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Kidnapped by Dan and Phil (COMPLETED) by paramore6190
Kidnapped by Dan and Phil ( Psychotic Riot
* * * "So what's your name then beautiful?" I laugh at his remark, "Wait did you just call me be-" I feel a hand clasp around my mouth...
Defying Society ~ Daniel Howell AU by PHAN-TRASH-2022
Defying Society ~ Daniel Howell AUby see u all in hell
Daniel Howell, people visibly shiver at the young boys name. He was the real definition of a 'troubled teen'. He wreaked havoc everywhere he went. Little did he know tha...
scarred • phan soulmate au by ventients
scarred • phan soulmate auby atlas
an au where if your soulmate gets hurt, you get hurt. "mind if i sit here?" "not really" "hi, i'm phil lester" "dan howell" 1st b...
It's Just For the Weekend (KickthePewdie) by eatingoldcheese
It's Just For the Weekend ( eatingoldcheese
Pj's family have been berating him nonstop about being single and he is dreading going home for his family reunion. What could possibly be the solution for this? Felix b...
Underwater Love -  A Septiplier Love Story by NeverEnoughFangirl
Underwater Love - A Septiplier Tuesday
Seán is new to his highschool but he's a senior. He's bullied because of his sexuality. He gets tossed into the ocean where he meets Mark, the prince of the underwater k...
Youtuber Preferences  by Nerderdame
Youtuber Preferences by NerderDame
-Markiplier -Jacksepticeye -Joe Sugg -Casper Lee -Jake Paul -Logan Paul -Danisnotonfire -Amazing Phil -KickThePj -LeafyisHere -FazeRug
You're The Straw To My Berry (Phan) by ughitssophie
You're The Straw To My Berry (Phan)by sophie ann
Part 1 of the infamous series. Feelings appear. Sparks fly. Love rises. Problems occur. Please note: This story is now very old (7 years old in 2020) and I'd like to t...
art {f.kjellberg} ✔️ by sunflowerbarnes
art {f.kjellberg} ✔️by little fangs
in which ally cares too much and felix cares too little. - achievements #1 on #pewdiepie
In Your Dreams // phan by GypsyRover
In Your Dreams // phanby käməˈkäzē
Dan Howell never wanted dreams. Because dreams meant he met his soulmate, and meeting his soulmate meant dooming them to a terrible life of memories about his anxiety-ri...
with you, i'll be okay by destiels_love_child
with you, i'll be okayby destiels_love_child
Our past is what determines our present, but if we don't change, it'll determine our future too. Jack and Felix, two best friends with awful pasts. Doing their best to w...
Shy - [KickThePewdie] by -tylerscheid
Shy - [KickThePewdie]by { hiatus }
In which Felix has feelings for Pj.
Human - phan by PartTimeStoryteller
Human - phanby There's no fun in happy endin...
Dan is a dancer, but it's his best kept secret. Moving to a new college results in new friends, new hobbies and a new outlook in life; but what does it really mean to be...
Bruises. •Phan• by L17E02E
Bruises. •Phan•by 🍵😌
Trigger Warning: physical/mental abuse "You are the mistake that ruined my life"
Endless Dream [kickthepewdie] by stumpssmile
Endless Dream [kickthepewdie]by ełf
"What do you believe after death?" "It will be like an endless dream." The safe spot for PJ Liguori is his bed. He doesn't want to get up, doesn't wa...
Fuckboy ~ Phan [Completed] by kirizpiriz
Fuckboy ~ Phan [Completed]by s a t a n
Philleh; Nudes? Dannie; New phone who dis? *mentions of suicide* Edited; 3rd April 2017
YouTube High School | YouTubers x reader by marky_iplier
YouTube High School | YouTubers ~*{ Naisha }*~
Y/n is a student at YouTube High School. Everyone wants to be part of the school. Luckily, Y/n is accepted in that school. (Insert pronounces) also has/have pretty inter...
Special Boy // phan by GypsyRover
Special Boy // phanby käməˈkäzē
In a world where everyone has a special ability, a "power", young Dan Howell is alone in having nothing to show for it. He now constantly, obsessively searches...
Fantastic Foursome Oneshots by aldheim
Fantastic Foursome Oneshotsby aldheim
A series of oneshots I created for my friends, they all add up to create different sides of one story.
Discovering Love // phan by pIisetsky
Discovering Love // phanby court knee
Dan is a firm believer that love doesn't exist. Not in adults, and definitely not in high school. He detests silly love stories and petty relationships, posing as 'love'...
How did I not Notice Your Eyes? by KATkit35
How did I not Notice Your Eyes?by Kevin the Unicorn
Felix, aka Pewdiepie, and KickthePj have been friends for quite some time. However so, they've began to develop something for each that goes beyond just friendship. Fluf...