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Pastel Pretty Boy (Joshler) by Blurry__heathen
Pastel Pretty Boy (Joshler)by maximus
Tyler runs a Instagram account and Josh is absolutely infatuated with him.
static [joshler] by AVOIDYESTERDAYSDANCE
static [joshler]by den
Tyler was diagnosed with leukemia but he wasn't receiving chemotherapy. His parents didn't "believe in medicine" or any medical attention for that matter. They...
Saccharine //joshler [✔️] by skellybonesremain
Saccharine //joshler [✔️]by skellybonesremain
Tyler just wants somebody to take care of him, and Josh just wants to give the pretty boy all of his attention. •little!tyler •daddy!josh HIGHEST RANKING: 1. in #joshler...
coffee // joshler by curiosity-
coffee // joshlerby ♡ margo ♡
"ill take a cup of coffee, please." "any sugar today?" "you're sweet enough for me, darlin'." tyler owns a bakery. josh loves his famous ho...
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Mentors - A Joshler Fic by TyJoTheLeaf
Mentors - A Joshler Ficby TrashBin
Warning: Will contain mentions of suicide, cutting, depression, and gay smut. Tyler Joseph is a depressed and suicidal ninth grader, struggling through life. Josh Dun is...
So In Love by Blurry__heathen
So In Loveby maximus
That one where Tyler's a cute little blushy baby that's in so deep for his neighbor but cant seem to find a voice or the courage to let the man know.
teeth ↣ joshler ✓ by nicosniners
teeth ↣ joshler ✓by c
When Josh and his family move to Hartgate, Colorado he learns that the town has its secrets. Without choice, he finds himself getting tangled up in every single of them...
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crybaby | joshler ✓ by drearypulses
crybaby | joshler ✓by t
he was told to always stay away from the crybabies, especially the one with the red hair and tattoos, but you know what? he's never been the one to listen. fem!tyler bad...
next door » joshler [book #1] by miqraine
next door » joshler [book #1]by acey
at two in the morning one tuesday, a boy runs into tyler's apartment without even knocking or anything and just starts begging to sleep there for the night. not that ty...
Kairos {joshler} by liliesandstags
Kairos {joshler}by {CLOSED}
(n.) the perfect, delicate, crucial moment; the fleeting rightness of time and place that create the opportune atmosphere for action, words, or movement. aka the one whe...
Attitude (joshler) by Blurry__heathen
Attitude (joshler)by maximus
"Watch that attitude baby." "Make me."
Golden (Joshler) by joshdunhun152
Golden (Joshler)by Izzabella
Teacher x Student Tyler's been living day to day, nothing to look forward to. He wastes every day getting high with his friends. Mr. Dun is a new teacher at Tyler's sc...
Kitten (joshler smut) by Aj-Stayweird
Kitten (joshler smut)by Plastic paper
Josh is the petsitter Tyler is the pet
accidental love (COMPLETED)  by reasoning4purpose
accidental love (COMPLETED) by anathema
tyler joseph, 16 and joshua dun, 17 are in a car accident. both have full intentions of suing until they each lay eyes on the other boy.
Gorehound |-/ Joshler by spookyangelo
Gorehound |-/ Joshlerby Hail the Antichrist
"You're right, Joshua, I'm not human. I'm an animal." Tyler licked his lips, his hot breath fanning over Joshua's exposed neck. "And I'm just about read...
In Love With My Band Mate (JOSHLER)  by oppaiirl
In Love With My Band Mate ( Kells
Josh Dun, the drummer of Twenty One Pilots finds himself falling in love with none other than his brown eyed, married band mate. What will Tyler do when he finds out an...
holographics  [joshler] by larrryjoshler
holographics [joshler]by <3
josh just wants to make his baby boy happy, but it's hard when his angel is a spoiled brat.
Black and white (Joshler) by kelliclife
Black and white (Joshler)by kelliclife
Josh needs money and starts working at a bar. Tyler is a stripper at that bar. TW: Smut and swearing
blushyboy•joshler by blushyjish
blushyboy•joshlerby sabrina✨
tyler joseph was a shy boy. josh dun was a dirty boy. btw i hate this story especially the beginning ha yikes i stopped writing this because it was awful and beyond repa...