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Blood Infections (Completed) by couldyapleaseleave
Blood Infections (Completed)by Dead
Most of the time, you have no idea what people are going through. You purely Base your judgement on how that person acts or how they look like. You don't notice what is...
The dorm (gerard way x reader) by prevoid
The dorm (gerard way x reader)by Premium garbage
[Updates every other Monday] When (y/n) gets their room mixed up and ends up with a guy just as troubled as them, they grow close. They'll become friends, best friends...
teenagers/frerard  by aboutyourpears
teenagers/frerard by soup
Frank Iero just moved to New Jersey. Gerard Way is the local outcast. They sit next to each other on the bus. They fall for each other. -->frerard. Some cheesy roman...
Candy Hearts ✰ Frerard by -CRANBERRYCOLA-
Candy Hearts ✰ Frerardby ✎ᝰ┆buggie
In the hostile town of Belleville, New Jersey, a small diner was situated, run by Bob Bryar and somewhat co-owned by the bitter redhead known as Gerard "Gee" W...
The New Guy  by EmoWeeb27
The New Guy by QU1NNMU5TD13
||Teacher! Frank Iero x Teacher! Gerard Way|| Gerard Way is an Art teacher Jameson Academy and he hates the teenagers, and he knows the feeling is mutual but he doesn't...
Someone Pull the Fire Alarm by heymoon123
Someone Pull the Fire Alarmby Mclovin
Y/n is starting her first day of high school. Just like any other freshman she's picked on by the older kids, until she befriends Mikey Way. He has older friends, so he...
Careful by heymoon123
Carefulby Mclovin
Y/n is a freshman in college, her and her friend, Annabelle, have their whole college planned out, starting with rooming together. But when their room mates get mixed up...
KISS ME YOU ANIMAL-Frerard one shots by Waytogogee
KISS ME YOU ANIMAL-Frerard one soul_of_syd
Just random frerard one shots, some will have fluff, some will have smut. I'll put warnings at the beginning. Idk, enjoy. I also take recommendations if I'm comfortable...
Gerard Way Imagines (Completed) by panicatthetrash15
Gerard Way Imagines (Completed)by Walking Hot Topic
NUMBER 69 IN #EMO!!! Just some Emo imagines of you and Gerard Way. I'm taking requests but only X Reader.
Take A Picture- Ferard by groovylady
Take A Picture- Ferardby groovealert
Fuck the paparazzi. Ferard/frerard
Insane by dirnt-bag
Insaneby sincerely,
World renown serial killer, Gerard Way, has been in Green Oak Institution For Mentally Unstable Young Adults for six months. He's made his reputation as a troublemaker a...
Frerard fluff/mcr oneshots by ourladyresurrection
Frerard fluff/mcr oneshotsby Too Punk Rock 4 This
Just a bunch of cute, fluffy oneshots related to frerard and My Chem. I might do a few full length/longer stories but majority will be oneshots! :3 I take suggestions a...
Stage 4 of Trying - Frerard by Emolilshit
Stage 4 of Trying - Frerardby Devil Incarna
Frank Iero. 25-years-old Married to Jamia Nestor (Iero) ...And infertile He tried for ages to start a family with the one he loved most but just couldn't. And that is wh...
Everyone scares me but you (Frerard + Petekey) by ghostkidmustdie
Everyone scares me but you ( ghostkidmustdie
In this world there is one person who can touch Gerard Way without it hurting, and this one person has just died. Gerard feels nothing, and cares about no one. Pete wen...
Adopted By Frank Iero- A MCR Fanfic by partridgewriter
Adopted By Frank Iero- A MCR Fanficby Partridge
Achlea Jameson had been at an orphanage for most of her life, but when Frank Iero and Jamia decide they want to adopt a daughter, Achlea is in luck. She's just the girl...
Mute by ourladyresurrection
Muteby Too Punk Rock 4 This
BEFORE THE HAPPENING, my life was impossibly mundane. My universe was unfathomably small, strung together by a few measly, attenuated strings of fate ready to snap at a...
Letters to Gerard // completed by Achanceofprecipsatan
Letters to Gerard // completedby Achanceofprecipsatan
Frank writes letters to Gerard, who is in a mental hospital // happy ending
dear Gerard, love frank by velocity_gee
dear Gerard, love frankby 🔪ur mum gay lol⚰️
MAJOR WARNING: I wrote this when I was in a VERY bad place of mind. I DON'T suggest reading this unless you truly are not affected by books, and if you aren't gonna thi...
When Can I See You Again? by typh0id-maryxx
When Can I See You Again?by typh0id-maryxx
Every single year, at the same time, for the same hour, Frank Iero gets to spend time with a mysterious boy in a mysterious town on the same mysterious street corner. Fo...