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Sugar by bitterfulsins
Sugarby 🃏
❝ I MAY BE HEARTLESS, BUT YOU'RE NAIVE ❞ In which a naive sixteen-year-old girl gets involved with older men through a website. But little does she know, not everyone on...
Just Hacked ✔️ by Savaginity
Just Hacked ✔️by 👉👌
Jeon Jungkook is an artist. Kim Taehyung is a hacker. What happens when Taehyung hacks into Jungkook's phone on accident and sees all the nude drawings of himself? _____...
Haikyuu!! on Facebook by callmeallysa
Haikyuu!! on Facebookby 『𝔸𝕤𝕪𝕝𝕝𝕒』
What would happen if Haikyuu characters have their own Facebook accounts? Date Started: 01/30/2016 Highest Ranking: #3 in Random (12/6/2016) ALSO AVAILABLE IN: Spani...
subscriptions [l.h] by fadedmoons
subscriptions [l.h]by em, sage& ari
❝i want to be more than friends.❞ ❝omg, luke!?! you wanna be super-mega-awesome bEST FRIENDS???!!❞ ✿she's a youtuber and he's in the friendzone✿
Internet Friends || Michael Clifford ✓ by malumwritings
Internet Friends || Michael sol☼
~12:03 am~ To: "sex god" Mikey i wish we could meet. ~12:07 am~ From: "sex god" Mikey one day, we will. Sequel: Connected
If I Really Knew You || Calum Hood (completed) by emnm33
If I Really Knew You || Calum Emily
He told her he was a fan. They became friends. She told him everything. He fell for her. I guess you shouldn't believe everyone you meet online... They could be Calum Ho...
site models by foreignputas
site modelsby gen
faceclaims/castings/icons. please vote on the site models you like :)
The Sway House  by kikilala4pia
The Sway House by Pia
Just read it. Yes, the tiktok Sway House.
Enchilada Ed by WaltTwitman
Enchilada Edby Mariah Ragi
All Ed needed to become the Internet's latest boyfriend was a chili-pepper costume. But getting sunny foreign-exchange student Audra to prom will take a lot more than th...
Cory's Girl ||Coryxkenshin FanFiction|| by Shirlgirl121
Cory's Girl ||Coryxkenshin S.Victoria
"So I'm going to be staying with your son for three weeks?" She answered, "Yes Rachel, trust me, he's a nice guy. His name is Cory. I'm sure you'll like h...
|Don't Get Caught| ✔ by Nixy33
|Don't Get Caught| ✔by bIg TiddIEs clUb
Ren is like any boy he goes to school, he gets pretty decent grades, has mutual friends. But of course theirs a but. The thing is that nobody but his brother knows he do...
The Anon by lostinareverie
The Anonby alex :)
One blog, one girl, two very different people. 17 year old Charlotte Knight has always gone unnoticed with her brother the star football player and his good looks to her...
Drawings For Colby [A Colby Brock Fanfic] by unrenowned
Drawings For Colby [A Colby unrenowned
[A Colby Brock Fan Fiction] [Completed] The need for a new start brought Ella to Los Angeles. She must find a new job, make new friends and form a completely new life...
Obsessed (Mattia Polibio ) by mattiatypaluv
Obsessed (Mattia Polibio )by dumb hoe
he was obsessed, and i mean crazy,killer, stalker kinda way. he wants her and he wont stop until he gets her. but who said she wasn't as crazy as him?
Stefan Stefan's Synthpop Jihad by WaltTwitman
Stefan Stefan's Synthpop Jihadby Mariah Ragi
Stefan didn't intend to become ISIS's number-one pop idol. He just wanted his fans to recognize him at the local supermarket. After Stefan discovers that his huge inter...
Jonah Marais // INSTAGRAM by power-01
Jonah Marais // INSTAGRAMby lalala
@jonahmarais is following you You liked @jonahmarais photo You followed @jonahmarais back All rights reserved to @FB1717 no one can copy or mirror this story in any way...
hello again | h.k.m by charlotteakacharlie
hello again | h.k.mby charlie
"𝐤𝐢𝐭𝐭 𝐢-" "𝐭𝐞𝐬𝐬𝐚" --- highest rankings: #1 - ibfs {6.10.18} #4 - ibf {14.10.18} #2 - internetbestfriends {5.11.18} #2 - internetbestfriend...
Sensation (WillNE) by estrella4832
Sensation (WillNE)by E̷̖̬̪͠strella
"Alex and George finna to catch these hands." "Why?" "Beans aren't funny." "FINALLY!" In which an LA Youtuber mo...
1 in 6000 (MrBeast x Reader) by eviebax
1 in 6000 (MrBeast x Reader)by eviebax
Y/N was struggling for money. College had drained every life force that she'd been clinging on to, as well as all of her life savings and motivation to do anything. One...
Textual Relations by BecJohnson
Textual Relationsby Bec
Etta Harvey and Kick Foster are friends. Well sort of. Etta first found Kick seven years ago when she was sifting through the forums of on online high school community...