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Love at last sight | anxceit by Dorito_child359
Love at last sight | anxceitby Dorito child
What happens when Roman (Virgil's boyfriend) makes Thomas take anxiety medicine because Virgil had a panic attack and screws up an important audition? What happens when...
Please Don't Hurt Me | Sanders Sides | LAMP by Harper_TheLoveQueen
Please Don't Hurt Me | Sanders Harper
Nekos are pets. They are like slaves, they must do whatever their masters says. Wear what they say, eat what they say, anything. They have no rights. Owned neko's must h...
We're Friends, Right? by Virgil_Hottopic
We're Friends, Right?by Ash
Virgil has a new love for someone special, he thinks it's one of the darksides being causing havoc and spying on him. When it's really someone closer, someone he was sup...
I Love You All by awxhoneyybee
I Love You Allby cadence/caden
Were we dismissing Anxiety's behavior too easily? He's like this a lot, that's just who he is, right? ___ "No, no, stop. Stop, you only talk in lies." &q...
Anxceit - A toxic love story by FreakyEnby
Anxceit - A toxic love storyby Alex 💀
I love Janus. He loves me. Of course he does. This is normal. This is normal... The pain and suffering... Is normal. A trigger warning will be announced at the beginnin...
Normal Person [Sanders Sides] |ON HOLD| by mackbee_
Normal Person [Sanders Sides] | Bee :3
Dark sides. They represent everything bad. That's what people think. That's what the light sides think. That's what Thomas thinks. But... what if underneath their skin a...
Believe in me. by _anxious_pineapples_
Believe in men’s toy.
{𝘼𝙣𝙭𝙘𝙚𝙞𝙩} [ ⬇️ ⚠️some warnings ⚠️⬇️ ] -{Protective Deceit} -{Patton is a good dad but he's dumb sometimes} -{cursing} -{headcannon Virgil, ftm trans} -{smut} -{pr...
Sanders Sides One Shots by heartbeat420
Sanders Sides One Shotsby Logan
warning: there will be smut. and angst. : ) enjoy.
Broken-Anxciet by I_will_fkin_stab_you
Broken-Anxcietby Ashper
Virgil is in an abusive relationship with Roman,but none of the other sides know until Deciet finds out and THATS ALL IM TELLING YOU
5 Times Someone Stopped Virgil From Self-Harming and 1 Time He Stopped Himself by starstruck_xavier
5 Times Someone Stopped Virgil xavier
As the title says! (Will be updating every day until all six chapters are up) obvious tw for self harm, please stay safe out there <33 also on my ao3 (starstruck_xavi...
Sanders Sides: Angsty Oneshots by thatoneangstywriter
Sanders Sides: Angsty Oneshotsby thatoneangstywriter
CURRENTLY ON HOLD DUE TO LACK OF CONTENT Hello there These will all be angst or angsty fluff because that's all I'm capable of tbh. There will be romantic ships, platoni...
Accepting The Darkness (Anxiety x Deceit x Remus) by Spiders_In_My_Coffee
Accepting The Darkness (Anxiety Dee
As Thomas begins to lie more and more, the sides get curious as to why, and things start to spiral out of control when Anxiety shows signs of going back to the Other Sid...
Memories [DISCONTINUED] by TazerTavez
Memories [DISCONTINUED]by TazerTavez
A fight happens between the light sides and the dark sides. A blast of colourful lights start to head towards Roman but Virgil jumps in between. What happens to Virgil...
Songbird (LAMP/Polysanders) by AQueerDisabledMess
Songbird (LAMP/Polysanders)by 🌕Apollo🌑
"Virgil, do you want your parents to live?" "Yes! Please! I-I love them! Please!" "Would you do anything to make sure they stay safe?" &quo...
Little Space Sides Drabbles by subloganrights
Little Space Sides Drabblesby El
A collection of drabbles about the sides as littles (and daddies). Most likely SFW (NSFW ones will be marked at the start of that drabble). Visit me on Tumblr -> http...
A little lie (Virgil X Deceit) by CrimisonDarkAngel
A little lie (Virgil X Deceit)by Dark Angel
A little white lie is what started this all. A small lie sparks romance (Cover art isn't mine)
Sanders Sides One Shots: Volume 2 by death-of-a-phangirl
Sanders Sides One Shots: Volume 2by Death ☠️
Lots of Prinxiety! Mostly fluffy! This is my second book of one shots because I actually ran out of space in my other one! Updated on a loose schedule throughout the we...
Ask and Dare The Dark Sides by Shadow101921
Ask and Dare The Dark Sidesby Remus
Ask or dare Janus, Virgil, or Remus Cover art credit: ghosttb0y