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My Sunshine 💙 by the_boredest_bean
My Sunshine 💙by the_boredest_bean
|C O M P L E T E| This is based in the mindscape. The sides care for each other very much... But how much? Read to find out..... BTW I'm very very trash at writing so I...
Finding The Write Words by probablynothuman
Finding The Write Wordsby Star
//I do own the cover. You can find me on tumblr if you're interested @probablynothumanish I'm better at uploading on there than I am on here, so if you're interested in...
Blindly In Love (Sanders Sides LAMP fic) by Spirit_Star_28
Blindly In Love (Sanders Sides Spirit_Star_28
Virgil was born blind. Unable to see the words his soulmates write him, only feel the tingle as they wrote. His parents told him what was written and wrote back for him...
Tally Marks (Thomas Sanders PolySanders/LAMP fanfiction) by ringpopprince
Tally Marks (Thomas Sanders ☠️🤘🏻☠️
The tallies appear only when you fall in love. A red tally mark means your love is not returned; these are the most common. Having a black tally mark means that it is. E...
Huh,That's weird {soulmate a.u} by Lilymysticmoon
Huh,That's weird {soulmate a.u}by Lilymysticmoon
On your 16th birthday your suppose to get a soulmate, right? Virgil gets a soulmate, well soulmates, theirs five. And he doesn't know what to do. Roman- the romantic one...
A Story of Magic and Miscommunication by Pinkie2054
A Story of Magic and pinkie2054
Virgil is just an angsty teen. Who happens to be able to see ghosts. In fact, his only friend, Thomas, is a ghost. Virgil is perfectly content with his life as is, being...
"He hurt me..!" (LAMP) by Anxiety_Causer
"He hurt me..!" (LAMP)by Virgil Wilson
a small, abused neko left all alone, to be found by three humans, thinking he's going to be hurt again, only to find out how happier he will be there.. Credits for the i...
Incorrect Sanders Sides Quotes by Official_GayKachan
Incorrect Sanders Sides Quotesby Yoongi
Slow updates A whole bunch of incorrect Sanders sides quotes I got from Google
Sanders Sides Smut Drabble by Virgil_Is_Anxiety
Sanders Sides Smut Drabbleby Virgil_Is_Anxiety
Most of these are just gonna be smut with a little plot sprinkled in. Not the usual 100 word drabble, but pretty short still. enjoy!
Soulmates  by masteroftheworld5678
Soulmates by Dippn'dots
Everytime your soulmate writes on their body it shows up on their own after 18. Some people have more then one. Logan has 3, and he's the youngest of all of them. (This...
I Love You All by awxhoneyybee
I Love You Allby cadence/caden
Were we dismissing Anxiety's behavior too easily? He's like this a lot, that's just who he is, right? ___ "No, no, stop. Stop, you only talk in lies." &q...
One jump from the edge ( Sander sides) Neko Virgil  by Peace112016
One jump from the edge ( Sander Peace7545
Virgil a neko escapes finds Logan Patton and Roman will they earn his trust and help him before he... read this fanfic to find out more
Sanders Sides One-Shots by NessanityIsReal
Sanders Sides One-Shotsby Nell
~ every ship except remrom, thomas x sides, and no x reader :) (a lot of poly ships aren't in here but that's just bc there's so many variations that it'd be hard to get...
Sanders Sides: Tangled AU (LAMP/CALM) by Lu-Jack
Sanders Sides: Tangled AU (LAMP/ Ooga booga
So basically this is going to be a Sanders sides Fanfic in a Tangled (the movie) AU. It isn't going to be exactly the same as the movie, I will make my own changes and a...
Love at First Bite. ~Completed~ by Queen-Slytherdor
Love at First Bite. ~Completed~by Bee 🐝
Virgil is new to Sanders Prep. He meets three students. Roman, Patton, and Logan. Those three just happen to be Vampires.
To Raise a Dragon(Sanders Sides Story)-HIATUS- by Alien-Slushie
To Raise a Dragon(Sanders Sides Slushie and the Angst Machine
While taking Patton and Logan on an adventure in the imagination, Roman kills a Dragon Witch, only to find a little something hidden away. Follow the sides as fluff, ang...
Truer Love - Polysanders by OkNerd3
Truer Love - Polysandersby Jade
No one can lie to their soulmate. It is physically impossible. Whether a blessing or a curse, it's how the world works. Things start to become weird when a young boy mee...
Supernatural roommates by VictoriaGutierrez914
Supernatural roommatesby Random _stories
Completed (Cover parts aren't mine) Virgil Black,Roman prince,Patton Sanders,and Logan Miller were put as roommates in their new college. They all had a secret they didn...
lamp !neko virgil! by moegirl101
lamp !neko virgil!by moegirl101
first story I hope you like
Sander Sides One Shots (Mostly Smut) by GayGoddess_5
Sander Sides One Shots (Mostly Val Farmer
I just wanted to make a one shot book so now here we are! This book will not get constant updates, but I'll try my best. Please do leave suggestions in the comments, I'l...