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The Saviour (Frerard) by kingofgxtham
The Saviour (Frerard)by 🌂
Gerard Way was kidnapped at age 10 He endured 12 full years of abuse, neglect, starvation and rape before his rescue. He was found by police officer Frank Iero, who hear...
Bloodstained Bathtubs and an Absence of Death (Frerard) by sinisteroceans
Bloodstained Bathtubs and an Absen...by Sinister
"Frank Iero. A younger man with a dazzling appearance; pale skin coated in tattoos, stunning hazel eyes, a stupid, overly-excited smile that was almost always plast...
Stop Crying, Please (ferard/frerard) by GodDamnEmoCrap
Stop Crying, Please (ferard/frerar...by GodDamnEmoCrap
Gerard Way, the saddest sap at Belleville High School, is caught crying in the bathroom stall by the one and only Frank Iero. It's then, in the ever horrid high school b...
Take A Picture- Ferard by groovylady
Take A Picture- Ferardby groovealert
Fuck the paparazzi. Ferard/frerard
Emo Trinity Multiship Omegaverse by FunGhoul77
Emo Trinity Multiship Omegaverseby i need a life
ok just bare with me here this is going to be trash but just go with it
Ferard smut I wright at 1 am on Monday nights by Still_Emo_2019
Ferard smut I wright at 1 am on Mo...by Kurt Stannie 😔
HOLY BLOODY HELL!!!! OVER 1K READS??????? THANK YOU! 🖤 Check out my sequel to this!! Frerard smut {And now fluff!} I write in theiving room #1 in gnote lmao //TAKING A...
our secret love (a ferard fanfic) by _fanfics_-
our secret love (a ferard fanfic)by _fanfics_-
Gerard and Frank have kissed many times on stage but has it gone to far when Gerard starts developing feelings for Frank? and does he feel the same way? will Gerard eve...
autism . frerard by im_so_retro
autism . frerardby gee
HIGHEST RANKING WAS #1 IN FERARD "I've seen you at school... you have autism, right?" Ha. Maybe I am. Maybe I'm not. Maybe I'm the kid with autism or maybe I'...
Come On Angel, Don't You Cry by RomanticMisanthrope
Come On Angel, Don't You Cryby Phoenix Quinn
Frank Iero, a 16 year-old high school student, lives next door to Gerard Way, a 21 year-old high school drop out. Gerard never interacts with the people around the neigh...
Slut. by twisted_transistor
Slut.by Jacket Slut
Gerard Way is a virgin. A pathetic, gay, red-haired little virgin. But he was okay with that. People in school avoided him, hell, they didn't even know who he was, and t...
And We're All. Dead. Now. by deezhoesbtrippin
And We're All. Dead. Now.by deezhoesbtrippin
Gerard and Mikey Way, brothers, but three years apart. There's one thing Mikey never knew about his brother...
Next Door Neighbor (Frerard) by cazzo-javla
Next Door Neighbor (Frerard)by Cazzo
.completed. Frank can't help but look at the cutie next door who hasn't learned how curtains work yet. -Frerard, smut-
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Call Me Daddy {COMPLETED} by xemoballerinax
Call Me Daddy {COMPLETED}by 《Draco is mine》
Ferard DD/LB Smut warning Boyxboy Light cursing #1 fanfiction on my account ♡ #1 published story on my account Current Rank in fanfiction: #348 Past ranks in fanfiction...
Pay Attention, Mr. Iero (Frerard) by sinisteroceans
Pay Attention, Mr. Iero (Frerard)by Sinister
Frank Iero is a college freshman who couldn't care any less about his classes or about school at all... that is, until he decides to attend his unwanted art class. It do...
Lie To Me (Frerard) by babyspiders
Lie To Me (Frerard)by babyspiders
Gerard was late, and it was fucking raining. He'd missed the bus and it was fucking raining, and he was totally going to get dropped from the play if he was late again a...
Never Coming Home // Frerard by the-nxrth-remembers
Never Coming Home // Frerardby 💀 Chase 💀
Gerard Way, a grieving teenager, hears a name in the hospital. And at the time, that's all it was: a name. But little did he know the importance that name would carry. T...
Common Bodies by lylliasummer
Common Bodiesby ☹ Lyllia Summer✧
You seek a cruel Lord who seeks only ignorance and his own glory.
Oh, How Things Change (frerard mpreg) by RIPthislmao
Oh, How Things Change (frerard mpr...by RIPthislmao
Mpreg Highschool AU I'm really shitty with descriptions I promise it gets better as it goes on.
Blind in a Way (Frerard) by angeleyes-demonsoul
Blind in a Way (Frerard)by Skittles
"Only douche bags wear sunglasses inside." "If I knew what one looked like, I might agree."
unknown number // petekey by Nalan1234
unknown number // petekeyby em
one message from: Unknown Number Unknown Number: help please help oh my god help me (Completed January 2nd, 2017)