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Intimidation ♡ joshler by cherubcorpses
Intimidation ♡ joshlerby ♡ angel ♡
Tyler would be lying if he said he wasn't intimidated by this new kid; his first day of school hasn't even really started yet and he already managed to get in a fight wi...
Thighs • Joshler (ON HOLD) by dismaltown
Thighs • Joshler (ON HOLD)by 🐇
Josh really likes Tyler's thighs and really likes getting his way.
slow // tysh by cherryjiwoo
slow // tyshby bee
a criminal breaks into a sad boy's house lowercase intended
Handmade Heaven                                       ~(J+T)~ by neonstones
Handmade ⚊
Josh is a badboy trying to be friends with the shyest kid in the school 3/18/19 - #1 joshler +1000 reads 5/9/19 - #7 joshler + 10,000 reads 7/1/19 - #6 joshler + 20,00...
Saccharine //joshler  by skellybonesremain
Saccharine //joshler by <3
Tyler just wants somebody to take care of him, and Josh just wants to give the pretty boy all of his attention. •little!tyler •daddy!josh HIGHEST RANKING: 4. in #twentyo...
You can call me Josh (𝕁𝕠𝕤𝕙𝕝𝕖𝕣 𝔻𝔻𝕃𝔹) by 0h_h0w_l0vley
You can call me Josh (𝕁𝕠𝕤𝕙𝕝𝕖 🍓🥳💜𝙱𝚊𝚋𝚢
Tyler has never been to School before...ever..... until now. Mr.Dun is Tyler's stern teacher. Tyler has a way of making Mr. Dun soft. TeacherxStudent MATURE CONTENT ⚠️
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Attitude (joshler) by Blurry__heathen
Attitude (joshler)by Max Antle
"Watch that attitude baby." "Make me."
Blackmail (joshler) by Blurry__heathen
Blackmail (joshler)by Max Antle
It's difficult to keep your cool when someone has access to something that could ruin your entire life.
His Name Is Blurryface *Joshler*  by ppapijesus
His Name Is Blurryface *Joshler* by zoinks 💀.
Tyler may be crazy and had to travel to mental hosptial to mental hospital Joshua becomes his new doctor Can he handle him? "Josh!" yells Patrick, his boss, fr...
Bank It | Tysh by odetochlorinee
Bank It | Tyshby odetochlorinee
Seperately the Joseph triplets are famous amongst the underground elite for being clever, ruthless and handsome. Together, they are infamous around the world as some of...
weight gain oneshots // joshler by huggabletyler
weight gain oneshots // joshlerby huggabletyler
oneshots about tyler and josh gaining weight
I love you ◸j.d + t.j◿  by ____oblivion___
I love you ◸j.d + t.j◿ by ☾
Little!tyler Daddy!josh /idk what to put here so/
Church Camp Talks (a Joshler fanfic) by InthenameofJoshDun
Church Camp Talks (a Joshler InthenameofJoshDun
Joshua loves his friends and Youth Church more than anything else. That's why he can't wait to go on Church camp again. It's his happiest place and time on earth. Tyler...
SMITTEN🌹⌠J.T⌡ by dandeliondun
SMITTEN🌹⌠J.T⌡by 〉liz〈
Josh was absolutely, incredibly, overwhelmingly infatuated with the boy, and it pissed him off 🌹 Nerd!Tyler & Punk!Josh High-school AU 🌹 ©dandeliondun
Little Prisoner by TylerSpoopyDun
Little Prisonerby TylerSpoopyDun
Tyler Joseph is just an innocent little who was trying to sleep but is awaken by a loud sound and he gets kidnapped. Things did not go to plan for Josh and now he has a...
Gayest Groupchat  by weed4atti
Gayest Groupchat by Atticus 🦖
Ty entered the groupchat 'Gayest gays' Pete x: hi welcome Brendon x: OMG HELLO WHO ARE YOU ? Alex x: hiiiiiiiiiiii Jack x: hEY BRO Dallon x: hello there (: Patrick x: n...
When The Doctor Was Me (Frerard Doctor Who AU) by angeleyes-demonsoul
When The Doctor Was Me (Frerard Skittles
"A ginger! I'm finally a ginger!.. Thought it would be more exciting, honestly." Doctor!Gerard Companion!Frank A fun concept I wanted to explore :) I also love...
rich & sad ↣ joshler ✓ by nicosniners
rich & sad ↣ joshler ✓by c
Josh is a business man. A very, very wealthy business man. He thought he had it all. Money, good looks, power. But the one thing he craved? Love. He's thirty two and pat...
Folie à Deux by sneakybean
Folie à Deuxby sneakybean
Gerard has been in the Asylum for years, and things are okay, kind of. He has friends, access to art supplies, and he doesn't really want to leave. Enter, Frank. Gerard...
In the Middle of A Gunfight // Ferard Gang AU by iamsweetpotato
In the Middle of A Gunfight // Yikes™
Gerard Way is the leader of one of most dangerous gangs in New Jersey, the Killjoys. Frank Iero is an infamous hitman, known for murders and kidnappings all over the cou...