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delivered by rickyblitzz
deliveredby ow
[complete] maybe they really need 2009 again ; sequel to snapchat ; copyright © 2016 ; highest ranking #1
fuckboy  by rickyblitzz
fuckboy by ow
[completed] philgon: she can fuck you good, but i can fuck you better ; copyright © 2016
camping by rickyblitzz
campingby ow
[complete] what happens at camp, stays at camp ; copyright © 2016
radio by rickyblitzz
radioby ow
where dan is a struggling music artist and phil is a cocky, successful and a sexually frustrated producer ; copyright © 2016 ; highest ranking #5
a change of heart // phan by rickyblitzz
a change of heart // phanby ow
[complete] finding a girl who is equally pretty won't be hard ; copyright © 2017
i wanna be yours // phan by rickyblitzz
i wanna be yours // phanby ow
❝i don't wanna be your string anymore, i just wanna be yours,❞ in which you're tied to your soulmate through someone else - the string, the best friend, the one who help...
please don't break my heart  by rickyblitzz
please don't break my heart by ow
[complete] dhizzle : can i call u mine? amazingphil : ugh ; 2009!phan ; copyright © 2018
somebody else // phan by rickyblitzz
somebody else // phanby ow
i don't want your body but i hate to think about you with somebody else ; sequel to a change of heart ; copyright © 2018
stranger things//phan by rickyblitzz
stranger things//phanby ow
"hey i'm phil and whoever didn't show up, is a dick," ; copyright © 2016
505 // phan by rickyblitzz
505 // phanby ow
in which phil's bones break easily & dan is prone to disaster. collab with @foreverhome-
falling out of love by rickyblitzz
falling out of loveby ow
[complete] i'm falling out of love, and it is the strangest feeling i have come across. highest ranking- #6
HEAVEN SENT by rayjay1990
HEAVEN SENTby joseph ray
Joseph Ray is a very lonley man.Has very few friends and talks less.His difination of love is simply boring because his relationships never lasted too long,mostly becaus...
to: rickyblitzz by choirine
to: rickyblitzzby choirine
dedicated to @rickyblitzz | annanya spam + park jimin - bts
Silent Whispers by Ugonnavera
Silent Whispersby Odogwu Ugonna Vera
The whole world seems to crumble before her feet, her father was a General in the army, her mother a nurse but later a stay home mum. She had a twin brother, Kaka; their...
fall away // joshler by rickyblitzz
fall away // joshlerby ow
i can feel the pull begin, feel my conscience wearing thin ; copyright © 2017
best man//phan by rickyblitzz
best man//phanby ow
dan is the best man at phil's wedding ; copyright © 2016
Love advice  by JoshuaBoakye
Love advice by JoshuaBoakye
This is a must read story for all lovers, married couple and even friends. It talks about how to forgive easily when you love and not to blame each other on certain issu...
internet relationships // phan by rickyblitzz
internet relationships // phanby ow
long distance love is directly proportional to heartbreak ; copyright © 2018