Secret Past. Virgil Afton AUby MidnightMagic486
In this AU, the sides are dead kids that when they died, became a side. Get it? Okay. And Virgil is an Afton. Virgil has always kept his past life a secret. Same wit...
How sad can one person be  by gayboytommy
How sad can one person be by gayboytommy
Virgil suffers from anxiety and depression he thinks no one likes him he has a huge phobia of fights and disturbing people he has bad self confidence all he wants is to...
Lingering Sins | ✓ by tympanic
Lingering Sins | ✓by sia's back
#271 [13.07.2017] "What about sins?" she asked me softly, her voice barely above a whisper. "What is your theory about them?" "Sins are dangerou...
No Never Yes||Prinxiety|| by BadIdeasAreHere
No Never Yes||Prinxiety||by With You I'm Always Home
Virgil had his own life, his own group of mismatched, odd friends. Roman had his clique and his power. The two were about to collide in one big mess. High School/Soulma...
You don't have to be alone by SimplyAThought
You don't have to be aloneby simply.a.thought
Virgil couldn't take it anymore. All his life he never wanted anything more than to become a light side, to be able to protect Thomas, his host. But he never thought it...
pale || prinxiety by lake-zurich
pale || prinxietyby ^//^
⚠️ C O M P L E T E D ⚠️ i used a pale shade of foundation for a reason. it hides a lot. it hides the red cheeks either from blushing, or when the skin gets irritat...
Finding The Write Words by probablynothuman
Finding The Write Wordsby Star
//I do own the cover. You can find me on tumblr if you're interested @probablynothumanish I'm better at uploading on there than I am on here, so if you're interested in...
Sanders Sides Family Oneshots (Mainly MPreg) REQUESTS OPEN by LynnCanigula13
Sanders Sides Family Oneshots ( Lynn Canigula
Requests are open. Any ship. This will include the Side's families in my Human AUs, ship children, and MPreg especially!
Sanders Sides Oneshots by premium_garbage
Sanders Sides Oneshotsby premium_garbage
Sanders sides one-shots, mostly Logicality and Prinxiety but request are always open!
A Royal Love Story(Prinxiety)[COMPLETE] by Alien-Slushie
A Royal Love Story(Prinxiety)[ Slushie and the Angst Machine
Prince Roman of the Ironfelt Kingdom is well known for being a heroic, flirtatious man. Everyone respects him, and sees him as a mighty hero, however as much of a hero h...
falling /// sanders sides soulmate au by stanrobbieskinner
falling /// sanders sides just a worm
Patton lives in a world where the first words your soulmate says to you is written on your skin. The permentant presence of the words 'You're in my seat' on his thigh ha...
Assistance Required by Stories_Plus
Assistance Requiredby Stories Plus
SANDERS SIDES COLLEGE AU Virgil is a freshman in college. As a commuter, he doesn't have many opportunities to make friends, until someone comes up to him asking for hel...
-SANDER SIDES- X Reader ONESHOTS by FandersidesWriting
[completed] - My name is Anarchy, please only use that name when referring to me (I don't care what my name is in the book, I don't go by that anymore) and I also use th...
Virgil/Logan | Sanders Sides [One-Shots] by FandomsUnited_Always
Virgil/Logan | Sanders Sides [ Analogical Ruler
So I accidentally started to really ship Virgil and Logan and there is so little fanfics so I'm gonna have to write some of my own lol. Much fluff Angst who??? I will do...
Virgil's Secret by Pika051
Virgil's Secretby Sydney Gulrud
Virgil has a secret, they all know that. It's the reason he never takes off his sweatshirt, it's the reason he does his own laundry, and it's the reason he feels differe...
Pills (Prinxiety) by simplyaaccident
Pills (Prinxiety)by 🔪 unicron 🔪
[ C O M P L E T E D ] ! P I L L S ! PRINXIETY GAY BOY X BOY BXB I DO NOT OWN : SANDER SIDES / THOMAS SANDERS Warning: Suicide mention, thoughts, and tendencies; self har...
Ours- Yandere!Logicality, Book 3 (Sanders Sides) by SanderShipper
Ours- Yandere!Logicality, Book 3 ( 💜SanderShipper💜
Eighteen years ago, Logan and Patton Croft's lives were... well, they weren't good. Within the span of a few months, the summer of XX28, Patton killed ten people and los...
Sanders Sides Christmas by theantisocialghost
Sanders Sides Christmasby Danny Ghost
Patton has decided to invite the Dark Sides over for Christmas. Virgil's kind of hesitant, but he really misses his old family. Roman, however, is completely against the...
Awkward Antics [Sanders Sides Highschool AU] Prinxiety+Logicality by OuranAndTStrash
Awkward Antics [Sanders Sides Lacking
This is a Highschool AU with a soulmates theme too. [It is a small one compared to some other versions.] This one is just a piece of Jewelry that turns white when you me...