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I love the things you hate about yourself (Brendon Urie X Reader) by its_not_a_phase
I love the things you hate about sparkly trashcan!
A sad and tormented soul named (Y/N) gets saved by her highschool crush.....Brendon Urie as she fights through her depression and the drama in her life. Brendon Urie wil...
Daddy wants you. B U by nicole_lyn7
Daddy wants you. B Uby nicole_lyn7
Better chapters coming soon✨ . . . WARNING: involves daddy kink and ageplay . . . Brendon urie fanfic
Soldier Girl (Brendon Urie Fanfic) by iwriteficsnotragedy
Soldier Girl (Brendon Urie Fanfic)by Eliz
You're veteran with PTSD who unexpectedly gets hired as a security guard for Panic! at the Disco. Your bond with Brendon grows stronger over your shared struggles with a...
Panic! [Brendon X Reader] by takislover5
Panic! [Brendon X Reader]by No Name
WOW! You've Been liking Panic! at the disco for many years! and now you will meet Brendon urie! (since hes the only member left) There's a Competition of who will be...
Finding Jaime by GaylaBer
Finding Jaimeby Goobyloob
Pete Wentz receives a letter from an old girlfriend telling him he has a son. Jaime has grown up not knowing who his father was, getting in and out of trouble and ignor...
Finally Home by GaylaBer
Finally Homeby Goobyloob
Samantha Joseph has had a rough life and a slightly less rough, but more turbulent, past couple of years. Her life really began when she ran away from her father, to es...
ROPES (A Kinky Brallon Smut Book) by DrGizzy
ROPES (A Kinky Brallon Smut Book)by Kinkylicious
This is going to be looong, detailed smut for all you horny peeps out there 😏-- Please don't get mad at me
Oh Ms Believer by GaylaBer
Oh Ms Believerby Goobyloob
Samantha Joseph has had a run of bad luck. A car accident in the fall, while on a weekend trip with her adopted father, Tyler Joseph (yes, THAT Tyler Joseph) ultimately...
Emo Trinity x Reader (Book 2) by NightSkysSprinkles
Emo Trinity x Reader (Book 2)by NightSkysSprinkles
Title says it all! I try to write with gender-neutral pronouns, unless otherwise stated or requested. Requests are closed. P.S.: I'm publishing the same stories on tumbl...
Daddy // B.U by sophiemia22
Daddy // B.Uby sophiemia22
"You really aren't that innocent, you're a naughty little girl is what you are" {Age gaps, ddlg , daddykink, so if you dont like any of that then fuck off and...
Teenagers  by dxvein
Teenagers by Athena
"Looks like the bad boy is growing soft for someone" " Shut up" What happens when the new girl in school gets Gerard wrapped aroun...
Little Boys •Joshler/Brallon• by lokis_loser
Little Boys •Joshler/Brallon•by ✨MILO✨
Joshua Dun moves to a new school, he meets all kinds of people, but one boy catches his eye. Tyler Joseph. A little who loves wearing pastel clothes and hanging out with...
Take Your Tears, Put 'Em On Ice by RJtheFreak
Take Your Tears, Put 'Em On Iceby Ryan
Pete Wentz is a high school hockey player, captain and star of the team. Patrick Stump is home-schooled, though spends most of his free time at the local ice rink. Years...
Fuck Buddies (Ryden) by NeverEndingWr1ter
Fuck Buddies (Ryden)by clay
In which Brendon and Ryan are fuck buddies. Brendon wants more and Ryan is definitely not gay... right? High School AU There will be a lot of smut. Third Person, but mai...
Emo Trinity x Reader by NightSkysSprinkles
Emo Trinity x Readerby NightSkysSprinkles
The title says it all ;) Requests are closed. I don't do smut. Just fluff, lots of fluff. Tyler and Josh might also pop up every now and then ^^ I'm not native English s...
Ryden Oneshots by t1axdd
Ryden Oneshotsby :-)
There's quite a bit of smut so if you are uncomfortable, don't read this :) *!THERE IS A SECOND ONESHOT BOOK! *