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Patrick Stump x Reader by KitanaFluffy
Patrick Stump x Readerby Felicia
Wow, what can I say? This merely started as a collection of teenage Patrick Stump one-shots without even a proper name but seriously, with all of your guys' support and...
Mean Bands (Bandom version of Mean Girls) by FallOutChurro
Mean Bands (Bandom version of FallOutChurro
Patrick Stump has been homeschooled all his life, so when he gets the chance to go to high school, he has no idea what he's in for. He befriends Pete Wentz, who is "...
Gays Have Risen | Bandom Kik Fic by sky_223
Gays Have Risen | Bandom Kik Ficby 🌸bruv🌸
RyrosMilk: Name/Age/Sexuality/Pronouns
Counting Stars and Scars  {Kellic}  by thebibliophileninja
Counting Stars and Scars {Kellic} by a walking travesty
Vic is good at hiding things. He hides his depression. He hides his self-harm. And above all, he hides the fact that he's completely in love with his best friend Kell...
Let Me Hear Your Love (Gerard Way x Reader) by TheKilljoyBride
Let Me Hear Your Love (Gerard TheKilljoyBride
After winning a radio contest, you get the chance to see you favourite band, My Chemical Romance, on your birthday! You even get VIP backstage passes for after the show...
Before Killing Was Cool ➊ FRERARD by thanksfrank
Before Killing Was Cool ➊ FRERARDby a sad ending
Frank Iero reckons there are a hell of a lot of people he'd do away with in a school shooting. He has a vivid imagination and what he finds to be a pretty reasonable ven...
Faux Amour (Frerard/Bandom Hogwarts AU) by angeleyes-demonsoul
Faux Amour (Frerard/Bandom Skittles
A bandom, but primarily Frerard, Hogwarts AU! This is in English, so don't let the title fool you!! I mean, who hasn't pictured themselves, or their favorite person/char...
Emo Trinity x Reader (Book 2) by NightSkysSprinkles
Emo Trinity x Reader (Book 2)by NightSkysSprinkles
Title says it all! I try to write with gender-neutral pronouns, unless otherwise stated or requested. Requests are closed. P.S.: I'm publishing the same stories on tumbl...
Ryden Kik by phaneh
Ryden Kikby What
Who knew a drunk text could blossom into so much more? (I STARTED WRITING THIS IN LATE 2017 IT IS BAD)
Frerard Stories by oneoftheemotional
Frerard Storiesby Novocaine Angel
Title says everything. Gerard Way + Frank Iero. I do only write this for fun. I know that Frerard isn't a "thing" anymore. I don't know if it ever was a &quo...
Tripping Down 12 Steps Into Malibu by kayiswritting
Tripping Down 12 Steps Into Malibuby Not O-Fucking-Kay
Addict: A person who is addicted to a particular substance, typically an illegal drug. No matter what your drug of choice is, an addiction is an addiction. Getting help...
coffee by livejournalryden
coffeeby livejournalryden
Summary: Ryan is a misanthropic Starbucks barista who is a tired insomniac and just wants to be left alone. Then Brendon moves in. myheartradio on livejournal
the forest fic by averageuniverse
the forest ficby lis
not mine!!!!!!! creds go to SoloChaos on archive of our own just another copy of the forest fic make sure you have tissues
I Seem Like I'm Doing Alright (Peterick) by themightystumble
I Seem Like I'm Doing Alright ( Nat
(Completed 13,724 words). Cute but kinda sad Peterick. +++++TRIGGER WARNING: MENTIONS OF SELF HARM AND SUICIDE. ALSO SLIGHT EATING DISORDER+++++
Instagram (Peterick AU) [COMPLETED] by peterickswhore
Instagram (Peterick AU) [COMPLETED]by Lexi 💕
Patrick comes across a cute guy on his instagram explore page and has no idea it's going to turn into something huge Cover art from radicalrumps on deviantart
Pop-Punk Band One-Shots by deathvxllxy
Pop-Punk Band One-Shotsby deathvxllxy
pop-punk band one-shots - mcr - fob - atl - idkhbtfm - parx - ryan ross request!
Patrick Stump X Reader Imagines (Book 4) by TheFallOutAngel
Patrick Stump X Reader Imagines ( 👑💜TheFallOutAngel💜👑
A collection of Patrick x Reader short fanfiction stories. Will also contain some oneshots once in a while. Have a request to make? Message me!
When The Doctor Was Me (Frerard Doctor Who AU) by angeleyes-demonsoul
When The Doctor Was Me (Frerard Skittles
"A ginger! I'm finally a ginger!.. Thought it would be more exciting, honestly." Doctor!Gerard Companion!Frank A fun concept I wanted to explore :) I also love...
Kinky {Joshler} by SmolBeans9
Kinky {Joshler}by Smol Beans
DDLB ⚠XXX⚠ Tyler top Not completed