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The Impossible Death by DeceitMe
The Impossible Deathby Jay
Deceit is not okay. He hasn't been for quite some time. The others try to help and understand, but they may be too late. GENERAL WARNINGS -- self harm, suicide, depressi...
Noticed (Intruloceit) by Thatoneboy13
Noticed (Intruloceit)by Thatoneboy13
Logan Logic Sanders is a robot. Right? Wrong. He feels like everyone else however, thanks to Romans comments he begins to doubt himself and hides such emotions until two...
You don't have to be alone by SimplyAThought
You don't have to be aloneby simply.a.thought
Virgil couldn't take it anymore. All his life he never wanted anything more than to become a light side, to be able to protect Thomas, his host. But he never thought it...
Broken and Abused by i_dont_hesitate
Broken and Abusedby Hamilfan
Pain and sorrow, loss and regret. It's all he knew Smacks, screams and sobs. His father hurt him, and his mother never knew. He was afraid, and scared, and his father wo...
TextPal by PrevailedPrince
TextPalby TheKingIsIn
Virgil Grey was given an assignment from is Sociology teacher Mx.Jones. It was their version of a penpal but with a phone instead. After being late to chose a number Vir...
SECRETS AND AGENTS ~ Sanders Sides by AnxiouslyShipping
SECRETS AND AGENTS ~ Sanders Sidesby A U T H O R C H A N
Three secret agents. An ex-assassin in hiding. Total chaos. Welcome to Room 42. .:*:..:*:..:*:..:*:..:*:..:*:..:*:..:*:..:*:..:*:..:*:..:*:..:*:..:*:..:*:..:*:..:*:..:*:...
Plagiarism by TheRandomPenguin
Plagiarismby Via
Roman went off to fight the Dragon Witch, but when he comes back...something isn't quite right.
Egos meet the Sides by bikibi
Egos meet the Sidesby bikibi
Mark, Jack, and Felix's egos meet Thomas's Sides. Will they work together to defeat the evil that vows to kill all of them. Pairings- Danti Prinxiety Logicality Septi...
Ripping In Anger - SYMPATHETIC DECEIT - SANDERS SIDES - by dilfenjoyer69
Ripping In Anger - SYMPATHETIC dilf enjoyer
Deceit isn't feeling very well, and the sides are forced to check on him when Remus tells them he hasn't left his room in weeks due to some issues that they don't know a...
Sympathetic deceit  by DrDaringDolphin
Sympathetic deceit by DrDaringDolphin
This is basically a story about sympathetic deceit so if you don't like that DONT read this.
Baby Deceit  by Fander_files
Baby Deceit by Fander_files
I've seen a lot of baby Virgil and such but I haven't seen any baby Patton, Deceit, logan or Remus so this book is for the snake boi. enjoy
Sick Remus by Waterlily282
Sick Remusby Waterlily282
"How can Remus be sick?! His immune system is so strong, that he sits in dumpsters and eats glass bottles!" Virgil exclaimed Cover art doesn't belong to me
Anxious Torture [Sanders Sides FANFIC] by PyroMillie13
Anxious Torture [Sanders Sides PyroMillie13
[Sanders Sides, is a thing created by Thomas Sanders, self explanatory.] Who would have thought that Virgil Sanders would prefer life with the Dark Sides over life with...
(COMPLETE) I am Logan Sanders - Sanders Sides fanfiction. by ElSandersWrites
(COMPLETE) I am Logan Sanders - ElSandersWrites
** Cover is fanart by Logansandersart on Instagram ** Logan wakes confused. He has no memory - of anything. He wouldn't have even known his name if it wasn't painted ove...
Little do you know by Ayumi_otaku4ever
Little do you knowby Anxious weirdo
Deceit has been going through a lot of pressure lately with all this work and decisions so he every now and then finds somewhere private to relax
Sanders Sides x Male Reader by P0ndS4uc3
Sanders Sides x Male Readerby Max
Male readers cause i kinda suck at female readers
To Be H̶o̶n̶e̶s̶t̶ by Pretzelpeanuts
To Be H̶o̶n̶e̶s̶t̶by Timmy Bee
When Thomas realises That he needs both parts of creativity, him and the others start to accept Remus....Leaving Janus alone. |it's been Weeks since Janus came into an e...
It's okay Raven (Complete) by Kitkat4406
It's okay Raven (Complete)by Raven
Virgil who uses little space as a method to relief stress and anxiety, finds himself moving in with three roommates, who find out about it very quickly. Uhhh- descripti...
How Can You Be So Trusting? by TinyWhales13
How Can You Be So Trusting?by TinyWhales13
This is a Moceit story. Janus is 15 Virgil is 15 Logan is 16 Patton is 16 Remus is 16 Roman is 16 Logan and Janus are cousin's and Roman and Remus are twins. Sequel: Mr...
Sander Sides Smut Shots by multifandomgirl57
Sander Sides Smut Shotsby Caitlin Carey
A mix between super fluff and really rough smut one shots with the different sides. I will give certain disclaimers to things that might trigger people or make them unco...