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Violins And Cookies (Phan AU) by caitlinthedork
Violins And Cookies (Phan AU)by Caitlin Harper
E D I T I N G Dan has a new neighbor. His new neighbor Phil who happens to be an insomniac who loves playing the violin in the dead of the night, baking cookies and who...
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amity // phan by thattumblrchick
amity // phanby ✨
Dan Howell has a personality more fragile than the flowers he presses. After meeting Phil Lester- an explosion of a human being living in an explosion of a house- Dan is...
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Matching My Marks ~ Phan Soulmate AU by SweetForgiving
Matching My Marks ~ Phan Emery
Imagine a world where every mark on your skin is put on your soulmates skin as well. Cool right? Phil thinks so, but Dan thinks it could be farther from the truth. Cove...
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VOICE ON THE RADIO | PHAN [✓] by cosmicbangtan
Dan should be old enough to know not to fall in love with the voice on the radio. famous!phil & fanboy!dan [highest: #1 in phanfiction]
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tune you out // phan by tadinof
tune you out // phanby -a
a soulmate au where on your 15th birthday your soulmate's favorite song at the time is stuck in your head, featuring pan!phil and a sexually confused dan warnings: swear...
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𝗽𝘂𝘀𝘀𝘆 by Thewlix
𝗽𝘂𝘀𝘀𝘆by daιѕтнəw
✎ finished ↠ a bully phanfiction; bullied by not only the biggest arsehole in the school, but the principle's son - phil lester. in which - two boys have constant rivalr...
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Figure It Out [Phan] by JawnnnnnAndSherly
Figure It Out [Phan]by ben wyatt
[Completed] [Phan High School AU] Dan is the 'lonely emo' of the school, who sits back and listens to his music instead of making friends. Phil is the popular, always ha...
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Distant ✞ Phan by cuddlephan
Distant ✞ Phanby ☆ ★ ☆
Dan Howell is your typical, run-of-the-mill "good boy". Controlled like a puppet by anybody and everybody. He wants that to change. But first, he needs help. S...
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The First Time (Phan) by PhanIAm
The First Time (Phan)by PhanIAm
Dan was a teenage boy who was a bit awkward and not the most popular person. He was happy, but not the happiest he could be. That was until he was told about a certain Y...
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Nothing Burns Like the Cold (Phan) by worriedpeach
Nothing Burns Like the Cold (Phan)by Rachel
Phil Lester is 'special', having the power to manipulate water with just a flick of his hand. Because of this, he was transferred into the special school, Dahlia Academy...
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Phan smut by sleepyboyo
Phan smutby Charlie
None of these are mine unless I say so.
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Boys Your Age by imsh00k
Boys Your Ageby a communist tit
"What if I was gay?" "I'd fuck you." //Phan
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Absolution of Hearts || Phantom Of The Opera Fanfiction  by ConSalto
Absolution of Hearts || Phantom myheartsings
Two years after the Opera Populaire was destroyed to the ground, it is opening its doors again. Erik still pained and heartbroken from Christine's betrayal is finding co...
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Sexting // phan by -MyYouth
Sexting // phanby Søfia
[COMPLETED] we're not sexting...we're just having a casual conversation by text that may or may not be making me want to fuck you...
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\\Phan Oneshots - and something else// by Ninabeex
\\Phan Oneshots - and something neenah🌻
Lookie heee
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unspoken - phan by MeeHidden
unspoken - phanby ✎Mee✐
Dan, depressed and anorexic, gave up on speaking years ago. He was lost in alcohol and loneliness until a black haired boy showed up and broke the silence. [trigger war...
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Changes Of the Ghostly Kind by bubblyariel
Changes Of the Ghostly Kindby Bubbly Ariel
Danny Fenton must deal with the scariest thing he's ever faced, Himself. Danny has to deal with changes that lead to him looking and sounding like his evil self. Not onl...
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Through Music We Love by DemonicBooks
Through Music We Loveby DemonicBooks
It's been ten years since the Opera Populaire was destroyed. Cecilia has been chained to Christine and Raoul since they took her away. Yet when Christine is called to Am...
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Phan Texting by LilPhanMeme
Phan Textingby LilPhanMeme
Texting where Dan and Phil eventually fall in love
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DO RE MI | PHAN by foreverhome-
DO RE MI | PHANby -ˏˋ 𝐫𝐨𝐨 ˎˊ-
phan // in which two boys who are definitely toxic for each other decide to not care
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