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Suprise 3-Way by Leathermuth
Suprise 3-Wayby Renee
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Poly // Bryllon  by weed4atti
Poly // Bryllon by Atticus 🦖
pol·y·am·o·ry ˌpälēˈamər noun the philosophy or state of being in love or romantically involved with more than one person at the same time.
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Just a therapeutic chain of Events || Adopted by Brendon Urie || by Cetra121
Just a therapeutic chain of Events...by Cetra
Elise was just an ordinary kid living a life in her sappy little foster home, waiting for the sky to fall. But that all changed when she encounters a familiar face, a c...
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We're Just More Gay by weed4atti
We're Just More Gayby Atticus 🦖
Sequel to Gayest Groupchat--- I suggest you read that first ✔️ Completed
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The Milk Fic (Ryden) by wackgolbrock
The Milk Fic (Ryden)by wackgolbrock
*full disclaimer! this is not my story ! all creds go to the writer. i just felt the need to post it bc it's been sitting in my phone and i don't want people to go throu...
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Ryden Smut (from Live Journal and AO3) by LaurenxXxJauregui
Ryden Smut (from Live Journal and...by Ericka
None of the stories are mine. All of them are from live journal and archive of our own. The names of the authors are written in every chapter. I am not claiming these wo...
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pastel skirts and metal lockers~ferard by josh_dun_is_a_hun
pastel skirts and metal lockers~fe...by ybaB yrC
Little!Innocent!Gee Bully!Overprotective!Frank Gee has recently started high school after being sheltered by his overprotective family all his life. After finding it dif...
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you saved me // ryden by threecheersforemos
you saved me // rydenby your friendly neighborhood pl...
ryan ross is a suicidal gay kid who's hopelessly in love with the popular and secretly bisexual brendon urie ~high school au~ ~lowercase intended~
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I'll Never Let Them Hurt You - Frerard - by stressedkilljoy
I'll Never Let Them Hurt You - Fre...by Frerard's Bitch
(Completed) Men are born with keys on chains around their necks and women are born with locks on chains around their neck. Only your soulmate can open your lock if you'r...
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panic at the disco  by walsh113
panic at the disco by walsh113
facts about panic at the disco
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Instagram (Peterick AU) [COMPLETED] by peterickswhore
Instagram (Peterick AU) [COMPLETED]by Lexi 💕
Patrick comes across a cute guy on his instagram explore page and has no idea it's going to turn into something huge Cover art from radicalrumps on deviantart
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2 hearts || ryden by -stonedplanet
2 hearts || rydenby hey moon
sequel to 2 weeks brendon urie finally meets the unknown person he had been texting for two weeks, but things don't go as planned when he finds out who he is.
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Random stuff! by xXRemiusXx
Random stuff!by ˗ˏˋ Laura ˎˊ˗
Hi everyone! I never really write any stories anymore (I may do soon though), but I still wanted to write something so yea This is basically just my spam book ;-;
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Stutter~ Ryden (Finished) by Ryan_Ana_Black
Stutter~ Ryden (Finished)by •Cringy•Aries•
*short chapters, finished* "B-bye Ryan", I whispered after he was gone. I smiled to myself because I managed to say his name out without stuttering.
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I Thought I Lost You // Ryden by weed4atti
I Thought I Lost You // Rydenby Atticus 🦖
New chat with Ryro ! Ryro !: hey Bee boo: hi Bee boo: who r u ? Ryro !: my names Ryan Bee boo: mmmm Bee boo: I used to know a Ryan ✔️ Completed
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✓ ALWAYS.  URIE [1] by -nestor
✓ ALWAYS. URIE [1]by el
❝ i'm the light blinking at the end of the road, blink back to let me know ❞ [ SOCIAL MEDIA / IRL ] [ BRENDON URIE X OC ] [ DOAB ERA ] #1: PRETTYODD #1: AFEVERYOUCANT...
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YOU - BRENDON URIE  by brendonuriesgal
"LIVE FROM NEW YORK ITS SATURDAY NIGHT!" where saturday night live's star comedian and panic! at the disco's frontman form a strange, flirtatious friendship o...
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Ryden Oneshots by underscoreundead
Ryden Oneshotsby 🤹t!a
There's quite a bit of smut so if you are uncomfortable, don't read this :)
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2 weeks || ryden by -stonedplanet
2 weeks || rydenby hey moon
spencer smith gave brendon urie the wrong number, causing brendon to talk to someone and finds out who they are in two weeks. (yes i am aware than ryden isn't official i...
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