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Chat (Prinxiety) by notafeeling
Chat (Prinxiety)by Mek
Thomas has added Sir Prince-A-Lot, anxious mess, Hi I'm Dad and Logically Thinking into the chat. - will eventually feature prinxiety and maybe logicality.
Apartment Mayhem by SkylandWriter
Apartment Mayhemby Skyland's Writing
Sanders Sides fanfic College AU Slow burn Prinxiety and Logicality. As Virgil starts his way through college, he has to find a place to stay as he does so. Oh, look! An...
The Words We Dont Say by MoonGazer215
The Words We Dont Sayby FALSEHOOD
Logan was mute from a car accident that killed his parents. His oldest brother, Janus, was in critical condition, and his middle brother Virgil had to take care of them...
The Academy of S.I.D.E. by DragonWriter77
The Academy of ZarityWrites
Virgil's always stayed in the shadows... literally. He was born with the ability to control them. He's mostly used it to make shadow creations when he's bored, or talk w...
The Cursed Light by 1nsomniacWriter
The Cursed Lightby Rem
When the light sides get cursed by the Dragon Witch to hate the dark sides. Roman who was married to Virgil. Logan who was going to marry Remus. Patton who Janus was goi...
A Steamy Beginning by SABlime009
A Steamy Beginningby SABlime009
The world is divided into two categories. Us and them. Those with "Abilities" and those without. Virgil has learned to conceal what he can do - who he really i...
I Guess I Fell For You(I Was Bored So Don't Expect This To Be Good!) by Unikitty9274
I Guess I Fell For You(I Was Unikitty9274
Sandersides human AU~ In a world where Logan Berry, Patton Heart, and Roman Sanders are in a polyamorous relationship, have two dogs, and are very happy with each other...
A Story of Magic and Miscommunication by Pinkie2054
A Story of Magic and pinkie2054
Virgil is just an angsty teen. Who happens to be able to see ghosts. In fact, his only friend, Thomas, is a ghost. Virgil is perfectly content with his life as is, being...
Contact by PrevailedPrince
Contactby Roman Relyea
Contact... A specially devised government research organization revolved around getting intel around what is called a touch. People with these... touches, are called the...
Lily by PrevailedPrince
Lilyby Roman Relyea
Virgil Lily, Prince of Lillium, never really had a 'normal' life. He was housebound and treated differently... although that was because of his magic. Locked away until...
Monsters  (Analogical & Royality) by MoonGazer215
Monsters (Analogical & Royality)by FALSEHOOD
A shapeshifter, a vampire, a fairy, and a werewolf become roommates after trying their hand in the human world. The only problem is, they all think they are the only mon...
Sander sides Camp half blood AU by makrose8
Sander sides Camp half blood AUby makrose8
SANDER SIDES CAMP HALF BLOOD AU Virgil Black is a normal 14 year old, almost 15. But that all changes when he saves a kid from a local bully. Virgil soon realized that l...
The closest thing to him ~ Demus by Iam_Rebecca_Tozier
The closest thing to him ~ Demusby Not... Okay....
Janus has had these kinds of melt-downs before, and Remus was always there to set him straight once again. But when he is finally accepted by the Light Sides his room ha...
your highness... || Prinxiety (Complete) by MiBiFisignal
your highness... || Prinxiety ( Lion_Kunt
Roman is a prince and Virgil is his personal servent: meaning he does whatever Princey tells him to but that doesn't mean he can't be a little sarcastic and mess with pr...
Soul mates- Sander sides high school  by linalygemini
Soul mates- Sander sides high Stucky's secret love child
Dark magic is bad. The owners hurt people. If your soul mate has dark magic you are too turn them over to the police. Light magic is good. The owners are hero's. If your...
Elemental Enemies [COMPLETED] by TazerTavez
Elemental Enemies [COMPLETED]by TazerTavez
1 villain against 3 Hero's, a story for everyone to remember for the rest of their lives. He's been abused, broken, unloved but what happens when Virgil loses his cool...
Nothing Left to Lose {Prinxiety} by Shawny32
Nothing Left to Lose {Prinxiety}by PrinxietyIsMySh!t
In the city of New Vixen, the rich thrive while the poor are left to rot. No one knows that better than Virgil Blake, who resorts to helping Deceit and the Duke for a li...
I'm Not So Silent Anymore by TimeDoggo
I'm Not So Silent Anymoreby Time Doggo
Virgil's past haunts him. He sees it everywhere and its in everything he does. And to make matters worse, he blames himself. After a tragic accident, it not only leaves...
Logan Needs A Break (COMPLETED) by SoundsOfTheDead
Logan Needs A Break (COMPLETED)by SoundsOfTheDead
Logan is tired of everything. He is tired of acting like nothing gets to him, he wants a break so desperately. But he knows if he claims he is a dark side Thomas won't l...