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Difference by SimplyAThought
Differenceby simply.a.thought
Everyone looked like Thomas since he's their host. Just some look a little different, especially the dark sides. Even the former ones. For example, Remus has white in hi...
Reincarnation?  // analogical love story//  by Stormy_Pumkin_patch
Reincarnation? // analogical Kodi_Rose
Logan dies from a terrible accident, but comes back as a black cat, only guessing to him is reincarnation. Surprisingly after a long journey he finds himself in the care...
My Logical Murderer (analogical)  by EllEGouldie
My Logical Murderer (analogical) by Ellie Gould
Virgil Harris, a 17 year old edgy, emo, anxiety riddled boy was walking down a narrow alleyway when he heard a scream. He got away but not soon after he is caught by the...
Lost and found [sanders sides au]  by sa_anonymous
Lost and found [sanders sides au] by ToadWritesSomeCrap
[sanders sides college au] Virgil and Patton were best friends, and when they both move to a new college for a fresh start, they meet Roman and Logan, their next door ne...
No More Tears by applej_juice
No More Tearsby applej_juice
Aucturita is a person who contains superhuman abilities or powers. A Infirmi is a person who does not have any power. In this world it is very common for people to have...
Sanders Sides One Shots! by SanderShipper
Sanders Sides One Shots!by 💜SanderShipper💜
Hey guys! Here, have a Sanders Sides one shot book, because why not? Guideline things in the first chapter. I'll say now though, NO SMUT/LEMONS. Sorry! •Characters by Th...
Words Without Meaning by QDracul
Words Without Meaningby Q. Dracul
At the age of ten the first word or words your soulmate will speak to you appear tattooed on your arm. For some it is something as simple as a simple "hello."...
Sanders Sides Boiz Oneshot REPRISE by Fandomz_Fanboy
Sanders Sides Boiz Oneshot REPRISEby Remus Hisahoshi
Reborn, rebirthed, re-brought-into-this-world. Hello my guys, gals, and nonbinary pals! Welcome back to Evangeline Hisahoshi's oneshots Of fluffy gay goodness with somet...
Sander Sides OneShots by whqreformoonknight
Sander Sides OneShotsby 🦋🧘🏽‍♀️🦋
Ships about the Sander Sides that come to mind
astrophile // analogical au by inactive-spooks
astrophile // analogical auby 𝚛𝚑𝚢𝚕𝚊𝚗
in which an astrophile falls for a philomath. // astrophile n. a person strongly attached to knowledge of the stars // philomath n. a lover of learning // c o m p l e...
Flight 214: Winged Analogical AU by pan-ic_everywhere
Flight 214: Winged Analogical AUby King Mars
Virgil Storm is flying to London on a work trip when his plane crashes. Despite his years of hiding his wings, he reveals them to save as many people as he can - putting...
The Smell Of Vanilla (Sander Sides Fanfiction) by SourAssLemons
The Smell Of Vanilla (Sander Cora
Virgil is at a new foster home, not his first and it certainly won't be his last. At least, that's what he thinks until he meets his new family. His foster father is th...
Sanders Sides Tickle Fic Oneshots by chickoo56
Sanders Sides Tickle Fic Oneshotsby Christina "Cef" Hivanoff
Ughhhhhh!!! Yes Fine I'll admit it. Sanders Sides tickling gives me life! I've been putting these on one of my blogs on tumblr, so I'll go ahead and put them on my wattp...
Sanders Sides Boiz Oneshots by Fandomz_Fanboy
Sanders Sides Boiz Oneshotsby Remus Hisahoshi
Because we HAVE to stick to my branding if we're doing a oneshot book, right? Right! Hello everyone! My name is Evangeline Hisahoshi and I am here to bring you terrible...
Sander Sides Smut  by VirgilIsAVirgin
Sander Sides Smut by Satan
Hey hey! This is my first book working on my writing skills, enjoy watching me suffer and melting into my own writing of angst/fluff and sex together. Make sure to reque...
The Melting Pot Complex by KnittedKneeHighs
The Melting Pot Complexby KnittedKneeHighs
'Looking for quiet roommate.' 'Located in quiet area.' 'Apartment has previously received noise complaints.' Virgil groaned and tossed his phone onto his bed, burying hi...
analogical oneshots // sanders sides by mikerwaave
analogical oneshots // sanders mikerwaave
for the past month or so i have been obsessing over this ship so here is this because yes🧍‍♀️ no art is mine unless said otherwise. for some art i could not find the a...
Analogical one shots [REQUESTS: OPEN] by leecantwrite
Analogical one shots [REQUESTS: Lee
Just a lil book of one shots between my favourite Sanders Sides ship Cover art by _fan_arter_ on Instagram Highest rankings: #1 sanderssideslogan
Analogical One-Shots by solanum-lycopersicum
Analogical One-Shotsby Tomato
Hello! ^_^ This book contains unholy amounts of fluffy analogical cuteness (with embedded bits of royality as well)! WARNING: WILL GIVE YOU CAVITIES FROM INSANE SWEETNES...