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Wrong Number (Frerard) by jessthepsychic
Wrong Number (Frerard)by jessthepsychic
[this fic is very very old! i am actually rewriting it right now!! go to my page to check it out :)!] (Well actually it's kik fic but this title seemed to work better.) ...
Pay Attention, Mr. Iero (Frerard) by sinisteroceans
Pay Attention, Mr. Iero (Frerard)by Sinister
Frank Iero is a college freshman who couldn't care any less about his classes or about school at all... that is, until he decides to attend his unwanted art class. It do...
frerard smut  by augustxD0
frerard smut by augustxD0
yeah the title sums it up pretty much
Slut. by twisted_transistor
#4 Jacket Slut
Gerard Way is a virgin. A pathetic, gay, red-haired little virgin. But he was okay with that. People in school avoided him, hell, they didn't even know who he was, and t...
Abandoned -{FRERARD}- by SAMOtheLameO
Abandoned -{FRERARD}-by . s a m ø .
Gerard Way is curious about the abandoned house just outside of town. It has always captured his attention ever since he can remember. Every time he asks about it people...
Come On Angel, Don't You Cry by RomanticMisanthrope
Come On Angel, Don't You Cryby Phoenix Quinn
Frank Iero, a 16 year-old high school student, lives next door to Gerard Way, a 21 year-old high school drop out. Gerard never interacts with the people around the neigh...
Frerard smut. by xfranks_crybabyx
Frerard Luka Motionless
Some frerard smut I found and liked. - - - Credit to the writers who wrote the smuts. These are not mine. But have fun reading, I only put together my favorite Smuts I l...
smut one shots (kellic, frerard + more) by looklyla
smut one shots (kellic, frerard looklyla
the title says it all warnings will be at the start of each chapter just like the ships, the wordcount, who tops/bottoms, and a lil' summary
Theater 12 (GDB123) (Frerard) by ryanrosseslefteye
Theater 12 (GDB123) (Frerard)by dropped the soap
Gerard is shy and timid. Frank is outgoing and flirty. One day when Gerard is out at the movies with his brother,he runs into Frank, who happens to work at the movie the...
Emo Ships High School AU // One-Shots by ExtremoxXxEmo
Emo Ships High School AU // em
ships from emo bands but ALL high school AU // Ryden, Joshler, Peterick, Frerard, Raykey, Joncer
Frerard Peeing Stories (Kinky) by sighscutie
Frerard Peeing Stories (Kinky)by Luna!!
we all know you wanna read it AUs and non-AUs
Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge. by BanditTheKilljoy
Three Cheers For Sweet The Pope of Emo Town.
Gerard Way is a psychotic murderer. He's lost it completely. Cue the new boy in town to completely change his world and make him question everything he knows.
Three Cheers for Sweethearts [Frerard AU] by acting_is_mylife
Three Cheers for Sweethearts [ Cassidy
Based on the I'm Not Okay (I Promise) music video by My Chemical Romance. **Triggers: abuse, suicide, mild bullying // plenty of warning given beforehand** 78, 829 word...
Faded Lips ||Frerard|| by woulduburyme
Faded Lips ||Frerard||by 999
Frank Iero. Outcast, freak, nobody. Been through trauma most people wouldn't dream of. At the age of 18, he roams the streets of his city in search of a purpose. That pu...
Lie To Me (Frerard) by babyspiders
Lie To Me (Frerard)by babyspiders
Gerard was late, and it was fucking raining. He'd missed the bus and it was fucking raining, and he was totally going to get dropped from the play if he was late again a...
Whispers in the dark (Frerard) by alotofgayandemo
Whispers in the dark (Frerard)by I'm a creature of a culture t...
Frank is an angsty asshole, at least that's what he lets on to be, When Gerard becomes his roommate he can't tell if he's happy or not. Don't speak. Don't touch my s...
message delivered {frerard} by candyflossmelanie
message delivered {frerard}by ✨gabriel✨
geebear: ummm who is this? frnk is typing...
Daddy's Baby Boy || FRERARD AU by MsNonRomantic
Daddy's Baby Boy || FRERARD AUby MsNonRomantic
Frank whimpered desperately, looking up at Gerard. "P-Please.." He whined. Gerard let out a light chuckle. "What? Did your mama teach you how to use your...