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YouTube High School | YouTubers x reader by marky_iplier
YouTube High School | YouTubers Naisha | Cookie
Y/n was a student at YouTube High School. Everyone wants to be part of the school. Luckily, Y/n got accepted into that school. (Insert pronouns) also has/have pretty int...
Good To The Last Drop by spectacularsteeve
Good To The Last Dropby Steevie
A bloody fic about Daniel Howell and Philip Lester
Adopted by Danisnotonfire by vividaway
Adopted by Danisnotonfireby Alyssa
Brooklyn prides herself on being quick to adapt to situations because of her upbringing, but when two high profile people decide they want to start a family; she doesn't...
Shadow's Of SilverWood  by GalacticScribe
Shadow's Of SilverWood by StellarVerse
"In 'Shadows of the Silverwood,' Elara uncovers the dark secrets of werewolves lurking in her village's forest, risking all to break their ancient curse."
Raindrops Of Deception by Zahaa40
Raindrops Of Deceptionby Zaherrr
In a storm-ravaged room, Isabella's world crumbles with the news of her grandmother's passing. As the rain pounds relentlessly outside, her grandfather's grave expressio...
Noir Verta | Dan and Phil fanfic by ToriRose99
Noir Verta | Dan and Phil fanficby AngleDar
Secrets lie awake at night, waiting and listening to each step you take and each heartbeat that sounds abnormal. Dan Howell, Youtuber of over 3 million subs finds himsel...
Phil's Little Sister by The_Nerd_Geek
Phil's Little Sisterby The Nerd From Down The Street
When Alice moves in with her older brother, Phil, she meets his best friend and roommate, Dan, and they became fast friends.
Secret For The Mad by The_Nerd_Geek
Secret For The Madby The Nerd From Down The Street
"You're not happy" "How would you know?" "Because I'm not either"
The Intertwine Love  by why_random
The Intertwine Love by drama life
Get ready for an entangled love story that will keep you on the edge of your seat! Meet Aryaan, Ahana, Ruhika, and Rehan - four ambitious people whose lives become inter...
weird love by slaysaliz
weird loveby 🦋
falling in love with your bestfriends bestfriend. being in a relationship. breaking up. and patching up. is it normal to have a relationship like theirs? ada. whos a ad...
Wake Up by Rose22Garden
Wake Upby Rose🥀Garden
After being the bestest of friends for 10 years, there was still one secret Dan and Phil kept from each other, involving one of them to run away and the other to dream o...
Phan One shots  by michealrummeovee
Phan One shots by Asher
this will have all dnp eras (2009-current year)
☯ Butterflies & Hurricanes// PHAN AU  ☯ by olive5soselsd
☯ Butterflies & Hurricanes// olivia and xokayla
Street musician Dan Howell x Phil Lester When Phil Lester, a college student, gets caught up in the songs being played by the street musician in the London Underground s...
Phan One Shots :) by Rose22Garden
Phan One Shots :)by Rose🥀Garden
Phan moments written down into miniature stories! We've got fluffy things and some smutty things ;) Read whichever one you feel like reading whenever! Enjoy!
Star Crossed Lovers At FOB by danandphil4eva13
Star Crossed Lovers At FOBby danandphil4eva13
They were destined to meet but we're they meant to be?
PHAN PROOF: like you have never seen before (Completed) by classyyoutubetrash
PHAN PROOF: like you have never ClassyYoutubeTrash
you have probably read MANY phan proof stories, they all have the same things, I, however, have searched to the depths of the internet to find, the ultimate, the cute, a...
Phil Lester x NordVPN by Allnightpride
Phil Lester x NordVPNby Allnightpride
Phil is alone on a dark rainy night when he is ambushed by identity thieves! Luckily NordVPN is there to save the day! I'm not responsible for any psychological damage t...
Boundaries of Battle, a YouTuber Marvel Alternate Universe Story by MadSalty017
Boundaries of Battle, a YouTuber MadSalty017
A YOUTUBER/MARVEL CROSSOVER Mark always knew he had powers, but he was told to hide them ever since he was young. Seàn had always dreamed of being a hero, but never thou...
Love Never ends (Na khatam hone wali mohabbat) by AyMar7672
Love Never ends (Na khatam hone AyMar
Yaar jaldi karo, tumhari tayaari khatam hone ko nai aari, baba jaan, jaag ne se phle, wapis aauna bhi hai" . (man voice out) " abhi ruke, aapko hi shok pada it...