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Fifty shades of Phan by Llamaandlion
Fifty shades of Phanby Llamaandlion
Philip Lester is a reporter for the BBC, what happens when he is asked to go interview Daniel Howell, the founder of one of the most fashionable clothes lines in the who...
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camping//phan by rickyblitzz
camping//phanby ☕️
[complete] what happens at camp, stays at camp ; copyright © 2016
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Up All Night // phan by pIisetsky
Up All Night // phanby court knee
Dan Howell is an insomniac....who's scared of the dark. Only a little bit. One late night (or early morning), he decides to venture out and explore London at its quietes...
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Boys Your Age by imsh00k
Boys Your Ageby a communist tit
"What if I was gay?" "I'd fuck you." //Phan
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Flawlessly Flawed by SecretPhanShipper
Flawlessly Flawedby SecretPhanShipper
Total Word Count: 6976. Soulmate Au, when you and your soulmate have your first kiss the world takes on color, until then you only see in black and white.
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Phanfiction - Wonderboy by whatizthiz7
Phanfiction - Wonderboyby whatizthiz7
Dan is the popular kid at his school. He can have any girl he wants. But then Phil started in his class and everything changed. Now he doesn't want any girl. He wants Ph...
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Bare For You  (Phan Smut ) by BookLoverForeva05
Bare For You (Phan Smut )by BookLoverForeva05
This is pretty much how I picture Dan and Phil in a relationship
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scarred • phan soulmate au by ventients
scarred • phan soulmate auby atlas
an au where if your soulmate gets hurt, you get hurt. "mind if i sit here?" "not really" "hi, i'm phil lester" "dan howell" 1st b...
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LOVE ME | phan  ✓ by luckylester
LOVE ME | phan ✓by ✧ raye! ✧
LOVE ME! ❝ sure thing, lover boy ❞ ✕ texting fic love me | © raye 2018
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VOICE ON THE RADIO | PHAN [✓] by cosmicbangtan
Dan should be old enough to know not to fall in love with the voice on the radio. famous!phil & fanboy!dan [highest: #1 in phanfiction]
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go away, phil ➙ phan by azurephan
go away, phil ➙ phanby ˗ˋˏ cris ✨ ˎˊ˗
❝ hi dan! ❞ ❝ go away, phil. ❞ phan au. © 2017 main ; @urnasti
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Twitter // phan by gaymemes-
Twitter // phanby a✿
A normal 18 year old boy, living a normal 18 year old's life. But what if he finds a YouTube channel which he falls in love with? Stalking on Twitter might just lead t...
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pause // dan howell x reader by takeachilldil
pause // dan howell x readerby georgia
romance doesn't always begin at first glance, but when the world is paused, it's hard to ignore a second heartbeat. © ; 2016 Highest Ranking: #9 in Fanfiction (aahhh th...
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Group Chat » Phan • Jaspar by MiniZoelle
Group Chat » Phan • Jasparby Gone
Don't cry, craft room was created. Plantboy: I don't know why I created this Phan - Jaspar Cover by: @gianedits
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Tinder - D.JH. ✓ by yuhsuga
Tinder - D.JH. ✓by gj ♡s jk
[COMPLETED] Based on Dan's video, "Would you date THE REAL Dan?" but it takes a twist. Said video has since been deleted due to an user request to Tinder's app...
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snapchat//phan by rickyblitzz
snapchat//phanby ☕️
[completed] philly: who's this? danhowell: your future husband ; copyright © 2016 //highest ranking: #4
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phan smut by lusthowell
phan smutby ¡!
literally just phan smut (though none mine) contains all sorts of kinks so be prepared ◾ cover art credit to MAKIFERRARO on tumblr ◾
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THE HAUNTING | phan  ✓ by luckylester
THE HAUNTING | phan ✓by ✧ raye! ✧
THE HAUNTING! ❝ you thought you could kill me? ❞ ❝ well you were wrong bitch ❞ ✕ texting fic the haunting | © raye 2018
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found • phan soulmate au  by ventients
found • phan soulmate au by atlas
! this is a continuation/part 2 of my other fanfic called scarred, read that first (or don't, I can't control you) ! "Maybe we'll meet later in life, under better...
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The Hat Fic  by PanickingAtThePhan
The Hat Fic by PanickingAtThePhan
*i didnt write this. all cred goes to the original writer. i just needed to get this out of the notes of my phone before someone found it lol*
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