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Creepypastas women smut by creepyfan69
Creepypastas women smutby Leah Brown
This is all for creepypastas women. This is will all be lesbian smut. request will be taken. Dirty head canons are/ will be in Cover by @SextingViaOuija
Mr.CEO's Runaway Wife by whoiskim
Mr.CEO's Runaway Wifeby 𝑘𝑖𝑚𝑚𝑦 ☆
Walking up the stairs I hear-a woman? With brisk steps I open the door and what I see makes me lose my breath and say "What the hell?" Micheal looks up, stoppi...
Run by original_ly
Runby ♢i s y♢
"I won't go with you." I sneer at him, while trying my best to be intimidating. I fail miserably as he gives a dark chuckle and my confident façade starts to c...
Queen of Tricks ✔️ by lonediva
Queen of Tricks ✔️by lonediva
Fox shifters are known for their wits and their tricks, and she is the Queen of Tricks. Hired by creatures to do their dirty work, one job with a certain big bad alpha...
The Master's slave. by Sonneblom4
The Master's slave.by Chané Beaurain
The content of this book is 18+ Sarah is a victim of human trafficking and ended up at one of the world's richest bachelors. High testosterone levels and a sexy slave co...
Barrister Babu: Anokha rishta by monu_456
Barrister Babu: Anokha rishtaby monu_456
Fanfiction of barrister babu tv show. Story continues from the wedding night celebration shown in show. Realistic love story of anidita.
Barrister Babu - Evolution of Love by quadratics789
Barrister Babu - Evolution of Loveby Anonymous
Hello guys, unfortunately the previous story got deleted and I am unable to bring it back. So, I am going to write this new story. This is NOT a continuation of the prev...
FRIENDS // timothée chalamet by timotheeschalamets
FRIENDS // timothée chalametby timotheeschalamets
a timothée chalamet x OC story social media & IRL COMPLETED
Saving The Pirate (Book Two) by LeiaV123
Saving The Pirate (Book Two)by LeiaV123
Book two of the *'Saved By The Pirate'* series Anne has been on an adventure and is about to start another when Christopher gets a letter from his daunting father in Sco...
The Bachelor (Published under Pop Fiction) by greenwriter
The Bachelor (Published under Pop...by J.D. Ruiz
[PUBLISHED UNDER POP FICTION, AN IMPRINT OF SUMMIT MEDIA] One competition, one man, twenty-five women, and a bet. Zachary Astor wanted to be the Bachelor for one purpose...
Bloodline (Ariana/You) by SheCallsMeMoonlight
Bloodline (Ariana/You)by Ariana’s Bitch
Being Courtney Chipolone's sister has its benefits, like knowing Ariana Grande...who may have the biggest crush on Y/n. Y/n g!p - #1 arianagrande #1 ariana #1 grande
woman like me // wmmap by pizzandchill
woman like me // wmmapby cole
"The Athanasia before may be 'weak', but I've been through hell and back," she stated. "I won't let Claude kill me that easily. I'll put on a fight. I'll...
CHERRY BOMB ♕ (underused faceclaims)  by societv
CHERRY BOMB ♕ (underused faceclaim...by BLM
► Here are a few underused faceclaims of women under 30 since some people think that Nina Dobrev is the only actress in the world
Barrister Babu -  A journey by quadratics789
Barrister Babu - A journeyby Anonymous
The show Barrister Babu has an amazing storyline, based on women empowerment. This story is going to have the same characters and base storyline, however I will be givin...
A Different Kind of Us by KellyQuindlen
A Different Kind of Usby Kelly Quindlen
Fresh out of law school, Sutton is eager to climb the ladder at her new job. But on her first day of work, she comes face to face with an unexpected colleague--her ex-be...
Crazy but mine by Potterhead456
Crazy but mineby LoveHurts
Manik reached forward and grabbed Nandini by the wrist. "Aye!" she protested but still she had somehow found herself straddling Manik's thighs with his hands s...
Let me love you by sweetnersrem
Let me love youby ariana's bitch
After meeting through mutual friends at a party Ariana and Kaelyn come to develop a close friendship. Certain events and more spent time together makes them realize thei...
The Empress Wears Gucci by FloraDuong
The Empress Wears Gucciby f
After Carmen Han gets into an intense car accident, she spirals into a different era. In 220 BC, Carmen tries to navigate around to find things to get her back to her ow...
The Family Love. by Achchutha
The Family Love.by ANJUR
Sheetal and a little devil with her entered into the peaceful family. She was being all lovely dovely with them. Behave sweetly. Is this her original identity. Was she h...
Her Unrequited Love (Completed) by devotee_of_krrishnA
Her Unrequited Love (Completed)by devotee_of_krrishnA
Love is the thing which make life heaven or hell💕 Highest rankings #1 in Tamil out of 1.09k #1 in painful memories out of 328 #1 in Krishna out of 320 #1 in Meera out o...