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boy from mars - rikey by mikeywaysawhore
boy from mars - rikeyby 𝐂𝐚𝐭𝐬 𝐨𝐫 𝐆𝐓𝐅𝐎 🏳️‍🌈
"and he was unlike anyone ray had ever met before." the plan was simple. sneak over to gerard house to smoke some pot with his best buddy. art college was hard...
I Lied (Rikey fanfic) by jackislyfe
I Lied (Rikey fanfic)by Andy ❇
Mikey Way has a addiction Only his brother knew about. While My Chemical Romance is on tour they get a small break in which Mikey tries to kick his addiction but what h...
😈☠️⛓️Rikey⛓️☠️😈 by MCRmy_ho3s_only
😈☠️⛓️Rikey⛓️☠️😈by MCRmy_ho3s_only
Ya know, I'm kinda pissed I'm never finding any Rikey fan fics. So I'm making one. Fight me--
Our One Night Romance (A Rikey Fanfiction) BoyxBoy! by MCRlover_19
Our One Night Romance (A Rikey Fan...by Amelia Louise
Mikey Way loves Ray? how could this happen? Mikey never came off to be gay or to really even have crushes on anyone. Now his best friend seems to spark interest in him...
Choose me instead by OttoWoodKnight
Choose me insteadby GAY QUAIL
Ray is in love with Mikey, badly in love the kind of love that makes you frickin explode the second you see the person, the problem is Mikey doesn't love Ray, at least n...
Band Oneshots  by -starryfrankie-
Band Oneshots by 3/22/13
just a bunch of one shots that range from soft and fluffy to toxic and angst. some are cg/l, ddld/ddlg, petplay, etc and some are just regular. dm to request a scene or...
Cute Rikey story by cematarydr
Cute Rikey storyby cematarydr
ummm no description just gonna right as i go and suggest what u want to happen in the story next
Unholyverse by daiben_
Unholyverseby pog?
Unholyverse is a collection of fan written stories about My Chemical Romance in which Gerard is a priest. I take no credit from any of this, the Unholyverse series was o...
Follow me home (Frerard) by TaintedEyes
Follow me home (Frerard)by Sky
*Co-written with MyChemicalRachel* Frank is a student at university of south florida, living in a dorm all by himself. on a hot sleepless night, frank decides to go on...
Please, Catch Me (frerard) by justemotrsh
Please, Catch Me (frerard)by mis.yu.trrbly
Another Frerard story, trigger fuckin warning my dudes
Mikey Way Imagines by YouCantStandIt
Mikey Way Imaginesby m.
Imagines about your favourite 10 ft tall dork. • • • #9 mikeyway #6 rikey #187 mcr
My Chemical Romance Memes by xicetheticx
My Chemical Romance Memesby aj
↠ My Chemical Romance Memes
My One And Only ~FRERARD~ (boyxboy) by danielgswindle
My One And Only ~FRERARD~ (boyxboy)by Daniel Swindle
Frank Iero is the new kid in school yet again. He just can't seem to get his life on track until a select group of people find themselves getting close to the boy who is...
i love you. (Frerard) by _gerardieroway_
i love you. (Frerard)by _gerardieroway_
Sequel to Wheelchair Boy. Told from Franks point of view, married life with a mentally challenged man wouldn't be easy.
Abandoned -{FRERARD}- by THE1975_MCR
Abandoned -{FRERARD}-by . s a m ø .
Gerard Way is curious about the abandoned house just outside of town. It has always captured his attention ever since he can remember. Every time he asks about it people...
emo quartet kik by schayisgay
emo quartet kikby potato
band members from MCR, TOP, FOB and P!ATD in a kik groupchat. all chats are the same storyline unless it states otherwise. all members are in high school, some are in co...
Daydream Of My Funeral (Frerard) by justemotrsh
Daydream Of My Funeral (Frerard)by mis.yu.trrbly
Tw: anorexia, depression, self harm, anxiety, suicide, slurs.
Panic Attacks (Rikey) [Completed] by Meremr722
Panic Attacks (Rikey) [Completed]by Emrys
-Trigger Warning- Frank, Ray and Gerard have always been overprotective of little scrawny Mikey, the youngest member of their group. (Yes Mikey is younger then Frank in...