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Thwip!(Spider-Man Male Reader X Harem) by bL00d_Lyr1cS
Thwip!(Spider-Man Male Reader X Cuntasaurus Rex
TAEGYU EROS & MANIA  by bangtae_ned
KTH X CBG "Eros & Mania" . . . . . . . . . DO NOT COPY OR REPOST. All plots are my original ideas. . . . . . . DISCLAIMER: Abusive words included. This is not...
~Cherry Red~ (Awsten Knight x Reader)  by FrankGotSingWrong
~Cherry Red~ (Awsten Knight x 🔮📿🧿⚰️
I MADE THIS SO LONG AGO AND ITS A MESS Y/N lives a great life. She only has 3 friends, one of them being Otto Wood, but that doesn't bring her down. She misses her ex...
mania | taegyu by gyutyunnie
mania | taegyuby gyutyunnie
imagine your crush liking you back,it's a good thing right? ....right?
Syndicate's Ex-Convict Spouse ✔︎ by SergentMiyaj
Syndicate's Ex-Convict Spouse ✔︎by Sarhento
SYNDICATE TRILOGY #1 Walls have ears Doors have eyes Trees have voices Beasts tells lies Beware the rain Beware the snow Beware the man You think you know... ------- DAT...
mania (addiction - book 2) by milliebobbyjohnson
mania (addiction - book 2)by milliebobbyjohnson
'is she okay?' 'she's fine, just leave it' the second book in the 'addiction' series. please read that one first. handles themes of body image, sex, suicide, self harm...
SIXTH SENSE  //  H. STYLES by duranged
I'm drowning, aren't I? This couldn't possibly be the reality. My life is a joke. Please don't go. Are you on... fire? Oh, Harry. In place of words, I simply spoke with...
Body without Mind  by TianiaKukula
Body without Mind by Tia
A glimpse into the mind of an empath, bearing in mind the toll of what can't be controlled but instead manifested into the mind's darkest creations.
Multiverse of OoO Xylo by MikeThePolishGuy
Multiverse of OoO Xyloby Filip Wojtal
I have thought and decided to make a book with one shots where Xylo from OoO will be a son of other gods than Hades.
The cheaters (navia) {EDITED AND COMPLETED} by gruviafreak
The cheaters (navia) {EDITED AND Gruvia_my_OTP_4_life
Juvia lockser is the fiancée of gray fullbuster What happens when juvia catches gray cheating on her with Juvias Best friend Lucy heartfilila .. the day before their...
A Writer's Guide to Mental Illness by chemnotcharacter
A Writer's Guide to Mental Illnessby ChemNotCharacter
Mental illness: a popular topic in fiction, an unpopular reality. Tips and guidelines for writing realistic characters suffering from MIs, written for and by Wattpad aut...
Midnight Mania (Sugamon) by holyminhori
Midnight Mania (Sugamon)by hori
There's nothing crazy about two guys rendezvousing every 12 midnight.
Stalked Summer (Nexilis #1) by FOOD_GODDESS_QUEEN
Stalked Summer (Nexilis #1)by FOOD_GODDESS_QUEEN
~ ongoing ~ 17 year old Colton Law is in love with his best friend. Ex best friend. When sudden notes and death threats come his way and to Em, they both must work tog...
Wilby Mania by Kingdomkeeper_wilby3
Wilby Maniaby Kingdomkeeper_wilby3
A series of wilby one shots, ranging from romance to tragedy!
happiness is a butterfly  by Oizys_Achlys
happiness is a butterfly by i am a mESS man
The ache of his ribs fills him with dull euphoria. He can feel it. This is his doing. (at some point, the lines between rigorous control and despairing chaos intersect) ...
Bipolar Whirlwind  by PoeticAiry
Bipolar Whirlwind by Ariana Leon
Set of poems depicting my life with bipolar disorder
| UNEXPECTED | by Cherryplum112
| UNEXPECTED |by Cherryplum112
**** "That wasn't right, I can't believe...." "You can't believe what, Aisha, huh? The fact that I denied him diner, hell, I don't want him here!" I...
The Purple Fic | Fall Out Boy ✓ by gloomxroses
The Purple Fic | Fall Out Boy ✓by +.*:✧𝗔𝗜𝗠𝗘𝗡✧:*.+
On January 19, 2018. Fall Out Boy released MANIA, and all Aimen could see was purple. But it wasn't just Aimen who could see purple or any crazy shit. On January 19, 201...
Daughter of Markus by ShaknaIs
Daughter of Markusby Shakna Israel
First book of The Heart of Madness Trilogy, followed by Savrsen of Isein and Sister of Magick. Bethia was a young girl abandoned at an orphanage, until the day that Mark...
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