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The First Time (Phan) by PhanIAm
The First Time (Phan)by PhanIAm
Dan was a teenage boy who was a bit awkward and not the most popular person. He was happy, but not the happiest he could be. That was until he was told about a certain Y...
You Left || l.s mpreg [ UNDER CONSTRUCTION ] by sunshinephil
You Left || l.s mpreg [ UNDER CONS...by hannah ♡
Harry and his boyfriend, Louis, had the perfect relationship. Until it wasn't perfect anymore. Harry found out he was pregnant, and Louis decided he wasn't ready to be a...
DO RE MI | PHAN by foreverhome-
phan // in which two boys who are definitely toxic for each other decide to not care
Bad Boys Don't Smile / phan by phanci
Bad Boys Don't Smile / phanby :phanci
Phil Lester is sweet and cute; known for his kindness and enthusiasm. Dan Howell is a tough, cold outsider; known as the school's stereotypical 'bad boy'. But if he's s...
addiction ✎ phan by yayyphan
addiction ✎ phanby メアリー
[COMPLETED] when dan buys cigarettes to a store who has a cute shop assistant
My Only Love (Choni AU) by theghostofu
My Only Love (Choni AU)by Posie💕
Toni Topaz is a quiet girl. She sits in the the corner of the class and after school heads to the forest to take pictures. She is reserved but not shy. She's a new stude...
Random fandom smuts by slipping31
Random fandom smutsby Notalonebutlonely
Smut, smut and more smut. Maybe some different ones if I want to. If this gets enough attention I might start taking requests
Fluffy Phan One-Shots by molivia07
Fluffy Phan One-Shotsby molivia07
Cute Phan One- Shots, mostly fluff. Always happy endings. Find smut in my other One-Shot collection!
dan and phil facts by fakehowell
dan and phil factsby <3
everything you need to know about d-hizzle and p-lizzle highest rank: #1 in random cover by: @pornhubjoseph
The Textbook - Phan by tessistrash
The Textbook - Phanby i am 5 basically
It's my first fanfic, I'm sorry in advance. Basically a high school au where Dan and Phil are in different French classes, and the school has a limited budget, so they h...
Incompetent (phan) by -phantasizing-
Incompetent (phan)by ⋆ rachel ⋆
I breathed out, letting the air fan over his earlobe. Then I seductively whispered, "Don't be a hypocrite. You already have enough bad qualities. Prick." {or t...
Adopted By Phan. (sequel to Adopted by Phan a Dan and Phil Phanfiction) by my55555acc
Adopted By Phan. (sequel to Adopte...by Linmanueyeet
it's been 2 months since Molly's father has taken her home, tearing the Howell-Lester home apart. Dan and Phil fall into a deep depression. Until, Dan suggest to go to a...
No More Golden Days by JaxRidge
No More Golden Daysby Jay
⚠️Warning!: does mention depression, physical and some sexual assault, suicide, anxiety attacks, and eating disorders if you are triggered by these topics please do no...
Fanboys? (Various!YouTubers x Male!Reader) by bored1020
Fanboys? (Various!YouTubers x Male...by The_Girl_In_Black
You are a guy and are 23 years old. (Y/N) is a YouTuber by the name of WitchBoyEx, he's average to most and doesn't usual associates with others or do collabs because he...
The Banana Fic (phan) by Disco_Lizard
The Banana Fic (phan)by Disco_Lizard
You thought The Cherry fic was bad? You thought The Hat fic was worse? Well The Bananna Fic is ten times as sexual and insane. Warning 18+ content extremely sexual and c...
Dan and Phil Imagines (Requests CLOSED!) by NewYearNewMeme
Dan and Phil Imagines (Requests CL...by mama liz
I write imagines, not tragedies. Dan and Phil imagines! Requests are currently closed! But I'm still updating, so keep reading! The only rank I honestly care about: #420...
Aphonia // Tyler Joseph x Reader by Newtcase
Aphonia // Tyler Joseph x Readerby ghost
Tyler Joseph is mute. That's what it had said all over the internet. Tyler Joseph is now mute. How could an accident strip this man's whole life away like this? He lost...
(Idfk) Adopted By Phan by _Why_did_i_do_this_
(Idfk) Adopted By Phanby ¿wat?
So don't judge me with this I was in the shower contemplating my life and stuff where this idea kinda just popped into my head and I wanted to write about it so yeah. An...
Youtuber Imagines/One shots(request open!!) by REgamergirl
Youtuber Imagines/One shots(reques...by REgamergirl
Just some imagines with youtuber that I love and watch!!! You can check my bio for who you could read about here. And I do requests!!!! If you want a request, just put...