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Rival Schools  by frerardislife653
Rival Schools by frerardislife653
Gerard and Frank go to very different school, which happen to be rival schools, and have very different personalities, well so they think, Gerard goes to a public school...
Arcades And Cigarettes  by frerardislife653
Arcades And Cigarettes by frerardislife653
Everyone likes a bad boy they just won't admit it, they break rules and play by their own, the way the dress is just hot and their attitude made a certain Frank Iero's d...
Frerard Fluff Oneshots by Emolilshit
Frerard Fluff Oneshotsby Better When High 🚬
Frerard fluffy oneshots to melt your heart (started: 22/01/19)
Summer Lovers  by frerardislife653
Summer Lovers by frerardislife653
Time Line: 1995 YES CELLPHONES WERE INVENTED BUT THERE WILL BE NONE IN THIS FANFICTION I got this idea from the musical Grease because why not FRANK AND GERARD ARE THE...
teenagers/frerard  by aboutyourpears
teenagers/frerard by aboutyourpears
Frank just moved to New Jersey. Gerard gets bullied. They sit beside each other on the bus. They fall for each other. -->frerard. Some cheesy romance for you to calm...
Grow Up (Frerard) [Teacher/Student] by SR-PictureShow
Grow Up (Frerard) [Teacher/Student]by Stella
Gerard is a troubled student. By senior year, his father has just died, his brother is shunning him, and he's lacking friends. Things only get worse when he falls for Fr...
Maybe You're Worth It  by McrTrashboat
Maybe You're Worth It by McrTrashboat
Gerard Way, age 25, suffering from major depression, anxiety, insomnia, and he self harms. His anxiety had gotten so back he barely leaves his home. When Mikey sees th...
Mr. Brightside ♕ Frerard by -CRANBERRYCOLA-
Mr. Brightside ♕ Frerardby ✎ᝰ┆𝒅𝒐𝒓𝒌
In which Gerard is self repulsive and can't believe his little brother forced him to leave his room. That is, until he meets a cute baker that has just the right amount...
Candy Hearts ✰ Frerard by -CRANBERRYCOLA-
Candy Hearts ✰ Frerardby ✎ᝰ┆𝒅𝒐𝒓𝒌
In the hostile town of Belleville, New Jersey, a small diner was situated, run by Bob Bryar and somewhat co-owned by the bitter redhead known as Gerard "Gee" W...
Frerard fluff/mcr oneshots by ourladyresurrection
Frerard fluff/mcr oneshotsby Too Punk Rock 4 This
Just a bunch of cute, fluffy oneshots related to frerard and My Chem. I might do a few full length/longer stories but majority will be oneshots! :3 I take suggestions a...
Frerard One Shots  by frerardislife653
Frerard One Shots by frerardislife653
Name gives you a clue on what it could be Some might be sad, some might be triggering and some might be kinky af
My Little Quarantine (Frerard) ✓ by panicking_maddy
My Little Quarantine (Frerard) ✓by pixel.ghost.
[Completed] ✓ Frank has known Gerard for over three years now. From the moment they accidentally bumped into each other on their college campus, they were really close f...
Bathroom Boy » Frerard by mad-iero
Bathroom Boy » Frerardby ★ mikey ☆
It all begins when Gerard gets a text from a random number, and a friendship blooms between him and an annoying, oh-so-persistent Frank. As tensions rise and butterflies...
like ghosts in the snow ; frerard  by -ANGELICIERO
like ghosts in the snow ; frerard by ࿇ ═━━✥◈✥━━═ ࿇
franklikestowank is typing.... franklikestowank: wtf brenon yu were suposed to five me a ride home ?? franklikestowank: i was drynk gee 🍄: sorry, who is this?
im not okay (i promise) {Frerard au} by Ryro_has_cheese_wiz
im not okay (i promise) {Frerard Ashton (arson)
Gerard Way was new to his school, and met frank iero, but soon was swept away by the popular kids, he joined the football team and flirted with girls, listened to mainst...
Don't Try ♧ Frerard  by -CRANBERRYCOLA-
Don't Try ♧ Frerard by ✎ᝰ┆𝒅𝒐𝒓𝒌
Gerard Way was nothing short of an idiotic imbecile, and Frank Iero was the definition of punk rock. ↓ "You said I couldn't punch anyone. You never said anything ab...
watch me. :: frerard :: by raytoronto
watch me. :: frerard ::by hannah montana as a he/they
"fuck spídєrs. " "wєírd flєх вut σk."
Kik AU (Frerard) by j3n-na
Kik AU (Frerard)by jen
Art.slut🌻 is typing... Art.slut🌻: dude this weed is so bad. Frerard Kik AU This sucks. Read at your own risk Short chapters BoyxBoy if that bothers you then you proba...
Hardest Part (Frerard) by EmberToAshes
Hardest Part (Frerard)by Ash E
Shy kid Frank Ieros life is turned around after he meets the kind hearted Gerard Way. The two are practically as close as two could be, enjoying picnics and making tacos...