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The tub fic phan by Danandphilfuck
The tub fic phanby maxeroni_and_cheese
Dan is caught masturbating in the tub by phil. Phil is angry and reminds dan that all actions have consequences... This fic is my original work all my things on my accou...
✓ | catfish ☆ timothée chalamet by enemyfires
✓ | catfish ☆ timothée chalametby 𝐥𝐢𝐠𝐡𝐭 𝐲𝐚𝐠𝐚𝐦𝐢 𝐚𝐩�...
𝐜𝐚𝐭𝐟𝐢𝐬𝐡. | ❝ so did you catfish me? yes or no. ❞ → in which a guy catfishes timothée chalamet using daniel howell's photos. (timothée chalamet/male oc) (© enemyfi...
Phan Oneshots! by lailathephan
Phan Oneshots!by Lailathephan
"And on that note, folks, goodbye." Here are some fluffy (no smut) phan oneshot's for ya! I hope you like them!
My Secret Android Girlfriend by unknown-girlie
My Secret Android Girlfriendby crxnkyphxns
You are a girl that has a backstory. A tragic one where you need repairs. Your body survives, but your soul didn't. Your Dad, the inventor he is, makes a chip and implan...
Wrong Number by LunarMoon56
Wrong Numberby Tsukiyo
After a failed online date, Dan Howell tries to text the girl... only to realize that he was purposefully given the wrong number. Though, this mistake may be the best mi...
The Banana Fic (phan) by Disco_Lizard
The Banana Fic (phan)by Disco_Lizard
You thought The Cherry fic was bad? You thought The Hat fic was worse? Well The Bananna Fic is ten times as sexual and insane. Warning 18+ content extremely sexual and c...
Kinky Phan Smut One-Shot by puttblug
Kinky Phan Smut One-Shotby ...
this is an ultra kinky fic that contains omorashi, ddlb, petplay, Dom/sub Dynamics, and raw sex. the actual summary is in the first paragraph of the fic. CONSENT, AFTER...
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The First Time (Phan) by PhanIAm
The First Time (Phan)by PhanIAm
Dan was a teenage boy who was a bit awkward and not the most popular person. He was happy, but not the happiest he could be. That was until he was told about a certain Y...
unspoken - phan by MeeHidden
unspoken - phanby ✎Mee✐
Dan, depressed and anorexic, gave up on speaking years ago. He was lost in alcohol and loneliness until a black haired boy showed up and broke the silence. [trigger war...
PHAN PROOF: like you have never seen before (Completed) by classyyoutubetrash
PHAN PROOF: like you have never se...by ClassyYoutubeTrash
you have probably read MANY phan proof stories, they all have the same things, I, however, have searched to the depths of the internet to find, the ultimate, the cute, a...
silence ; phan by danisonphilnotonfire
silence ; phanby dead acc
Daniel Howell; deaf since birth, but nobody knows. He can speak and he can read peoples lips, but he can't let anyone know the truth. //The amazing idea for this story i...
Bluebird by Ivckyphan (originally from archiveofourown) by fjdbkkllooanak
Bluebird by Ivckyphan (originally...by simplesong21
An unlikely tale of odd affection and baffling fondness between a pair of outcasts in a ramshackle orphanage comes to be plagued by tragedy when they move away to the gr...
145 Completed Phanfics You Should Read by DaddyParade
145 Completed Phanfics You Should...by DaddyParade
[THIS HAS OFFICIALLY FINISHED.] [Highest Rank- 12th.] A bunch of different types of phanfics that I personally enjoyed reading and others have read themselves. I hope th...
abuse // phan by kinky_dinky_phany
abuse // phanby dAdiel lester
dan, he's abused. phil is his saviour.
Figure It Out [Phan] by JawnnnnnAndSherly
Figure It Out [Phan]by JawnnnnnAndSherly
[Completed] [Phan High School AU] Dan is the 'lonely emo' of the school, who sits back and listens to his music instead of making friends. Phil is the popular, always ha...
Unexpected accident~ Phan mpreg by phantastic_bananas
Unexpected accident~ Phan mpregby Phantasic._.bananas
Punk! Phil and Pastel! Dan Phil has a crush on Dan and isn't afraid to show it. Dan also has a crush on the punk, but doesn't know how to show it. What will happen when...
Disability (Phan) by lailathephan
Disability (Phan)by Lailathephan
'I got you it's ok' Dan is blind. Phil Is deaf. Dan can't see Phil, but he knows he's there. Phil can't hear Dan, but he likes what he sees.
Phan oneshots by Abby_readz
Phan oneshotsby Lɪᴛᴇʀᴀʟʟʏ ᴊᴜsᴛ ᴘʜᴀɴ
✧ Cover art by twilight_ciel on Instagram ✧ Book includes: •Fluff •Angst •Platonic Phan •AU's •Real-life happenings •NO SMUT OR SWEARING IN MY CHRISTIAN MINECRAFT...
Texts by JustAnotherGlitch
Textsby Glitch <3
I'm bored. This will definitely have MatPat and Natewantstobattle. Maybe Markiplier, Jacksepticeye, Daniel Howell, AmazingPhil.... and that's it.
edge by ifiwascool-
edgeby ifiwascool-
" Phil Lester is on the edge of suicide. " or in which Dan can see everyone's deepest secret simply by looking at them.