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I Think I've Fallen In Love by Cat-Lady-7
I Think I've Fallen In Loveby DeadPoet
Logan doesn't think he'll ever find love, but the timer on his wrist that counts down until the moment he meets his soulmate says otherwise. Also, fight me I'm an Analo...
Haunted High School (Thomas Sanders Analogical Fanfiction) by ringpopprince
Haunted High School (Thomas ☠️🤘🏻☠️
Virgil had heard the rumors of the ghost that haunted his school building. He never was one to believe in the paranormal, but while staying after school in the library o...
Analogical human AU by biacenerd
Analogical human AUby Vi
Virgil gets adopted by Roman and Patton. He realizes he's much gayer than he thought when he meets Logan. This story contains •analogical, demus, remile, and royality ...
My Logical Murderer (analogical)  by EllEGouldie
My Logical Murderer (analogical) by Ellie Gould
Virgil Harris, a 17 year old edgy, emo, anxiety riddled boy was walking down a narrow alleyway when he heard a scream. He got away but not soon after he is caught by the...
Serial Killer (Analogical) by Thatoneboy13
Serial Killer (Analogical)by Thatoneboy13
Virgil was a shy boy who loathed high school more than anyone else. He either got bullied or ignored occasionally shoved but nothing more. He hated his life. But when he...
You're Not Broken, You're Human by HeckinWeirdo
You're Not Broken, You're Humanby A Weirdo
Trigger Warnings- Blood, Death (Only In Dreams), Badly written panic attacks, Deceit (Snek) ⭐️COMPLETED MY DUDES⭐️ I suck at descriptions so here's what's in this story...
Coco Bean [Sanders Sides Analogical AU] by DewdropStudios
Coco Bean [Sanders Sides Droplet
Pastel!Virgil and Punk!Logan, along with high school au Virgil di Angelo is a pure-hearted, innocent and anxious senior in high school living with his older brother, Rem...
"You dork..!" | An Analogical Story by pidgehere
"You dork..!" | An Analogical Storyby a a r y n
A stranger stood at a bridge atop a creek. A kind act brought about by sympathy and sheer impulsivity. Two roommates that aren't quite opposites. A failed date. A month...
It's Not Normal - {Analogical} by -A_trash_can-
It's Not Normal - {Analogical}by Literally Garbage
"It's not normal Lo, he shouldn't do that to you!" "It isn't?" ------------------------------ Logan never fully understood feelings, so Patton, as hi...
sanders sides oneshots :D by Swearingparrot
sanders sides oneshots :Dby 𝕒𝕝𝕝𝕪𝕤𝕥𝕖𝕣
i've been told these are the fluffiest sanders sides oneshots on wattpad- read my book "1-to-2 shots" for the sanders sides oneshots i'm really proud of with m...
How to Get Away With Murder (Analogical) by mothmankickedmyass
How to Get Away With Murder ( Microsoft Nerd
Step One: Get Kidnapped Step Two: Freak Out a Little Step Three: Learn More about Him Step Four: Fall in Love with Kidnapper in Some Shitty Stockholm Syndrome Shit Virg...
Analogical// I need you// by Owl_4_Sale
Analogical// I need you//by Owl_4_Sale
Logan realizes that he can't hide his emotions anymore. Roman and Patton are no help, only one who understands him is his crush. Virgil has the hardest time opening up t...
Analogical One-Shots by solanum-lycopersicum
Analogical One-Shotsby Tomato
Hello! ^_^ This book contains unholy amounts of fluffy analogical cuteness (with embedded bits of royality as well)! WARNING: WILL GIVE YOU CAVITIES FROM INSANE SWEETNES...
Analogical Oneshots by Pengi11
Analogical Oneshotsby Elliott
My other book of oneshots is full of almost the same ships, and not very fluffy, so I decided to make each ship a book, and see how it goes. These will be pure fluff, o...
-Analogical Oneshots- by Starbloom-Writes
-Analogical Oneshots-by Starbloom
Some analogical one-shots for the soul. I'm open to suggestions or requests, but I may interpret it differently, or run with it a bit different. Even so, I hope you enjo...
More Than Enough. An Analogical Sanders Sides Fanfiction. by The_Idiot_in_the_Hat
More Than Enough. An Analogical This Idiot
HI! I'm doing a thing. So, once again I want to work on my relationship writing, and along side my other books I'm doing this! Anyhow, this is a Sanders Sides Fanfiction...
LOVE BITES logan x virgil (analogical) by nonbinary_trashcan
LOVE BITES logan x virgil ( im here, queer, and i live i...
He knew it was wrong. That he shouldn't be breaking into houses, but Logan needed to know if Virgil Moore was a vampire. PHOTO IS NOT MINE JUST BTW PLS DONT ATTACK ME!! ...
Sander Sides Smut Stories[REQUESTS TEMPORARILY CLOSED] by Strange_Theatre_Kid
Sander Sides Smut Stories[ Strange_Theatre_Kid
You've read the title. You know what's going down. (Art is not mine) I have to close requests for a while, I have only so many that I can write at once.
Sanders Sides Mpreg One Shots by PattonsCatOnesie
Sanders Sides Mpreg One Shotsby Fangirl in a onesie
I've recently got really into these stories for some reason and ran out of ones I like to read Here's ones I made Don't be too shy to request something :) (Cover art not...
Analogical Oneshots by Analogical24
Analogical Oneshotsby Isaac King
Idk I just like making analogical stuff. Requests open: only fluff.