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vampire prinxiety au by notalwaysthebadguy
vampire prinxiety auby Evan Willoughby
Virgil is a vampire that just trying to avoid any type of trouble. Roman is the exact opposite he's a vampire hunter, who is willing to get into any type of trouble to k...
~Toxic~ by TheCactusLord
~Toxic~by SC
Thomas had made so many mistakes while on stage, due to being nervous. His anxiety is a little more heightened than most people, sometimes it can get in the way of thing...
Can I Fly Too? | Sanders Sides | Prinxiety by Harper_TheLoveQueen
Can I Fly Too? | Sanders Sides | Harper
Everyone here has their own pair of wings they are born with. It can be the same color, or it could be different colors. Roman has beautiful red wings, though he can't f...
Stand up(intruloceit) by Poly_and_Proud
Stand up(intruloceit)by INeedSomeAngst
Logan won't stand up for himself, so Janus and Remus will. This is my first story. Cover art is not mine. #1-Intruloceit 8/4/20 #1-Intrulogical 9/2/20 #1-Sanderssides 9...
Can I?- Sander Sides AU by an_aussie_unicorn
Can I?- Sander Sides AUby an_aussie_unicorn
Virgil is a depressed kid. With abusive parents, a suicidal sister, bullies, and one friend, Virgil struggles to survive. When an 'accident' happens, Virgil finds himse...
Apartment Mayhem by SkylandWriter
Apartment Mayhemby Skyland's Writing
Sanders Sides fanfic College AU Slow burn Prinxiety and Logicality. As Virgil starts his way through college, he has to find a place to stay as he does so. Oh, look! An...
Light (a sanders sides, harry potter au) by IdunBlochberg
Light (a sanders sides, harry virus
Virgil, the son of Bellatrix Lestrange, has been living with his mother and helping her and the death eaters, knowing that if he didn't he would most likely be killed. H...
Sanders Sides x Reader Stuff by PeacefulLavender
Sanders Sides x Reader Stuffby Ginger Bread~
so this is just a book with Sanders Sides x reader stuff, Please remember you are special! have an incredible day. I do not own sanders sides (obviously), and I do not...
Not Your Ordinary Family {Sanders Sides cat AU} by DewdropStudios
Not Your Ordinary Family { Droplet
I'll be using Deceit's real name Janus (Deceit), Patton, Remus, Roman, and Logan are feral cats living in an abandoned barn. Life was simple and quaint until Janus come...
Antagonist by CinnamonAngstRoll
Antagonistby Cinna
[Complete] Virgil feels out of place among the Light Sides. They don't accept or listen to him. Each day he's in pain, and nobody cares. They all see Virgil as the villa...
Deceit x Reader Soulmate Au by Eleanor-Sanders
Deceit x Reader Soulmate Auby Eleanor-Sanders
You're a normal girl. You have that stupid string that combines you and your Soulmate but what will happen when you meet them? Will you trust them?? Or will you decide t...
Sanders sides smutshots  by FrostedbagelOG
Sanders sides smutshots by I Hate It Here
if your here then you already know the drill Also the cover doesn't belong to me I'm not that talented Achievements: #2 on smutshots (7/24/2020) #3 on Lamp (8/16/2020) #...
"Trust in me~" || Deceit X Reader by AnarchyIsWriting
"Trust in me~" || Deceit X Readerby Anarchy
--------------------------------- You were sent to the dark side to retrieve Virgil But- Neither him or you want to leave. Not anymore.
Thomas Sanders sides by stay_clowns
Thomas Sanders sidesby C💫
This is going to be a bunch of one shots references and imagines of the different sides and Thomas. I do take ideas so feel free to message me but please no smut because...
Dragon boy {Sanders Sides} by Cookie__XXXXXXXX
Dragon boy {Sanders Sides}by Insomniac
I was walking through through my castle cave,when I heard crying from one of the rooms. At first I thought it was that prince Roman brat,stuck in the imagination again...
I am me. A snake but me by Deceit_Janus_Sanders
I am me. A snake but meby Deceit/Janus_Sanders
Deceit was born a girl but isn't comfortable with that. Deceit comes out to the rest of the sides as Trans. What happens when a "moral" side disapproves and...
Secrets (Sanders Sides x Reader) by SxoxoB
Secrets (Sanders Sides x Reader)by Shenise Beddall
You are Thomas's Secretive side, and true to your nature, you haven't told anyone in the mindscape you exist. You are the only female side in the mindscape, but you like...
BROTHERS-sander side story by Slyz_kittycat162
BROTHERS-sander side storyby noneyabeezwax
/i do not own cover/.... virgil is 3 when his mother dies and father go to jail. He is sent to live with his older brothers, he helps them to stop grieving and look to t...
My many sides       Sander sides x reader by emoandpep
My many sides Sander sides Emo and pep
Thomas's life seams to be on track. His YouTube channel is growing. Anxiety's under control. And he's found someone he really likes. But a new side shows up and all the...