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Read Me Like A Book (Delinquent) by GravityGrenade
Read Me Like A Book (Delinquent)by Ella
Y/N isn't exactly considered a rebel. Yes she's alternative and she wears a lot of black, but she obeys the rules and does what is right. The only time she'll do somethi...
More Than Friends by diamondmustdie
More Than Friendsby diamondmustdie
For all you ray stans out there. anyways, i just think he's just really hot. Friendly and healthy requests and fantasies are welcomed and you can always message me.
Turns out my dad is Gerard Way by Laurie-Evelyn
Turns out my dad is Gerard Wayby Laurie Evelyn
Evie Daniels finds out she is adopted and her biological father is Gerard Way. She moves to New Jersey but still knows nothing about her biological mother. What did happ...
Band one shots by heymoon123
Band one shotsby Mclovin
Band one shots! That's it! I take requests! Yes! This is mainly just My Chemical Romance, Panic at the Disco, and Fall out Boy, but again I take requests if you want som...
A Kiss and I Will Surrender by frnk-iero-simp
A Kiss and I Will Surrenderby Frank ier-hoe
Frank meets his best friend Mikey's older brother when he comes home for the holidays; and boy is he hot. Top Rankings: #2 in Frerard #1 in Patrickstump #2 in MCR
MCR oneshots<3 by PandGMustDie
MCR oneshots<3by :D
This is for all you rock'n rollers, crash queens and motor babies, comp of MCR member oneshots! ♡♡ Taking requests btw!
Unholyverse by daiben_
Unholyverseby daiben
Unholyverse is a collection of fan written stories about My Chemical Romance in which Gerard is a priest. I take no credit from any of this, the Unholyverse series was o...
Someone Out There Loves You (Adopted by Frank Iero) by noodlespud
Someone Out There Loves You (Adopt...by el
After a failed suicide attempt, 15 year old Alexa is abandoned by her parents. That is, if you could consider them parents in the first place. She has been living in a p...
The Mafia Leader's Property by GravityGrenade
The Mafia Leader's Propertyby Ella
When Y/N's dad, John L/N, is kidnapped and taken away by the mafia group known as the killjoys, he ends up selling his daughter to save himself from his debt. #1 in Gera...
Collared And Handcuffed (Frerard) by frerardislife653
Collared And Handcuffed (Frerard)by frerardislife653
Gerard Way an innocent 19 year old photographer, he was sweet and polite to everyone he met, especially the ridiculously handsome Frank Iero, the billionaire from sellin...
Can I stay? (Gerard Way x Reader) by Freyathegeekgirl
Can I stay? (Gerard Way x Reader)by Freyathegeekgirl !
You get to go to your first every MCR concert .. a dream come true and everything is perfect. Well until the end... Disclaimer: This story includes self harm, depression...
30 Day Smut Challenge (mostly emo trinity ships) [COMPLETED] [Wattys 2017] by TheUnicornIsAKilljoy
30 Day Smut Challenge (mostly emo...by 击 Max 击
1-5 ▪♡naked cuddles♡✔ ▪☆Gerard Way☆ ▪☆Patrick Stump☆ ▪♡kissing♡✔ ▪☆Brendon Urie☆ ▪☆Dallon Weekes☆ ▪♡first time♡✔ ▪☆Ryan Ross☆ ▪☆Spenc...
Gay Club | Frerard + Petekey AU by stoplightglow
Gay Club | Frerard + Petekey AUby kelso
The last thing Gerard Way wants to do is join his school's Gay-Straight Alliance. He's already a loser - why would he purposely paint a bigger target on his back? Yet, a...
Fingerprint // FRERARD by melodramaticism
Fingerprint // FRERARDby x.o 🖤
A journey in which Frank is desperate to find the black-haired boy he had spent the night with. However, the only part he remembered about that night was when the boy ha...
Candy Hearts ✰ Frerard by -CRANBERRYCOLA-
Candy Hearts ✰ Frerardby ✎ᝰ┆𝒅𝒐𝒓𝒌
In the hostile town of Belleville, New Jersey, a small diner was situated, run by Bob Bryar and somewhat co-owned by the bitter redhead known as Gerard "Gee" W...
The Monster's abused Mate  by HeartTacker3
The Monster's abused Mate by HeartTacker3
BOOK 1 Jennifer is a slave for the most feared pack in the world. The Blood Moon Pack. What happens when Jennifer finds her mate, but he is the monster she heats. The al...
Frank Iero x Reader - Rad by fan-of-the-fandoms
Frank Iero x Reader - Radby 𝐼 𝑙𝑜𝑣𝑒 𝑦𝑜𝑢
What the title says #1 in Frankiero 21/10/19