Never forget how be...
By Daerith
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Rylee Stump was adopted when she was young. That fact made for her possible to meet her friends: Mikey, Frankie, Ray, Gerard and Bob. They go to the same high school, and share the best moments together. Ry starts having feelings for one of her friends; her friend loves her back but, will they ever tell each other? Is this going to end without even starting? (In this story, I use dashes instead of quotation marks, and let me tell you why so you don't have to point it out: I am from Spain and in Spanish dashes are the most common punctuation marks used in dialogues. When I wrote this, I used them because they were the punctuation marks I was most comfortable with and I honestly don't have the time nor feel like changing them now.)

Never forget how beautiful you are (Gerard Way FF)

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Never for...
by Daerith