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Fall Out Boy Imagines 4 by FallOutBarnes
Fall Out Boy Imagines 4by Mrs. Barnes
What else can I say? Fourth book for our four favorite boys.
Kik Me Sometime? (Peterick) by angeleyes-demonsoul
Kik Me Sometime? (Peterick)by Skittles
They met on the subway. The only thing exchanged between them were not so subtle looks, until on his way out, the blond boy slips a paper to the brown haired boy. Kik me...
Fall Out Boy Imagines 3: Return of The Feels by FallOutBarnes
Fall Out Boy Imagines 3: Return Mrs. Barnes
3rd times a charm I guess. Your four favorite boys are back and guess what! They brought the feels with them...
An Impossible Love [l.t au] by -hilarilouis-
An Impossible Love [l.t au]by -hilarilouis-
❝It won't ever happen, but you can only wish that it's true.❞ In which a girl is hopelessly, crazily and obsessively in love with a boy who will never notice her.
Fall Out Boy Imagines by FallOutBarnes
Fall Out Boy Imaginesby Mrs. Barnes
A collection of Fall Out Boy Imagines
W e a k n e s s [Peterick  AU] - #Wattys2016 by Dreammaker_222
W e a k n e s s [Peterick AU] - ⠀
An excellent serial killer, who has never failed any of his missions. Nobody can soften his cold heart... Except one. Highest ranking so far: #2 in Peterick & #1 in Fall...
My Brothers Best Friend by FallOutBarnes
My Brothers Best Friendby Mrs. Barnes
~He looked me in my eye. "Damn it Lauren, just tell me!" Pete said frustrated. "I-I can't." I stuttered. "Why?" "It's bad. I'm not su...
The Boy With The Glasses * A Peterick AU by BellamysBottom
The Boy With The Glasses * A N° 1
Everyday Pete goes to the small coffee shop down the street from his Chicago apartment. And every time he does the boy with the glasses is always there to make him smile...
The Tweets Of Patrick Stump by excusemeimtalking
The Tweets Of Patrick Stumpby 🌹
Patrick? More like Sasstrick, am I right?
The Rhythm of the Rain (Patrick Stump / Fall Out Boy Fanfic) by RisingPhoenix27
The Rhythm of the Rain (Patrick Jena
For Lily Matthews, it's a lot of work being the makeup artist for Fall Out Boy. It's even more work when there's a certain lead singer who can't keep his eyes off of her...
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Fall Out Boy Imagines 2 by FallOutBarnes
Fall Out Boy Imagines 2by Mrs. Barnes
All the cuteness, all the drama, all the laughter, and all the sadness. It just couldn't all fit in the last book.
Face Down ✓ | Patrick Stump by MrBendezedrine
Face Down ✓ | Patrick Stumpby MrBendezedrine
Skye was close with her dad. He was not only her father, but her best friend and her second half. When her father is diagnosed with cancer, Skye's life begins to crumble...
30 Day Smut Challenge by americanstakeknife
30 Day Smut Challengeby AmericanStakeKnife
So this is the 30 day smut challenge that me and fangzizabawz4290 are doing, their doing 15 and I'm doing 15 so it's halved. Have fun reading and I'm sorry if mine aren'...
I'm Not Broken Hearted (Patrick Stump / Fall Out Boy Fanfic) by RisingPhoenix27
I'm Not Broken Hearted (Patrick Jena
Allie Fisk broke up with Patrick Stump eleven years ago, after deciding that she couldn't handle the stress of a long distance relationship. Patrick Stump never stopped...
Death Of Me - Ryden (Finished) by Ryan_Ana_Black
Death Of Me - Ryden (Finished)by •Cringy•Aries•
The story I'm going to tell you may starts a bit different than usual. It starts with a dead person. The poor boys heart just stopped beating. And at that young age, onl...
Patrick Stump Imagines by falloutomatic
Patrick Stump Imaginesby 🌊❤️🐻
Just some imagines about this lovely man for you lovely people :) requests are welcome!!! *I am not official/affiliated with Patrick. All imagines are simply from my wi...
Breathe Me Back To Life •Patrick Stump+Fall Out Boy• by leavenowordsunspoken
Breathe Me Back To Life •Patrick sam
After being attacked at a house party, Cole Wentz has been diagnosed with insomnia, severe anxiety, and is showing symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. No one kno...
Pete Wentz a Father? ~EDITING~ by RickmyRoll
Pete Wentz a Father? ~EDITING~by Rin
Skye has lived her life without a father, finding out that the bass guitarist of her favourite band is her dad sends her feelings about have a one into a spiral. Hating...
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Adopted by FOB! [c o m p l e t e d] by youngblood135
Adopted by FOB! [c o m p l e t e d]by Amelia
BOOK 1: Chapter 1: Introduction "Amy! Get down here now!" "I'm coming! Give me a minute!" I yelled back as Miss. Lucy screeched up the stairs. For t...
Young Bloods by angeleyes-demonsoul
Young Bloodsby Skittles
Freaks of nature Science cannot explain them, but here they were A group of teens with certain supernatural abilities that they can't fully control They're held here, in...