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Fake You Out - Joshler by CasualTeenageFangirl
Fake You Out - Joshlerby Whatever
Some people have a hard time letting go of high school grudges, and Tyler Joseph is guilty of that. And when Tyler finds out that the kid who used to bully him in high s...
Home ↠ Josh Dun x Reader by TasteTheLlama
Home ↠ Josh Dun x Readerby TasteTheLlama
〰️IN PROGRESS, NEW〰️ Home, a place where I can go, to take this off my shoulders, someone take me home. 💛 - Your boyfriend you had been with for one whole year had been...
we don't talk anymore by mildlygay
we don't talk anymoreby coffee beans
joshler. "so i guess i only miss the memories, not the person."
Little Boys •Joshler/Brallon• by TylerSpoopyDun
Little Boys •Joshler/Brallon•by TylerSpoopyDun
Joshua Dun moves to a new school, he meets all kinds of people, but one boy catches his eye. Tyler Joseph. A little who loves wearing pastel clothes and hanging out with...
His Name Is Blurryface *Joshler*  by ppapijesus
His Name Is Blurryface *Joshler* by zoinks 💀.
Tyler may be crazy and had to travel to mental hosptial to mental hospital Joshua becomes his new doctor Can he handle him? "Josh!" yells Patrick, his boss, fr...
cold ❀ joshler | bryler by DIGITALLYADRUGLORD
cold ❀ joshler | brylerby gay
in which tyler grew up and fell in love with josh before he moved to california and became famous for acting, and brendon is tyler's jealous best friend. vminkook versi...
dyslexia : joshler by moaningpilots
dyslexia : joshlerby j
"C-can you read to me?" "Of course I can" in which josh is dyslexic and tyler is his partner in english -- ranks ❣️ ; #91 in fan fiction ❣️ (11/3...
roommates » joshler [book #2] by miqraine
roommates » joshler [book #2]by acey
[sequel to next door] it's time to move on from what's happened in the past. at least, it's time to try. josh and tyler are officially moved in now, but that doesn't mea...
Saccharine //joshler  by skellybonesremain
Saccharine //joshler by <3
Tyler just wants somebody to take care of him, and Josh just wants to give the pretty boy all of his attention. •little!tyler •daddy!josh HIGHEST RANKING: 4. in #twentyo...
Joshler One-Shots by unopened-windows
Joshler One-Shotsby pipsqueak
Joshler oneshots 💕 Smut and fluff
I want you♡♡JOSHLER (SMUT) by babydolljoseph
I want you♡♡JOSHLER (SMUT)by 🤍🤍
fuck·boy /ˈfəkˌboi/ noun 1. a man who has many casual sexual partners. someone who is only looking for a piece of ass to use then throw away. 2. tyler joseph hi this bo...
online (joshler) by nevermxnd
online (joshler)by alexandra
typical texting au/josh & tyler play a game and maybe fall in love. [[REWRITTEN]]
teenage dirtbag ♕ joshler by DIGITALLYADRUGLORD
teenage dirtbag ♕ joshlerby gay
"yeah, i'm just a teenage dirtbag, baby." tyler moved across the street from joshua when they were thirteen, and that was the start.
zap! ; joshler by heavydirtyhoes
zap! ; joshlerby ˙˚ʚ(´◡`)ɞ˚˙
a game of zap! forces josh to ask out the odd boy who his friends constantly pester
josh leaves notes at tyler's door along with small succulents. fem! tyler -𝙨𝙝𝙚𝙧 ✰
anorexia ✓ ~ j. dun х t. joseph by LOVELYMARAIS_
anorexia ✓ ~ j. dun х t. josephby j
-tyler has anorexia. -josh helps him overcome it. -started: jul. 18. 2017. -ended: dec. 27. 2017.
sillage {joshler} by liliesandstags
sillage {joshler}by {CLOSED}
[COMPLETED] (n.) the scent that lingers in air, the trail left in water, the impression made in space after someone has been and gone; the trace of someone's perfume. ...
come back // joshler by wxtercoolerromxnce
come back // joshlerby jesse
Tyler is done. He's hurt, broken, and needs someone to help. // Josh regrets his decisions, but he doesn't think there was a better way. // The story does not yet have a...
Video Blog (Joshler) [✓] by cutmylip
Video Blog (Joshler) [✓]by cutmylip
tyler thinks the world is a horrible, ugly place. then he meets josh. ❀ joshler youtube au lowercase intended ❀ completed may 08 2017 ©cutmylip 2017