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Magenta by TheRandomPenguin
Magentaby The One Who's Hiding In Your...
Sanders Sides Human AU The Virgil stans are gonna come for my fucking throat --- After falling into bed with Virgil Pryder, notoriously known as the hottest guy at Vine...
Am I really though? (Sanderssides HumanAU)  by lizbliz123
Am I really though? (Sanderssides...by Elizabeth Wessig
Remus, the fun health teacher. He doesn't give two fucks about anything the kids do in his class, or his attitude towards certain topics and the kids love him. One day o...
💙💚A Whole New World💚💙 {An Intrulogical Story} by C8istheM8
💙💚A Whole New World💚💙 {An Intr...by C8istheM8
Hi guys, gals, and non-binary pals! This fic is an intrulogical fic where Remus is helping Logan figure out his emotions. This fic also has some moxiety and rociet in it...
Anxious Torture [Sanders Sides FANFIC] by PyroMillie13
Anxious Torture [Sanders Sides FAN...by PyroMillie13
[Sanders Sides, is a thing created by Thomas Sanders, self explanatory.] Who would have thought that Virgil Sanders would prefer life with the Dark Sides over life with...
Please Don't Hurt Me | Sanders Sides | LAMP by Harper_TheLoveQueen
Please Don't Hurt Me | Sanders Sid...by Harper
Nekos are pets. They are like slaves, they must do whatever their masters says. Wear what they say, eat what they say, anything. They have no rights. Owned neko's must h...
Roman One-Shots by WorldOffStoriesOn
Roman One-Shotsby WorldOffStoriesOn
Mostly angst one-shots because I love angst. I love bottom Roman, so these will be bottom Roman. (Fight me) Sorry for those who like smut, but I won't be writing any s...
Ask and Dare The Dark Sides by Shadow101921
Ask and Dare The Dark Sidesby Remus
Ask or dare Janus, Virgil, or Remus Cover art credit: ghosttb0y
The PUR-fect Curse by RomulusSanders
The PUR-fect Curseby Remus Pendragon
(Temporary Cover~ that's Roman as a cat.) (Written based off a prompt from Vpow4life) In a fit of anger, Roman goes out and get's himself cursed. Now he's stuck being ca...
Sanders Sides One-Shots by H-u-f-f-l-e-p-u-f-f
Sanders Sides One-Shotsby Liz
Hello! I've seen these one-shot books EVERYWHERE, so I HAD to make my own. I'm super excited about this, and I hope you guys enjoy! Quick Note: I don't write smut, I'm a...
The Ghost Figure ~ Sander Sides ~Prinxiety~ by brutstar
The Ghost Figure ~ Sander Sides ~P...by brutstar
A group of boys looking for a small but big enough family home? Where better than one of there family homes before he was kicked out for being gay, You know to rub it In...
Sanders Sides YouTuber AU by zflakefanderpai
Sanders Sides YouTuber AUby zflakefanderpai
Welcome to our channel! ------ All the edits in this book belong to me. To see more, you can check out my Tumblr - recipe-for-thomathy or my Instagram - recipe.for.th...
Sanders School of Magic (Analogical) by CinnamonAngstRoll
Sanders School of Magic (Analogica...by C̵̖̫͎͕̊̆́i̸̻̩͔̯̇͗͌̓͗͝n̶͂́͒̏̿̍...
6 teens. 5 abilities. 4 shared classes. 3 reasons to hate each other. 2 groups. 1 unlikely romance. Logan is 16. He's a total nerd, and he possesses the ability to mani...
Sander Sides oneshots by RandomWriterLD
Sander Sides oneshotsby RandomWriterLD
My old ones suck, I'm sorry. My new ones are better, I swear. I will write fluff, angst, comfort, and smut. I will write any ship (besides Patton x Virgil. I'm sorry...
Romano one shots by V_LikesBees
Romano one shotsby V_LikesBees
Just a bunch of (mainly angsty) roman oneshots I will not be writing remrom or smut, thank you for understanding. Completed- 18/08/20 ✨top ranks✨ #5 romansanders 21/07/2...
Sander Sides One Shots by Deduce-The-Love0401
Sander Sides One Shotsby Lia/Logan (Li/L)
I am open to requests!! I'll write basically any ship! I will put necessary trigger warnings when needed. I write fluff. Angst. And smut. I typically say which one at t...
Welcome to Hell {Prinxiety} by Shawny32
Welcome to Hell {Prinxiety}by PrinxietyIsMySh!t
Welcome to the Castillo mines, also known as Hell on Earth. The mines are the number one buyer of kidnapped orphan children, I mean it's not like anyone will notice them...
In The Dark (Roceit) by Mermaidtale25
In The Dark (Roceit)by Mermaidtale
*Art found on Google* Janus and Roman are secretly dating, simply because Roman is scared of what might happen if they came out with their relationship. What happens if...
Sanders Sides Roleplay Second Installment  by --Wendy__Darling--
Sanders Sides Roleplay Second Inst...by Wendy Darling
Roleplay With Me! I Ship Everything! Please No Ship Shaming
Sanders Sides oneshot book (pt2) by PattonCakeSanders
Sanders Sides oneshot book (pt2)by Parker🏳️‍🌈
I reached the chapter limit on my last one so I'm continuing it here!
Erased - Analogical by MademoiselleMacabre
Erased - Analogicalby Promethien
{Ongoing/Unfinished} Virgil and Janus have never gotten along very well, that much is known by anyone in the mindscape. But recently the arguing was just getting worse a...