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blurry face - phan by phanci
blurry face - phanby :phanci
" my name's blurry face and I care what you think. " Dan Howell has an unknown condition where he cannot see faces - no matter what he wears or does - they ar...
Punk Pastels by ThePilot44
Punk Pastelsby L
Punk Phil Pastel dan au - completed :) ---- Phil lester is a punk badass Dan Howell is a target wearing a flower crown And yet, somehow, their worlds collide...
stained (phan) || book #1 by audrat
stained (phan) || book #1by audrey
*'BEST SERIES' WINNER (FANFICTION AWARDS 2017)* FIRST BOOK IN THE 'STAINED' SERIES Meet Phil Lester, a bad boy with blood on his hands. Literally. After one night strike...
Back to Us ( pastelxpunk d+p ) by zmaurr
Back to Us ( pastelxpunk d+p )by jungshOOk
***** previously known as Hm? ( pastel!dan + punk!phil ***** Daniel James Howell is a normal boy. Besides the fact he loves to wear the brightest colours imaginable. Ph...
a change of heart // phan by rickyblitzz
a change of heart // phanby (c)ow
[complete] finding a girl who is equally pretty won't be hard ; copyright © 2017
Sticks and Stones {A Pastel!Dan & Punk!Phil Phanfiction} by mikeyunderstars
Sticks and Stones {A Pastel!Dan...by mikey
"Queer, Daddy's Boy, Prick." Dan Howell is your average crybaby. His father is a priest, so he grew up loving the church and everything around him. Wore crosse...
Unexpected accident~ Phan mpreg by phantastic_bananas
Unexpected accident~ Phan mpregby Phantasic._.bananas
Punk! Phil and Pastel! Dan Phil has a crush on Dan and isn't afraid to show it. Dan also has a crush on the punk, but doesn't know how to show it. What will happen when...
amity // phan by thattumblrchick
amity // phanby ✨
Dan Howell has a personality more fragile than the flowers he presses. After meeting Phil Lester- an explosion of a human being living in an explosion of a house- Dan is...
Seventeen//Phan AU by djisindividual
Seventeen//Phan AUby DJ
unpublished to undergo major rewrites (sorry)
Ripped flower crowns and bloodstained jumpers by pastelpinknerd
Ripped flower crowns and bloodstai...by PJ the gay
Pastel!Dan is in an abusive relationship. One day his boyfriend hits him in public and Punk!Phil steps in and stops him. ~~trigger warning~~ Domestic abuse Not finish...
Pastel Dan Punk Phil by confusedbutenthusias
Pastel Dan Punk Philby confusedbutenthusiastic
Plenty of fluff and cliche but then I turn it depressing. Because, why not?
Make me | Phan by zhuletta
Make me | Phanby Zhuletta
Phan - Phil Lester should know that if your enemy says 'Shut up!' you shouldn't answer 'Make me'. Pastel!Dan Punk!Phil High school AU Words: 11.2K
Is my shirt too bright? by PlainTaxiCab
Is my shirt too bright?by Cav
Phil Lester, he wouldn't necessarily be described as a "badass" more of a nerdy boy trapped in a punk rock looking body. With his lip piercing and gages and fe...
novels - phan by timeforgone
novels - phanby timeforgone
and when we sleep at night I hope that we write novels in our heads of what to tell the other when we wake. and when morning comes before we're done with volumes left to...
Dreams {Phan}  by qualityblueduckwings
Dreams {Phan} by qualityblueduckwings
//Complete// Phil decides to go to get coffee at a new café close to were he lives. (Published: 29th of April 2017)
liquid kisses || phan by baepsaehowell
liquid kisses || phanby 🌤
glitterfaces: philly, ur rlly cute // pastel! dan + punk! phil texting au// copyright; baepsaehowell
Theoretically / phan  by Lemonphxn
Theoretically / phan by ya girl
Dan howell was a pretty boy, who wore clear lipgloss and mascara.
Muse - Phan (Dan and Phil fanfiction) by panickyphanter
Muse - Phan (Dan and Phil fanficti...by annoying phan trash
Highschool au Dan's POV COMPLETE - Phil is the new boy at Dan's school. He's so mysterious and captivating, and no matter how hard Dan tries to ignore him, Phil keeps po...
Pastel and the Punk by FanGirly27
Pastel and the Punkby person
Okay so, kinda confusing, just bare with me here. Phil, Chris, and PJ are all vampires. Phil is Punk!Phil Dan is Pastel!Dan Phil finds Dan on the streets, and all that j...