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peppermint cigarettes by brenroscoe
peppermint cigarettesby lake!!
ryan falls for a guy. but he wouldn't technically call it "falling." cause he's straight...right? --- the first few chapters are ass but give it a chance it g...
21 Questions (Ryden) by WickedSinner35
21 Questions (Ryden)by JazzL
Ryan texts a random number he found on the bathroom stall. Brendon tries to ignore the text messages when he finds out who it is. Out of mutual boredom and curiosity, th...
Roses •° {Ryden} by IneffablePetrichor
Roses •° {Ryden}by ° Kitten Wishes °
Ryan owns the biggest rose garden and the most famous flower shop. Brendon is a huge film maker, actor, musician, and more. Brendon wants to film a scene for his movie a...
prick | ryden [completed] by -smileyross
prick | ryden [completed]by k ✰
"jesus christ, are you ever not an annoying prick." or where brendon meets his new neighbor, ryan, who always finds a way to annoy him highest ranks; #1 in jo...
glitch | ryden soulmate au ✓ by shootholywater
glitch | ryden soulmate au ✓by RION !!
『" once i saw his name on my wrist, i discovered that my fate was already set. "』 | in which ryan's soulmate isn't his. {started; 04/03/2020 abandoned; 08/16/2...
Fuck Buddies (Ryden) by NeverEndingWr1ter
Fuck Buddies (Ryden)by clay
In which Brendon and Ryan are fuck buddies. Brendon wants more and Ryan is definitely not gay... right? High School AU There will be a lot of smut. Third Person, but mai...
When the Moon Fell in Love With the Sun {ryden kik} by _vices
When the Moon Fell in Love With th...by Rylee ♡
"You were the sun, and I was the moon, and the moon met the sun and fell in love. But now, I have to be your sun and pull you out of this dark place, too, my moon. ...
Ryden Kik by _ItsBetterIfYouDont
Ryden Kikby Erin
Brendick: heeeeey ;) Ryro: what the fuck Ryro: who the fuck Brendick: your future boyfriend ;) Ryro: uh huh Ryro: yeah I don't think so Just another Ryden Kik fic Really...
~BASKETBALLS~ (Joshler) {COMPLETED} by alphaoriginal
~BASKETBALLS~ (Joshler) {COMPLETED}by AlphaOrg
Tyler hates Josh. But that can all easily change. The Dun family recently moved next door to the Joseph family. Tyler tries to avoid the boy who won't stop teasing him;...
Truth Or Dare  by axethetic
Truth Or Dare by rawr xd
"Rule number five, whatever happens inside the circle, stays inside the circle, got it?" In which Gerard is an innocent 17 year old who is threatened and turne...
Lets Not And Say We Did by kayiswritting
Lets Not And Say We Didby Not O-Fucking-Kay
A gay twist on a Harlequin tale. CEO Pete Wentz is in trouble. After a very emotional breakup with his girlfriend (emotional on her end of course), She decided to ruin h...
Death Of Me - Ryden (Finished) by Ryan_Ana_Black
Death Of Me - Ryden (Finished)by •Cringy•Aries•
The story I'm going to tell you may starts a bit different than usual. It starts with a dead person. The poor boys heart just stopped beating. And at that young age, onl...
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Urie's Diner [Ryden AU] by ryroholic
Urie's Diner [Ryden AU]by dangerous blues
Ryan finds a guy with a coffee shop. He kinda falls for him.
Band Cglre Oneshots by butIwantthisusername
Band Cglre Oneshotsby Tuesday Crimson
This includes age regression and ABDL (yes that does mean the adult use of diapers) if you don't like this please leave. THIS IS NOT IN ANYWAY PEDOPHILIA!!! I'm not goin...
snapchat • Mikey Way x Reader  by boozyiero
snapchat • Mikey Way x Reader by boozyiero
uh, most of these are based off conversations i actually have with people lol enjoy! oh, it's gonna be g a y. they/them. ••• highest ranks; #1 in fob #2 in mikeyway #...
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Ryden Hell: The Sequel by _ItsBetterIfYouDont
Ryden Hell: The Sequelby Erin
B!: heyyyyy Ryebread: hey ? Ryebread: whomst B!: wow already forgot huh B!: here maybe this will help Bren!: ? Ryebread: oh my god Sequel to the shit storm that is Ryd...
The Unexpected (drarry) by Dryden17
The Unexpected (drarry)by Dryden
After defeating Voldemort in his seventh year, Harry, along with the other 7th year students, must return to Hogwarts to make up what they missed. In the process, unexpe...
Ryden Kik by phaneh
Ryden Kikby What
Who knew a drunk text could blossom into so much more? (I STARTED WRITING THIS IN LATE 2017 IT IS BAD)
Ryan Ross Imagines by dollfacepinko
Ryan Ross Imaginesby dollfacepinko
Ryan Ross imagines from Tumblr