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The PUR-fect Curse by RomulusSanders
The PUR-fect Curseby King Creativity
(Temporary Cover~ that's Roman as a cat.) (Written based off a prompt from Vpow4life) In a fit of anger, Roman goes out and get's himself cursed. Now he's stuck being ca...
Kidnapped ~A Prinxiety Story~ by BellaGlistaria
Kidnapped ~A Prinxiety Story~by BellaGlistaria
Virgil gets kidnapped by a vampire prince, Roman. Warning, this book may have smut.
vampire prinxiety au by notalwaysthebadguy
vampire prinxiety auby Evan Willoughby
Virgil is a vampire that just trying to avoid any type of trouble. Roman is the exact opposite he's a vampire hunter, who is willing to get into any type of trouble to k...
Through My Walls by IAmRedXD
Through My Wallsby You waited smiling for this...
Roman hates Virgil. Virgil Hates Roman. That is until one fateful day where Roman sees Virgil with his walls down. Now both of them are in a deep mess they can't get out...
TextPal by StitchedIvy
TextPalby King Sanders
Virgil Grey was given an assignment from is Sociology teacher Mx.Jones. It was their version of a penpal but with a phone instead. After being late to chose a number Vir...
Sickly Sides by theantisocialghost
Sickly Sidesby Danny Ghost
Logan gets sick and absolutely hates it, Patton does his best to take care of him. And Remus refuses to let him get out of resting. Soon though, the illness spreads, cau...
King of Mean by StitchedIvy
King of Meanby King Sanders
#1~ #virgilsanders 9/16/19 #1~#sanderssides 10/25/19 Prince Patton has officially won over the vote for the VK raffle. 3 kids from the isle were to be chosen by random d...
Behind Closed Doors || Sanders Sides Fanfiction by ErinRiver_05
Behind Closed Doors || Sanders Erin
Two enemies, one secret. What will happen if the others find out about it? [Soulmate AU?]
His Broken Wings - Sanders Sides (Completed!) by sandysiders
His Broken Wings - Sanders Sides ( sandysiders
Virgil is running from death. Roman is wondering why his soulmate bond has been transmitting persistent pain. And when Patton and Logan find a mysterious, strange boy in...
Awkward Antics [Sanders Sides Highschool AU] Prinxiety+Logicality by OuranAndTStrash
Awkward Antics [Sanders Sides Lacking
This is a Highschool AU with a soulmates theme too. [It is a small one compared to some other versions.] This one is just a piece of Jewelry that turns white when you me...
Two Weeks (COMPLETED) by Creepypasta_fander
Two Weeks (COMPLETED)by Queenie
Prince Roman is due to marry a princess from another land. Just one problem, she's a girl and he's much more interested in her personal companion. While calling upon the...
A Royal Love Story(Prinxiety)[COMPLETE] by Alien-Slushie
A Royal Love Story(Prinxiety)[ Slushie and the Angst Machine
Prince Roman of the Ironfelt Kingdom is well known for being a heroic, flirtatious man. Everyone respects him, and sees him as a mighty hero, however as much of a hero h...
Simply Meant To Be by whatdoiputherex
Simply Meant To Beby whatdoiputherex
Roman Sanders is a 20 year old in college having to do something he has no interest in when he goes to the theatre at his school and it looks almost empty until he sees...
Tune Them Out ~ Logicality (COMPLETE!!) by H-u-f-f-l-e-p-u-f-f
Tune Them Out ~ Logicality ( Liz
Logan has been interested in this boy for a while. He was intrigued, how could someone be so happy? So positive? But he's noticed he's started started to act off. He see...
Sea of Choices// Prinxiety/Logicality/Demus by potaters-noaters
Sea of Choices// Prinxiety/ Cautionary Fail
Virgil is a feared pirate, who's two co-workers he's closest to are Remus, who was a duke that had run-away from the palace three years prior, and now was nicknamed &quo...
Shifter~Prinxiety by StitchedIvy
Shifter~Prinxietyby King Sanders
In a world where powers are common, Heroes are needed to fight those who use theirs for evil acts. In a small town in Florida those heroes just so happen to be the three...
Prinxiety by Hot_Choc
Prinxietyby Hot_Choc
The other traits aren't very fond of Anxiety. They all believe he would be better of gone, and just ruins Thomas's day, but the truth is, he stops Thomas from having pan...
Plagiarism by TheRandomPenguin
Plagiarismby The One Who's Hiding In Your...
Roman went off to fight the Dragon Witch, but when he comes back...something isn't quite right.
Learn How To Love by MoonGazer215
Learn How To Loveby FALSEHOOD
He had to run away. They can't find him. They wont find him. Right?
Normal Person [Sanders Sides] by Mack_the_Owl
Normal Person [Sanders Sides]by 🕷️Lavender💜
Dark sides. They represent everything bad. That's what people think. That's what the light sides think. That's what Thomas thinks. But... what if underneath their skin a...